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Our Wedding Budget: 9,675.87

Because I live in the Tri-State area it is hard to believe that I had the wedding of my dreams for under $10K.  Living in any city is expensive as is, but a wedding sometimes seems unachievable without breaking the bank.  I originally had a $15K budget, but I actually came out under $10K.  I had a very intimate wedding in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, and I wouldn’t change anything in the world about it.  I am sharing my budget hoping that I can inspire some of my NY brides that you can have a beautiful wedding your way without spending an arm and a leg for it. Due to our wedding date we were able to save a ton on some items. So this is not a typical Saturday wedding budget NY.

The Dress:

I had saw a dress that I fell in loooooooove with back in 2004 it was an Eve of Milady and the price tag on that was $3K not including alterations. Since it was 2010 I knew the dress might have been discontinued and thought maybe I could get a deal on it. Nope not at all I saw it at some places , but still going for around $2K. So the search started for a new dress similar style.  I went to many bridal boutiques and tried on at least over 100 dresses, but still nothing I loved.  I waited 6 mths before the wedding for the running of the brides event, and I found the one she looked very similar to the one I wanted from 2004 w/ the changes I wanted done to the dress YESSSS!!!


I paid a total of $175.00…Alterations $75.00 and undergarments $45.00.

Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 1 Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 2


Second Dress:

Since I knew I didn’t want to stay in the big dress all night and got a steal on it I decided to get a second one, again got creative and went with a bridesmaid dress. I paid $280.00 including alterations and rush delivery.

 Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 3Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 4


 I realized last minute that I didn’t have Day of jewelry so I was in Wal-Mart shopping last minute and I found this nice simple necklace and earring set. Since my dress had a lot of beading I didn’t want anything that was too much. $9.99

Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 5

Hair Piece:

Since I was a movie scarlet to go with my reception dress I wanted a hair flower (a fun DIY project) although the clip broke off and I didn’t get to wear it  still only cost me about $10.00

Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 6


 I found at DSW (my something blue) originally $90.00 it was on clearance and I got it for $24.95

Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 7

Groom’s Attire:

We did a suit rental and changed up the accessories a little bit since he is a Ralph Lauren fan he changed is tie, added a RL sash and shoes $150.00

Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 8

Venue: The ceremony and reception was held in the same space, to save on time and money. Since it was held on a Monday I paid $1940.00 including tables and chairs.

Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 9 

Stationary: I DIY all the stationary ex: invitations, inserts, rsvp’s, postage and programs. Total $338.80

Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 10 Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 11  Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 12 Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 13 Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 14 Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 15

Linen & Decor: I purchased on my own versus renting it for the same price and decided to sell them after. Since I am part of PW I had them sold before I had the wedding since I went w/ colors that were popular. My centerpieces, table covers, table runners, red charger plates, aisle runner, plastic silver & china and chair sashes. Total: $1164.84

Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 16

Cake & Topper:  Since we couldn’t agree on a flavor really we decided to do a two tier cake, a top tier for our anniversary and a bottom tier for family. We were going to buy a sheet cake at Costco; however 1 of my wedding gifts to him was his groom’s cake and it turned out that it was big enough to feed all our guests =D. $670.00. Our Cake topper was our monogram. I had a wood crafter create it out of our monogram and applied the crystals myself. $45.00

 Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 17  Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 18 

Bouquets & Bouts: Since I am not a big flower fan I decided to only have pomander balls for the flower girls(DIY-Wal-mart) $60.00  and my bouquet played double roles as the throw bouquet also(DIY-Costco) $15.00.

 Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 19


Nails $10.00,

Toes $55.00 (Minx lasted from the bachelorette party)

Hair: $60.00

MUA: $110.00

           Groom: Haircut $20.00

DJ: A close friend of the groom has done all of our family functions $400.00


The Favors: I DIY all of it I bought the popcorn tubs from The Dollar Tree then I bought big popcorn tubs to hold the programs etc. I then filled the tubs with popcorn and twizzlers and wrapped in cellophane with a gold movie star. $120.00

Wedding Budget Breakdown photo 20

Photography: Since she is a very close friend of mine but we live in separate states I paid for her hotel accommodations and flight $500.00

Food & Beverages: Since I have hosted many events in the past I figured I would get more bang for my buck by ordering trays of food and do a buffet VS doing buffet on a per person basis…set up and delivery including $1766.30. We also knew it was a Monday night so we couldn’t have too much alcohol so we did a signature drink of rum punch and served soda’s, water & juices. $200.00


Cocktail hour

Beef patties

Chicken skewers w/ mango sauce

Cod Fish Fritters


Pork BBQ Ribs

Roasted Chicken

Vegetable lasagna

Marinated fish

Rice w/ pigeon peas

Macaroni and cheese

Plain Yellow Rice

Candied yams

Collard Greens w/ Smoked turkey

Sautéed Vegetables w/ butter & garlic

Rolls & butter.



