Jan 09, 2010

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Taylor and I got engaged on November 19, 2008.  As you may know, the economy had taken a turn for the worst in October of 2008 and my parents were not in a financial situation to pay for a wedding that would accommodate a 300 person guest list and my dreams.  Immediately, Taylor and I re-budgeted and began saving to pay for half of the wedding costs. 

As the savings account increased and my visions were restructured I began my search for the best deals for my money.  Browsing websites such as Project Wedding, I realized that I could use my own creative ideas and skills to create centerpieces, programs, invitations, etc that people spend buco-bucks on which in turn would help me save more money. 

As I started saving money on one vendor, I looked day and night for my next deal.  Getting a good deal on a videographer, DJ, etc became addictive for me and I wouldn't book until I was sure I had exhausted my options.  Fortunately, I had a job that afforded me the luxury of time and internet which aided in all of my deals and ideas.

 Once Thanksgiving happened, I quit my job, moved home and in with my mom, and became wedding-centered.  I realize that everyone doesn't have the time or luxury to find the vendors I did or create the things I was able to create. I hope my page of "My Wedding" is helpful to people that are on a budget and entering the wonderful, yet laborious world of being a DIY Bride! 

Best Wishes to you!