Sep 10, 2011

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I went a LITTLE overboard with the bathroom baskets, but we're going to donate the remaining
contents to our pastor's church after the wedding, so I don't feel as bad... 

 Bathroom Baskets photo 1 

Contents of the basket (the men's basket has a little less):

Secret areosol deoderant, Q-tips, First aid kit, Nail kit, Lint roller, Bobby Pins, Hair ties, Tampons (variety), Liners (variety), Lotion, Hand Sanitzier, Makeup remover wipes, Wisp toothbrushes, Wet ones, Tide to Go, Shout wipes, Kleenex, Midol, Ibuprofen, Brush, Cotton balls, Blotting tissue, Toothpicks, Fabreeze, Mouthwash, Body Spray, Breath Freshener, Static Guard, Hairspray, Hair gel, Baby Powder, Nail Glue, Tums, Advil, Aleve, Gum, Clear Nail, Polish, Floss, Visine, Chapstick, Altoids, Friction Block, Sewing Kit, Double sided tape, Bandaids, & Safety pins

 Bathroom Basket Sign (Designed By Sarah Goff) 

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I never understood why brides had to have more than one pair of shoes. Now I have 4.

...I finally understand. :)

Shoes photo 4  Shoes photo 1Shoes photo 2Shoes photo 3

Pair # 1: Black Paris Hilton Suarey (probably not wearing); Pair #2: Purple Badgley Mischka Randall (ceremony shoes)
Pair #3: Grey Toms (reception shoes); Pair #4: Silver Nine West Escher (after party shoes)

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We ordered our guestbook quilt from The Younique Boutique! We were able to add 9 of our favorite engagement photos to the black & white quilt, and also received 4 fabric pens with our order. I found a coupon online for 10% off, so don't forget to check retailmenot before you order for the current coupon code! It's expensive (~$170), but worth it!!  

It came in!!!! I am SO happy with it!! Sarah, of course, designed the guestbook sign. :)


 And here are the 9 photos we selected for the quilt (the first one is the center):

PhotobucketGuestbook photo 1Guestbook photo 2PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

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Bridal Bouquet: My bouquet will be made with 60 dark purple double lisianthus blooms, and will be hand tied with black satin ribbon and exposed stems. If it looks good, we're also going to use black feathers at the base of the bouquet.

Bridesmaids Bouquets: Each of the girls will carry a dozen white roses hand tied with black satin ribbon and exposed stems. 


Lucia Paul BlogKohler44

Update: Well, unfortunately, lisianthus isn't doing very well in the midwest this year, so my awesome florist/DOC came up with an alternative. I believe she called them Moon Shine, but I'm not positive. They'll be wrapped with black and white striped ribbon. 

Boutonnieres: Each of the guys will wear a dark purple double lisanthus boutonniere with 2-3 blooms. John's bout will have black feathers, as well, to make him stand out. :)

Flowers photo 1 


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I hit 10K on 5/10/11!

I seriously cannot believe that I have TEN THOUSAND posts.

In honor of the fact that we’ll be married on the 10th (4 months!!), today is the 10th, and this is my 10,000th post, I’m going to do this legendary post in a top ten format.

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love PW

10. The DROOL WORTHY projects, photos, dresses (OMG), shoes, engagement rings…seriously jaw dropping. I’m jealous. WAY jealous, but super happy for you all. I do my best to copy the awesome stuff.

9.  Twatwaffle. <3 you Carolina. I will NEVER call you by your actual name. In fact, you should probably change it on Facebook. ;)

8. As creative as I am, I would have had a totally cookie cutter wedding if I hadn’t stumbled upon PW while “planning” before either my FSIL or I were engaged. You’ve all given me constructive criticism (even when I didn’t want it or like what you had to say), “ooh”ed and “ahh”ed over my completed projects, and given me faith that my wedding will be gorgeous, especially when I couldn’t see it and thought it would look like my five year old cousin just completed a Fingerpaint Session. :P I will always appreciate your honesty and all of your help. 

7. I went through kind of a dark period about 6 months ago, and Cassie & my old pink heart team sent me a gorgeous mirror and some words of positivity. I’ve got both in our room, and I look at them every once in a while. I’ll never forget that a simple kind message can really turn someone’s day around, and I appreciate you all going out of your way to brighten my day.

6. For a while, I thought the days of selflessness were a thing of the past…that is until I came here. When Cassie didn’t have a dress days before her wedding, some of you offered your dress to her. When Melissa’s bachelorette party fell through, some of you got together and threw her one. You started the “something borrowed” group and brides were able to have something that they may not be able to afford (and that something borrowed!). You started the gifting thread and GAVE girls dresses, veils, jewelry, shoes, etc. Your generosity has made me SO proud of you, and what you’ve given to your fellow brides means so much more to them than you could ever understand. 

5. I have met some amazing women on here. Amazing. Seriously-freaking-amazing. There’s so many more than these three, but GBTG, Kalenalena, & Kristen Tater….you’re amazing and have gone above and beyond for me. I don’t think I could use the word enough about you (or in this paragraph).

4. The inspiration. Between Natasha & Chances posts, I need to have 10 weddings! It’s so hard to narrow everything down, but I feel like I’m going to have the best possible wedding due to all of you ladies and all of the inspiration you’ve given me.

3. You make my work day go by so much faster, even when I don’t get to post. I haven’t been posting much, but I’ve been reading a lot (especially in the baby group you recent BFPers…). I wish I still had all the time to post like I used to (and maybe this post would have come much sooner), but having a paycheck is quite nice!

2. The oldies. Thank you for (1) creating PW; (2) paving the way for the newbies; (3) sticking around and offering advice; (4) and keeping PW positive. PW wouldn’t be where it is without you girls!

1. And time for me to get sappy. I’m not the best at keeping friendships. But here, I feel like I belong. I’ve watched you girls have the best night ever when he finally popped the question…watched you plan your dream weddings…gawked over gorgeous photos (I’m looking at you LadyESQ)…celebrated with you when you got that BFP…cried with you when you when you received devastating news…and formed some fabulous memories with all of you. My wedding wouldn’t be what it is without you. My relationship/soon-to-be marriage wouldn’t be the same without you. I wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you for being a HUGE part of my life over the past two years. And thank you for letting me be a part of your lives.

Here’s to another 10K…or 100K ;) 

[I can’t wait to post this since I want to keep posting tonight, so I’ll add in John’s 2nd debut when he gets home!]

<3 you all!

Ashley aka AJ/ajfisher

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I created our wedding website on wix.com. I bought our domain name from godaddy & pay 4.95 for wix to host our custom site. You can visit the site here or just look through the screenshots posted below! 

Wedding Website photo 1

Wedding Website photo 2

Wedding Website photo 3

Wedding Website photo 4

Wedding Website photo 5

Wedding Website photo 6

Wedding Website photo 7

Wedding Website photo 8

Wedding Website photo 9

Wedding Website photo 10

Wedding Website photo 11

Wedding Website photo 12