Jun 05, 2010

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The following items are available for sale:

Glass Cube (6") Vases SOLD!

Glass Cube (5") Vases SOLD!

Glass Cylinder Vases SOLD!

Square Satin Table Overlays SOLD!

Satin Sashes/Chair Ties SOLD!

Silver Favor Tins SOLD!

Damask Table Runners SOLD!

Glass Jars with Locking Lid SOLD!

Picture Frames

Color: Dark blue (not quite navy)

Dimensions: 3" x 5"

Quantity Available: 16

Condition: Like new (we used these for table "numbers")

Price: (Paid $4 each) $1 each + shipping (or pickup in Houston, TX)


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Our Rehearsal Dinner was held at Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant in Midtown, Atlanta, GA. We had the upstairs private dining room and bar all to ourselves. It was a great time!

Rehearsal Dinner Pro Pics photo 1Rehearsal Dinner Pro Pics photo 2Rehearsal Dinner Pro Pics photo 3Rehearsal Dinner Pro Pics photo 4Rehearsal Dinner Pro Pics photo 5Rehearsal Dinner Pro Pics photo 6Rehearsal Dinner Pro Pics photo 7Rehearsal Dinner Pro Pics photo 8Rehearsal Dinner Pro Pics photo 9Rehearsal Dinner Pro Pics photo 10Rehearsal Dinner Pro Pics photo 11Rehearsal Dinner Pro Pics photo 12Rehearsal Dinner Pro Pics photo 13Rehearsal Dinner Pro Pics photo 14Rehearsal Dinner Pro Pics photo 15

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I LOVE my bridesmaids, so I wanted to give them some fun things that were also useful and practical.

I ordered black canvas totes with black and white damask on the inside, and their first initial on the outside (in the color they used at their own weddings (and for my sister, used her fave color purple). Inside these bags were a spa set that included a white terrycloth robe, a white terrycloth hair towel, a white terrycloth body wrap, a loofah, an eye mask, and a bath mitt.

I also included the necklace they would be wearing for the wedding, which was an ocean blue-green Swarovski crystal pendant on a silver chain, ordered from CuteJewels on Etsy.

Bridesmaid Gifts photo 1Bridesmaid Gifts photo 2

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I thought I'd do something completely different for our Rehearsal Dinner. I wanted to feel like I was planning a completely separate event with a different atmosphere. So black and white damask and hot pink is what we ended up using at our venue.

Rehearsal Dinner Colors photo 1Rehearsal Dinner Colors photo 2

Rehearsal Dinner Colors photo 3

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I did a dozen mock-ups of these on my dining room table, and finally decided on one option. I arranged three different size/shape glass vases in the center of the table. One had sand and an ivory pillar candle, one had ivory pave roses with the table name and ribbon around the outside, and one had blue sea glass and white starfish. I made black and white pictures of Chris and I from all our travels around the world and added the city names to them, and put them in blue frames to also hold the table name so it was visible from either side of the table. The venue provided additional votives. I used royal blue table overlays (the venue provided ivory tablecloths underneath) and royal blue chair ties.

DIY Centerpieces Linens photo 1DIY Centerpieces Linens photo 2DIY Centerpieces Linens photo 3DIY Centerpieces Linens photo 4DIY Centerpieces Linens photo 5

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I ended up with a couple options on flowers. I enlisted a florist, Southern Bouquets, to take care of our altar bouquets, my bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, and the guys and parents' flowers. I originally had her quote roses for centerpieces, but when she wanted $55-65 per TABLE, just for the flowers, I decided to take the centerpieces into my own hands.

So I ordered flowers from SB, requesting ivory roses collared by blue delphinium for my bouquet, with blue hydrangea for the bridesmaids. Then the bouquets were giant arrangements of hydrangea and delphinium. Everything turned out gorgeous (though hydrangea and delphinium are not excited about hot weather) and I received so many compliments.

I ordered the ivory roses for my pave centerpieces from www.globalroses.com. This was a great decision, but I could not have accomplished all that I did the week before the wedding without my sister, who graciously de-thorned all the roses for me, as well as several of my fantastic girlfriends who did all the arranging of the pave roses for the reception.

I also order hot pink long-stemmed roses from Global Roses for the Rehearsal Dinner, and then my sister casually arranged those in tall glass cylinder vases. They looked gorgeous.

Flowers photo 1Flowers photo 2Flowers photo 3Flowers photo 4Flowers photo 5Flowers photo 6Flowers photo 7Flowers photo 8Flowers photo 9Flowers photo 10Flowers photo 11