Aug 28, 2010

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How we met .... I was working on Martha's Vineyard but living in Falmouth so I had to take the ferry over to the Island every day.  In order to do that, you must park your car in the lot, then a bus picks you up and takes you to the ferry about 10/15 mins. depending on traffic.  I did this for about 6 months.  Now I need to remind you that i was not looking for any man, any relationship..nothing!  I just got out of a nasty it was the furthest thing from my mind.   The days were like clock work....go get my coffee, park my car, get on the bus, then get on the ferry for the 45 minute ferry ride to Martha's Vineyard.      

Every day I saw this handsome guy who just was so reminiscent of Cape Cod, he looked like a yacht captain from the Island... so strikingly handsome - he certainly caught my eye on a number of occasions...... well,  I secretly admired him from afar for about 2 months!!!     And I told my friends on the boat...."That man will be mine Someday" 

Well, one verry rainy day and a long ferry ride back from the vineyard...we pulled in late. and I thought I would never make the bus back to my car.    I literally ran to the parking lot where the bus was....and yay it was there!  doors open too!   so i ran on the bus and there HE was .....among a bus full of soaking wet people and he said to me...."I held the bus and saved you a seat"   ~  and the rest is history!  funny how that happens.... OH! and the best part?  he was on a job on the Vineyard that ended that same week.  So if he never saved me that seat......well, I wouldn't be on this page right now.   Life is good ~

we talked all the way back to our cars and i actually think we went out the next night!     we've been together ever since.  Kevin is my rock, my love, my life.   and on August 28th, of 2010 ~ I'll be marrying my best friend - YAY! 

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The Ring ~  

 My Fairy Tale photo 3  Kevin proposed to me on a Pier in Boston Harbor after a very romantic lunch at Anthony's Pier 4 - the day was perfect.   September 19th - he actually got down on one knee and asked me to marry him ! 

Wedding, Matron of honor Meet Christine !!   Shes my Matron of Honor....God i hate that word!  She is FAR from Matronly !!    she's going to look so pretty in her dress !!!  Cant wait !