Since the venue was located in an area where limos would be hard to travel to we decided to do it the paparazzi way which was black car service. Bridal Party $30.00 GM $0.00 Bestman owns one. A DOC to execute my day (fellow PW’er Kbutler) was fabulous $600.00. Wedding insurance for venue $281.00, Hotel for Bridal party to get ready $60.00, BM gifts I decided to DIY there accessories and buy their shoes $89.95. For the GM gifts since I threw his bachelor party they attended a comedy show and I paid for their tickets $175.00. Pastor $375, Marriage license $30.00. 


Free wedding items received as gifts.

Veil: Mom, Cake Server set, Crinoline: MOH, Swarovski Toasting Set: We collect them & had a choice out of 4, Favors: Gift from Granddad. Pastor: Dad.  Honeymoon to Tahiti for 10 days: Our Guests we did a honeymoon registry and booked the flights through our reward points. A beautiful NYC budget savvy Wedding.  

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I am back as Mrs. Rashida Barrington.

I missed you girls a lot ....Leading up to the wedding was hectic to so I didn’t get to share some things about the wedding planning, but I will along with a revamped BIO =D. We didn’t have an official Honeymoon only b/c it is hurricane season so we dropped off our daughter with my mom and enjoyed our time together as husband at wife at home.

At the beginning of the week they were talking rain. I wasn’t too concerned about it b/c our wedding was indoors, but our photo shoots were outdoors at the nearby park. As we got closer to the wedding day it said hot/sunny and high 80’s oh man I thought I am going to be burning up.  I can honestly say that with all the hiccups our wedd ing was perfect. Everyone complimented on how everything was gorgeous and beautiful. My ceremony came out to be a very small an intimate wedding which is what I wanted.

Back to the day’s events--Throughout the whole wedding planning I was as calm as a quiet storm until the Saturday morning before our wedding day. I started to get sick and had a major hurricane in the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t keep anything down and I had so many emotions going on all at once I had to go in my closet a few times just for a moment to breath.  I broke down Saturday in Costco’s parking lot and bawled b/c the wedding was Monday. Sunday I broke down in Wal-Mart’s parking lot as well and bawled b/c I was getting married again.  I know it was hitting me like a ton of bricks, but once I got all the confirmation calls on Sunday on times we were meeting up is when I got some word of wisdom from my h air stylist.  



HS—“ You’re getting married tomorrow”

Me-“I knowwww” (starting to tear)

HS--“Are you excited for your big day tomorrow?”

Me—“I am actually nervous”

HS—“ Awwww.. Don’t be nervous as you said to me you love him, this is your best friend; this is your child’s father. You both made a choice to bring your daughter together into this world and just like he was there for you then he will be there for you in the future. He chose you and you chose him everything will be okay.”

And with that said the butterflies subsided =D.  Now it was time to get back to some last minute work.

