Aug 27, 2010

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I absolutely LOVE my invitations. Very classic and modern with a hint of bling, just like me and my FI. Designed by: WeddingsByDay.com


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Navigating your way through PW:   http://www.projectwedding.com/info/lingo

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My Decor Inspiration photo 1My Decor Inspiration photo 2

Ceremony:  I picked a sunset wedding just because of how beautiful this 1st picture is. I love the 2 rows of flowers instead of a runner.


My Decor Inspiration photo 3My Decor Inspiration photo 4

Cocktail Hour: I'd love lights and lanterns like this outside.

My Decor Inspiration photo 5My Decor Inspiration photo 6

Reception: I want candles, candles and more candles. It's so romantic.

My Decor Inspiration photo 7 My Decor Inspiration photo 8

Escort Cards: Really miami sheek design. I love the orchids./ There's something about this b/w/s floral arrangemrnt that is simple & elegant.


My Decor Inspiration photo 9

I have to have up lights to to give me this romantic sexy feel.

My Decor Inspiration photo 10My Decor Inspiration photo 11My Decor Inspiration photo 12

I'm not sure if I want a candy station, popcorn station or cupcake station but I know I want to end the night with a snack without spending too much money and requiring a lot of set up.

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My Cake Inspiration photo 1My Cake Inspiration photo 2My Cake Inspiration photo 3 My Cake Inspiration photo 4My Cake Inspiration photo 5My Cake Inspiration photo 6

My Cake Inspiration photo 7

The cakes styles I like. The cupcake tier is my favorite but I doubt if I do it. Who can afford 150 fondant cupcake? :)

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Engagement Party 11 11 09 photo 1Engagement Party 11 11 09 photo 2Engagement Party 11 11 09 photo 3

Problem: Anybody got drama with the guest list? I have 8 brothers and sisters and work in the entertainment industry and my FI is born and raised in LA so we are blessed with alot of friends. Unfortunetly a lot of friends means a lot of unhappy people who don't get invited to your wedding. 

Solution 1: We decided to have a Come One Come All Engagement Party for our friends. We were hoping to ease the stress of not being able to invite everyone to our wedding. We had over 150 people friends and a few family. We played 21 questions where our guests tried to answer questions about our courtship. It was a hit! The catered BBQ, homemade cupcakes & banana pudding, DJ and free liquor didn't hurt either. 

Solution 2: I know some folks will still be upset about not getting invited so I'm hoping to live streem it if I can figure out how to do it before then, wish me luck.

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I love these Bari Jay bridesmaids dresses (left). They look great on every size and shape. My girls are going to be sexy and sophisticated. No ugly BM dresses in my wedding. :)

My Maid of Honor will stand out in this sexy Bari Jay style (right).

Bridesmaids Dresses and other fun stuff photo 1Bridesmaids Dresses and other fun stuff photo 2

A fun day at the bridal store with my BMs                 Me, my BMs and my FI at our Engagement Party

Bridesmaids Dresses and other fun stuff photo 3 Bridesmaids Dresses and other fun stuff photo 4

Instead of one big gift, I've decided to give my BMs several mini gifts through my engagement. My 1st Bachelorette Party will be in Maimi, FL where I will give each BM their own themed Lolita Martini Glass. They have a bunch of different designs. I'm picking each BMs glass based on their personality. What better way to make a toast to me :).

Bridesmaids Dresses and other fun stuff photo 5Bridesmaids Dresses and other fun stuff photo 6Bridesmaids Dresses and other fun stuff photo 7Bridesmaids Dresses and other fun stuff photo 8Bridesmaids Dresses and other fun stuff photo 9

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