Jul 03, 2010

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Friday June 25, 2010 

Hollywood Bachelorette

21 girls in a Party Bus .. Greatest Bachelorette Party Ever!! With No hangover even better.. Pre- Party at my place with Jell-O shots and all...All the girls were asked to wear black with lots of jewelry, I of course was "Like A Virgin" In my best Bebe Madonna outfit.. lace gloves and all :)  Hollywood Bachelorette was a great deal they got us all into Les Deux and Kress on the same night without a hitch, provided us with two bottles of alcohol and got us safe to and from my place in Azusa, CA for $60 per girl!!!! Can't beat that price!! It was such a memorable night!  I love my friends!!p.s. would post more pictures but what happens on the party bus stays there! ;)


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DECEMBER 4, 2009

My name is Katie Jones and it will be almost a year in February that I've been engaged and I'm just now starting to get down to working on my wedding. I lost my job at the beginning of the year so I knew that my wedding will have to be budgeted greatly, however I did want to set a date of July3rd 2010.

A little about myself.. I've always been a hard worker, very independent and responsible. I love parties and so when I've thought of my wedding I knew I would want it to be "one big party". I live in Los Angeles and due to the housing market in the past years me and my boyfriend have been saving for a house. Well, when the market fell so did the economy therefore it's just not in the cards to buy property now. We have put our funds aside and decided to wait till we get a little more secure with our employment. Even though I'm not working we have been doing fine financially mostly due to the fact that we do not have debt. But the guilt is always there that since I'm not working how will I have a wedding? ..As the year went on my questions became answers. As my "wedding account" grew it seems that my family was shrinking. I lost 5 family members due to different reasons throughout the year. The fifth loss (was the only non-family member however she was the mother of my two best friends in the world Michele and Briana and I considered her a second mother to me as well). My best friend Michele got engaged in December one month before me, she planned for her wedding to be April 17, 2010. Well August 27th we found out her mom had pancreatic cancer, she moved the wedding to November 21st  on September 17th we found out it was spread throughout her body and her mom passed away on November 3rd. The sunday before her bachelorette party 2 weeks before her wedding. My friends are both very strong and their family are faithful spirited Catholics it was the hardest thing in the world to see them experience such a sad and happy time within a few weeks of each other but we got through it. All of the current events made me realize that times are short and things happen that are out of our control. I don't want to worry about "wasting money on a wedding".. I want to celebrate the Love that god has given me between me and My Fiancee Elliot. (I didn't celebrate my 30th birthday this year so my wedding will double for that party ;)...

As my loving family members get older our strengh in memories are what keeps me happy through the years. I will always remember family get togethers and celebrations and dancing at them (I consider myself a dancer). I just have to have one of my own guilt free... So hopefully you can join me as I make notes of my " BIG FUN CHEAP EXPENSIVE DIFFERENT GUILT FREE WEDDING BASH"


I went to a Birthday Party at Disneyland with Noah (my stepsons) little sister Alyssa.  Boy was it storming that day I mean thunder, lightning, the works..At around 4pm Elliot's sister called me saying she was there (suprise) and that she had something to give me so to "meet her in front of the castle". When I got there I noticed that my kids were with  with her and so was my boyfriend Elliot it took me a little while to realize what was going on ... actually it didn't hit me until he fell to one knee but when I did I could'nt stop crying. Everyone started cheering and clapping.. I said yes too by the way. :)

Follow my GUILT FREE Wedding Bash photo 1

Here is my Mother Theresa inspired Proposal Pic.. :)


Tacori inspired. I couldn't find an image that wasn't a 3D image of the exact ring. But this is close. Pink Sapphire surrounded by diamonds. It's very different which I love and a nod to my birthstone which is October-Rose Zircon. I heart Pink.

Follow my GUILT FREE Wedding Bash photo 2


After trying on about 50 dresses from different locations Alfred Angelo, David's Bridal, Bellasposa in Rancho Cucamonga, Danniela's Bridal in Santa Fe Springs, and 2 bridal shows that were having sample sales (I think Mariposa Anaheim was one of them) I kept going back to the very first dress I tried on, can you believe it? Just like they say. It wasn't my first choice it was the first she put me in and I loved it. It was from Alfred Angelo and it was in the $800 range. I started my dress shopping in May making myself take my time and I did in late august I was searching Ebay, Craigslist, internet comparing prices ETC and low and behold up came the AA dress on sale from a bridal shop in New Jersey called Chrissy O designs. I contacted them email and they told be my AA dress size 12 was on their floor end of season sale for $350 flat including free shipping. I called my AA and the sample size that I tried on was a 14 (I remember it fitting a little big) I took a chance on the purchase and 2 days later USPS (with insurance) showed up with my wedding dress. Can you believe I put it on and it fits me like a glove! No alterations necessary (except for bustle) If I lose weight my mom can take it in she's a seamstress. My mom saw the dress and couldn't believe her eyes for the price, material, and style she couldn't make the dress for $350. We've always had issues with clothing fitting me because I have larger boobs. But this dress fits perfect like AA made it for me. I'm obssessed with "Say yes to the Dress" but I wouldn't give up my cheap dress for the world. Here it is. Mermaid style #2025 .. the bottom bubbles and it's taffeta.

Alfred Angelo #2025

And the backside

Follow my GUILT FREE Wedding Bash photo 3