Jun 19, 2010

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We will be getting married at St. Marys Catholic Church! Riding in Pontoons over to the reception!  :)

Reception is on the lake at Arrowwood Resort:

Where it s all going down photo 1 Where it s all going down photo 2

pics taken with my phone at an actual wedding:

Where it s all going down photo 3 Where it s all going down photo 4

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By the Amazing Tyson Kuznia of Legacy Photography:

OuR E PiCs photo 1 OuR E PiCs photo 2 OuR E PiCs photo 3

OuR E PiCs photo 4 OuR E PiCs photo 5

OuR E PiCs photo 6  OuR E PiCs photo 7 OuR E PiCs photo 8

OuR E PiCs photo 9 OuR E PiCs photo 10

OuR E PiCs photo 11 OuR E PiCs photo 12 OuR E PiCs photo 13


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So... Jon was supposed to be gone deer hunting for the weekend (it was hunting opener).  I came home from shopping with his sisters to find a dozen roses on the front steps...and then rose petals leading all the way up the stairs to where he was standing...all dresses up and nervously awaiting my arrival!  :)

The BLiNG photo 1The BLiNG photo 2

The BLiNG photo 3The BLiNG photo 4

I said YES of course!!!   :)

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So this is my cake inspiration that I absolutely LOVE and cant remember where its from!!
I want one identical to this except the base will be silver instead of gold.  :)

The Cake Mmmm photo 1

And the beautiful "C" toper from wedding factory direct! (and my Fiance asked me why we were not getting a "W" to put next to it since thats what my current last name starts with!?)  haha

The Cake Mmmm photo 2

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I love shoes!!!  Ordered like 8 different pairs - just to see!  Returned 4 of them so far!  haha

For the ceremony and pictures: These are the ones I still have - cant decide which ones to wear!

Wedding Day Shoes photo 1 Wedding Day Shoes photo 2Wedding Day Shoes photo 3


Went with the sparkly ones - of course!  :)

Wedding Day Shoes photo 4   Wedding Day Shoes photo 5   Wedding Day Shoes photo 6




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The color scheme we have chosen for our wedding is PuRpLE... 4 different shades! :)

Colors photo 1Colors photo 2Colors photo 3Colors photo 4

I am planning on having each of my 7 bridesmaids where the same dress in the 4 shades of purple..
Obviously the junior bridesmaid will wear a little different dress but in purple as well!

Colors photo 5

And the gentleman...  in the same 4 shades.

Colors photo 6Colors photo 7Colors photo 8Colors photo 9