Jun 25, 2007

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kayjaygee - sorry to hear that you had such an awful experience! my brother got married there last september and we all thought it was a wonderful wedding. Granted, they had beautiful weather, had people who came to help set up everything, and didn't really have to deal with the coordinator much. outside of the rehearsal, I don't think I even saw her that weekend! That being said, I know they had tons of difficultly in terms of flexibility - not open or available at certain times, had to leave by a certain time, etc...
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I'm having the reception at Lawry's for my wedding next May and it's a fantastic bargain, the coordinator (ellen) is fabulous to work with, and everything has been going incredibly smooth! UPDATE: I ditto what both the previous posters have said! My fiance continues to remark: "Lawry's was the best decision ever." It doesn't hurt that many of our guests think we spent much more than we did on the meal.. In reality, I spent $4,000 less than my cousin did at a nearby venue with less tasty food and the same number of guests - freeing up more of the budget for flowers and such. Would definitely do it over again, in a heartbeat.
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Debbie did our wedding on May 12th and it was everything I had dreamed of and more. One of my top regrets from the day (along with not having enough time to spend with friends, etc) is that I couldn't spend more time admiring and enjoying my beautiful flowers! Every single person who came to the wedding has commented on how beautiful the flowers were. My mom's friend took some back to her office and even her nurses and office aids were remarking on their beauty to my mom when she came in four days later! I would put your trust in Debbie and know that she'll do a great job! She put together my "wedding floral vision" (her phrase) better than I could articulate! Somehow, she got the job done, and I could not be more pleased.
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