Everyone told me GET SOME SLEEP!!! Even my DOC I think the only way that would have happened is if I got a sleeping pill. Because I had a whole lot of energy =D and had a whole lot of worry like how the items were going to get to the venue???  So I stayed up till about 5:30am and went to lay down a little bit. DH did my garter for me after I showed him how to =D. Finished up some little touches packed the stuff that he could into the car and then went to sleep when I got up. So of course I set my alarm for 6am to be out by 7am. SMH!!!! I had to be at the Hairdresser for 8am in BK!!!! I was upset with him and still in awww b/c he wanted me to get some sleep, but I am on a time schedule babe come on :-/. So needless to say I got out at 7:30am. I had to drive to the Bronx to pick up my dad so he could drive me to the Salon. Take the items to the venue go back to the Bronx (b/c we forgot my mother’s dress) pick up the other items from NJ (b/c they all couldn’t fit in my car) and then take those items, the groom, grand-dad and his cousin’s(2) down to the best man’s house in BK to get ready...WOW!!!  So while all of this is going on I am running behind schedule at the hairdresser so were all my girls. I wanted to get my hair done go eat breakfast and then make-up at the hotel, and leave to get rea dy...not the case...LOL!! I was the last to get my hair done ate a slice of pizza while there and had to rush up the block to my make-up artist to get done up. It was almost 3:30pm my appt was for 1pm at the hotel.  I got made up and my BM’s then we were off to the hotel to get ready. We split into two cabs to the hotel and got ready. My sister (BM) was already there and ready so it was just three girls and My mom to get ready in ½ hour can we do it? We had a black car waiting for us at 5pm to take us to the venue we got in the car at 5:15pm and was at the venue by 5:35pm. The ceremony was supposed to start at 5:30pm wheeew. I am not that late, but wait the groom wasn’t there yet!!!! So I got a call from my dad b/c he was stuck in traffic, and so was the groom. All the while I am waiting nervously...:-/. So I am conversing in the back w/ the bridal party took some shots of Hennessey and Absolute to loosen up, but it wasn ’t working. My mom made a joke don’t fall walking down the aisle now...LOL! I needed a laugh. 6:10pm the groom arrives and OMG the flood of tears I was holding back. I didn’t want to ruin my make-up till after the photo shoot.  The girls got in place outside and me and my dad was getting ready in the back.  I was fanning myself not to cry and just wanted to see FI =D.  Once I turned the corner before I walked down the aisle I couldn’t hear anything, see anything except my groom and once I saw his facial expression and him inaudibly say WOW and him getting a hanky from the best man!!!! I started to smile and my emotions subsided.  I realized he was feeling the same way as me. I was able to walk down the aisle and see all the faces there to attend our special day and the ceremony was p erfect. We had written our own vows and once we started to say them to each other there was not one person w/o a tear.  It was after all that I realized  nothing else mattered  the whole building could have been falling apart and I am married to my soulmate =D.  I had so many people taking pictures at my wedding that I even wound up with three photographers and I know I can have more than 5 albums of pictures, but I will share with you the best pictures to me...  I got complimented on how beautiful the wedding was and how everything looked and turned out, and I owe it all to my PW girls I cannot thank you enough on how much of an inspiration you gals were and how creative you can get when you want things your way. THANK YOU LADIES!!!!!!!!  And here are my non-pro pics I’ll update later w/ the pro-pics when I get them.

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I found and excellent MU artist she came as a recommendation and I have seen her work on two different complexions. She got my look in one shot I wouldn't change anything on my face I book her after the 1st try =D.

Make Up Trial photo 1Make Up Trial photo 2

Make Up Trial photo 3Make Up Trial photo 4

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I have such a love for shoes I am a shoe whore ;-). So since I noticed the trend is colored shoes on your wedding day I wanted my something blue to be my shoes =D.

Since my mother was paying for my dress and accessories I wanted the "something blue" Manolo Blaniks. When I went and found my dress and got it at such a steal I really wanted the shoes even more. But then I saw that Martinez Valero made a similar shoe and didn’t want it anymore L.  And then the search begins…………….here are some contenders some I am thinking of dyeing..


Bling Blue and Glam photo 1 Bling Blue and Glam photo 2Bling Blue and Glam photo 3Bling Blue and Glam photo 4Bling Blue and Glam photo 5



I found the one she is a beauty bling and blue what more can I ask for right?

Bling Blue and Glam photo 6


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I have always loved to see pipe and drape. Since I am having my ceremony and reception in the same space I wanted to create and illusion of two different spaces. Here are some of my inspirations for my ceremony and reception. I can’t wait to see the look day of =D

Pipe and Drape photo 1 Pipe and Drape photo 2

Pipe and Drape photo 3

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All items listed below are for sale and will be available after 8-9-10. I am not going straight to my honeymoon until a week after so I can ship them out the week of.  If you see something you like PM me and I will take it off as being sold. I am willing to deliver locally if you are located in the NJ/NY area.Free shipping anywhere in the US. Thanks and Happy Planning!!!!!!

****** Come Back Often this section will be updated as I get closer to the wedding*****

15 red Vases: $120.00

FS Items photo 1

Measures 8 3/4" tall. Top of vase measures: 4" wide x 3" deep. Inside height is 8" tall. Made with quality clear glass.


148 Red Beaded Chargers: $260.00


FS Items photo 2

Metallic red over sturdy plastic. Lacquer-protected, each 13" Diameter.




15  Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets: $15.00


FS Items photo 3

15  Ivory 120" Polyester Table Cloths: $210.00

FS Items photo 4


30  Red 8"x 108" Polyester Table Runner: $112.50


FS Items photo 5

150  Red  & Orange 8"x 108" Organza Chair Sashes: $297.00


FS Items photo 6FS Items photo 7


150 Orange 18"x 18" Taffeta Napkins: $172.50

FS Items photo 8