Jun 20, 2010

( 2.2 / 5.0 )
Cathy is a very nice, patient, and timely vendor. She brings along photos of her previous flower arrangements and seems to pay attention to all the details you share about how you would like you arrangements for you special day. Unfortunately, at the very last minute we had a bad experience with her work. We met with her about 3 times and communicated via email a lot to discuss what flowers we liked and didnt like. The third meeting she brought us a sample of what we had jointly designed and it was perfect in terms of design (height, colors etc) the only thing we didnt like was the type of flowers she chose which we decided were going to be different and I send her options of the type of flowers via email after that meeting. When wedding day rolls around, she shows up to the church and all the bouquets were perfect except mine (the bride's bouquet). She has a portfolio and in it she has a pic of her bouquet from her wedding i asked to be just like hers, the kind the droop downwards, instead she brings me a regular bouquet with carnations ( even after specifically asking for none in the wedding) and there was no droop, it was a regular bouquet with a palm leaf stuck in there to appear as if it was falling. I had to get over that part, but then we get to the venue and another disaster, the arrangements although pretty were not at all what we had discussed. She added flowers I had never seen before in the emails we exchanged and the colors were not all there. I was very disappointed because she does seem like such a nice young lady. When I asked her what happened her excuse was she didnt want to ruin my day by calling me the day before to let me know that the place where she gets the flowers didnt the flowers we wanted that day. So instead she chose to surprise me the day of the wedding. She gave us back 10% of what we paid her but that doesnt give us back the perfect wedding that we had wished for. Flowers are a main part of the venue and it was sad that our vision wasnt captured by her.
Services used: Flowers