Sep 10, 2011

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John is wearing a black multistripe suit by Michael Kors that we bought at Nordstrom. Greg, his best man, has the same suit, and the other boys were asked to purchase or rent a black, two button, double vent suit for the wedding. Most of the groomsmen are actually in both John and Greg (his twin brother)'s weddings, so it works out nicely! John will be wearing this David Donahue shirt with french cuffs and cufflinks and this black David Donahue textured stripe silk tie from Nordstrom. As part of the GMs gifts, we're purchasing a similar black Calvin Klein tie for them to wear for the wedding. John's shoes are Air Jefferson Oxfords with Nike Air Technology by Cole Haan. 

The Guys Attire photo 1 The Guys Attire photo 2 

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 Flower Girls photo 2

     Ava                                                                                           Peyton 


I purchased their dresses from FattiePie on Etsy. Their dresses have a white bodice, black tulle skirt, and purple ribbon sash.

Flower Girls photo 3

JCrew girl's floral headband in Black

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After originally DIYing my wedding day jewerly, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the famous Haute Bride B628 bracelet & EC701 earrings! I got a great deal on both, so I didn't spend quite as much as retail price! I'm so excited to wear these on my wedding day!! They're SO gorgeous in person. :)

Haute Bride photo 1 Haute Bride photo 2

Haute Bride photo 3 Haute Bride photo 4

                                                 Haute Bride B628 Bracelet in Ivory                                                      Haute Bride EC701 Earrings 
                                                    Bridezilla101610's Biography                                                                       Perfect Details

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I absolutely LOVED my DIY Save the Dates! I wish I could take all of the credit for this idea, but I can't. I originally saw this "tying the knot" idea on Martha Stewart Weddings, and then after researching it a little more, saw these Miss Duckling's STDs over on WeddingBee and these on a photographer's blog. 

I created a mockup in powerpoint and emailed them to my trusty designer, Sarah Goff of Signatures by Sarah, since I don't have adobe creative suite and needed help with the graphic design. Once Sarah finished the design, I created the rest of the components, put them together, and had my future in-laws help me stuff them, address them, and mail them! :)

Components (and where to buy)

Now...for the reveal!

Save the Date photo 1 Save the Date photo 2Save the Date photo 3 Save the Date photo 4Save the Date photo 5 Save the Date photo 6Save the Date photo 7 Save the Date photo 8
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For our favors, we're going to be making a donation in our guests' honor. We are making DIY tokens and giving each of our guests (children included) three tokens worth $1 each. Each guest will be able to choose which of the three charities they want their donation to go towards. They'll have the option to give all three tokens to one charity or split them up among the three charities.

       Favors photo 1 Favors photo 2 Favors photo 3

    Photos courtesy of Jaryce21

 We ended up choosing these three wonderful charities:


Each guest will get one of these favor packets at their place setting with instructions on what to do:

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I finally convinced FI to have a sweetheart table so that our Bridal Party can sit with their families (and so that we can enjoy a little alone time).  I fell in love with this stunning black and white look that our very own Kristeen put together. Of course, our table will be bigger! ;) We're using a 48 inch round table.

Unfortunately, the linen is $225 to rent [yeah...for ONE!] (not including shipping), so I'm in the process of coming up with an alternative. Hopefully I can make this happen, because I am head over heels in LOVE with this look! It's perfect! Update! I found a replacement linen! I actually found the exact linen as pictured above for only 80 bucks, but you had to buy 10. So instead, I got this gorgeous linen from CV Linens. I'm so excited about it!


           Sweetheart Table photo 1 

Photos courtesy of Kristeen, wildflowerlinens, and cvlinens

For the actual decoration on the table, the look we're going for is something like this:

 The pink flowers will actually be the six bridesmaid bouquets in vases. For my bouquet, I purchased a bling pillar candle holder and a smaller glass cylinder vase to go inside. I'll be putting a battery tealight under the glass cylinder vase and water inside of it. :) I also have six bling votives and purple chargers for us!