Aug 24, 2013

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We found our photographer!

The moment we booked the venue I was all over Google trying to find a decent one. Well, not just decent - AWESOME! The FI and I interviewed three. One at a wedding show we attended and as much as I LOVED his work, he was a bit...arrogant. 

The second one who was just the sweetest woman ever! She was completely what I wanted, plus she was a total geek and that was right up my alley. However, her rates were just OVER THE TOP and there was no way in the world we were going to afford a $6500 tab! 

The last one we interviewed was just perfect! She's like this older lady, super mom-esque and sweet. Plus, it helped that her rate included All Day Coverage, 2nd photographer and Boudoir session! Her photos are just amazing! I LOVE HER!

(as a side note: it was her bad about the postdated cheque.)

Clicky this linky to see her site. 

We have booked our engagement shoot for August 31st. Since we're sending out STD's with our pictures on them, I wanted to leave enough time for editing, printing the STD's and then mailing. 

Can I say excited?!

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Officially booked our venue as of June 8th! 

I know, it's a late update -- but I've finally gotten some free time in order to edit my bio! 

So onward with the details....

Our wedding venue is going to be at my FI's university. There is a new building, called the River Building, which sits just on the cusp of the Ottawa River. During the summer, when we are getting married, there will be loads of green trees, flowing water and nature. Weather permitting, we will have our ceremony on the terrace over looking the water. Then the reception will carry on inside the building itself in a large space with a winding staircase, live plant wall and general awesomeness. 

I don't have very many pictures (if any) that I took, however, the school just updated their website and has a kind of YouTube slideshow of everything. 

Clicky this linky and it will take you there!



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We’re in love!


My fiancé met over two years ago through a mutual friend. Even though he and I had gotten out of bad relationships a few months back and weren’t looking for anyone in particular, or anyone at all –she had decided to give it a shot. One night she and I were hanging out when she texted him to meet us at IKEA. Since I knew that she needed to buy a few more accessories for her new apartment, I didn’t bother questioning her. When we got there, I was more interested in trying to find what she wanted instead of paying attention to what she was doing. When we left the store, she finally told me that she was waiting for a friend of hers.


After waiting a few more minutes in the pouring rain, her friend (and my soon to be fiancé) showed up. I can remember exactly what he was wearing at the time because there was a moment where I just stared at him and he stared at me. A little embarrassed, my friend invited him over to her place to help put up the curtains she had just bought. Which he didn’t do since she had left us alone in her living room in order to re-arrange her bedroom. He and I sat on the couch, got to know each other while The Office played in the background. I found out his hobbies and his family life. Every now again, my friend would check up on us.


Unfortunately, I had to go home because I worked the next evening but he made sure to get down my number. From that point on my fiancé and I were inseparable. We texted each other every day, we hung out more often than that. We went on trips together, dealt with depression and family issues together.


After a trip to Seattle to settle his grandfather’s estate with his family, he made the jump and decided to move in with me. Less than three and half months later, he took me to a park located near our home, pulled out my favourite book (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) with a little inscription in the front cover, then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.


And I said yes!


On August 24, 2013 we will be starting a new chapter of our lives together as husband and wife <3