Sep 18, 2010

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Ok so I have been on here awhile now so I think its about time i fill some of this out.

My name is Andrea, Im 30 years old....for a couple more  I have a 6 year old daughter Hannah who is the absolute love of my life.  I am a medical secretary at a hospital in Hamilton, ON and love my job still after being here 8 years.


One night while at work my ex came through the doors drunk out of his mind and bleeding all over his face.  Well his mother and sister beat him up and kicked him where else to go but MY WORK.   I was on afternoons.  Keep in mind that we had been broken up for a year and a half now at this point but he just wouldn't go away.  I got security to escort him out but he kept calling here and then i told him where to go but was scared to walk to my car at midnight so I call my friend Matt who is a police officer to see if he was working and we was so he came and walked me to my car.........PRESTON (FI) was his partner that night. 

Now, I had dated a cop before so I know how arrogent they can be so when Matt called me and said Preston wanted my number I was like "HELL NO" the last time you tried this he was a prick.  So for the next three days he called and asked if he could set us up......within seconds i got a text message from him......FRIGGEN MATT.....gotta love him. 

Well we went out and within 6 months we were engaged.  I have never met anyone like him.  He is fantastic in every way and his family is really close.  They have accepted my daughter and I with open arms and treat us like we have been in the family for years. 

I could not ask for a better step father for my daughter and a more loving husband for myself......