Aug 28, 2010

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Our wedding day was...well, no words can really express how amazing it was! It was truly magical, personal, and full of celebration. 

I can't wait to see the pro photos!!! In the meantime, here are a just few from friends & family:     

                Our Amazing Day photo 1                                      Our Amazing Day photo 2  

   The trolley that brought guests to the ceremony            Guests with the "Yay" flags we made. fun!

  Our Amazing Day photo 3                 Our Amazing Day photo 4     Our Amazing Day photo 5

                                                             Jason & his mum arriving to the ceremony site

 Our Amazing Day photo 6   Our Amazing Day photo 7    Our Amazing Day photo 8

Our ceremony artist at work                      Jason & his crew                   Mum & I strolling down the aisle

                                                     Our Amazing Day photo 9

Some couple share wine during the ceremony; others.....tequila! mine had too much salt(from our salt covenant)

                                                Our Amazing Day photo 10          

                                     The giddy couple heading down the aisle together

                     Our Amazing Day photo 11  Our Amazing Day photo 12

                                          checking out the ceremony painting

                    Our Amazing Day photo 13         Our Amazing Day photo 14

                     Our ceremony musicians "Mambo This"               Arriving to the reception in style

                     Our Amazing Day photo 15         Our Amazing Day photo 16

                                 Our funky entrance to Queen's "This Thing Called Love"                                           

          Our Amazing Day photo 17       Our Amazing Day photo 18          Our Amazing Day photo 19

             We loved our cake!!!                Awwwww, LOVE!!!                          Shoshanna's best solo ever!

Our Amazing Day photo 20                   Our Amazing Day photo 21     Our Amazing Day photo 22  Begining of our surprise bridal party dance                      Late-night sundae bar yumminess & fun!                                   

                Our Amazing Day photo 23                          Our Amazing Day photo 24

 The fellas with our sassy cigarette girls in the photobooth            The bride with her chocolate cigar

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Taken on the historic steam-train in Mendocino, CA

Thanks Cassandra Young, our fabulous photographer

E pics photo 1  E pics photo 2  E pics photo 3E pics photo 4  E pics photo 5E pics photo 6  E pics photo 7   E pics photo 8   E pics photo 9  E pics photo 10   E pics photo 11  E pics photo 12E pics photo 13E pics photo 14  E pics photo 15E pics photo 16  E pics photo 17  E pics photo 18   E pics photo 19   E pics photo 20  E pics photo 21  E pics photo 22  E pics photo 23E pics photo 24E pics photo 25E pics photo 26  E pics photo 27   E pics photo 28E pics photo 29E pics photo 30   E pics photo 31  


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                                                HIS                                                               HERS

                                The Rings photo 1                                           (Image posted soon)

                            Platinum Wave Ring

Considering Jason lived on the ocean for his 1st 13 years,

this is so perfect for him! I love it!!!

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                                 Ours:                                                                         Our Guest's:                     

                   Transportation photo 1                          Transportation photo 2  Transportation photo 3

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Friday the 13th has never been luckier:

   At the begining of our relationship, we had several conversations about marriage and our thoughts about if it suited us individually-trying to make sure the other one didn't get any funny ideas.  I told him about how I turned down proposals from 2 former boyfriends; he told me about his need for "no strings". It was confirmed, neither of us "believe in it" for ourselves. awesome. We were on the same page.....problem was, the more we were together, the more we couldn't imagine being apart. 

    On May 13th, 2005, Jason had planned a night out for us  in celebration of our 2 year anniversary. Although I had no idea what was in store for me that night, Jason has always been so romantic & thoughtful that I knew we were in for a great night.
   As we headed to the door, he announced that "our ride" was here. Thinking perhaps he'd called a cab so we could both celebrate without worrying about transportation, I stepped outside. No cab. Our driver stepped from the beautiful red vintage convertible and invited us to step into our carriage for the evening. yay! He had gone to a lot of effort to find this car for us, knowing how much I adore classic cars. so sweet!
   As we drove to mystery destination #1, Jason remarked that it would a wonderful night if he only had some flowers for me. On cue, the driver handed back a gorgeous bouquet of roses. aw! We cruised up the 101, enjoying the classic tunes playing for us.  This night is off to a great start!
  We parked at Moonstone Beach as Jason stated that we had some time before our dinner reservation and thought we could enjoy the sunset together....if only we had some champagne. snap, the driver handed us 2 glasses and a bottle of champagne. lol. Jason, you are so slick. He further went on to say that he wished he'd brought me a gift - bam! the driver said he had a spare in the car and handed it to Jason to hand to me. lol We strolled along the beach and eventually nestled down on a rock to enjoy the view. sigh. It was so gorgeous out there and I was there with my honey.
     As I began opening my gift, I did notice Jason getting more and more....fidgety and anxious....but I still had NO IDEA why. To my surprise, inside the box was a  large treasure chest made of chocolate (yum!!!).  Jason has a similar wooden chest at home that he's had since childhood. He told me he had the chocolate chest custom made just for me. :)  thanking him for his sweetness, he interjected that there was more and I needed to crack open the chest to get it. hmmmmm. I was tittilated, but still had NO IDEA what was going on. I popped open the chest and among the many chocolate coins and truffles, was a box.....a BOX?! my hears stopped. could this be a....?..nah!!!! no way. could it?!  Jason had suddenly stopped pacing back and forth and as I glanced up, he was on his knee!!!  Opening up the ring box for me, he said so many amazing, wonderful things, asking if I would spend the rest of my life with him. Not only had my heart started beating again,  it was on hyper-speed. I  was speechless and I think my eyes fell out of my head. A billion thoughts raced through my mind ; all of them had Jason in them. I can not imagine  spending my life with any one but Jason. He is truly the most amazing person I've ever met and I love him. I adore him. I don't think I realized how long I'd been in shock ( had I even answered yet?!) until someone up on the hill came out of Moonstone Restaurant and yelled down to us "So what did she say?!" I turned to Jason and with glee said "Yes!" and together we turned to the stranger and yelled "Yes!" . I jumped into his arms, he spun me around as we kissed. As we looked back up the hill, laughing, we saw through the windows as the entire restaurant seemed to have broken out into applause and was waving at us - the stranger must've shared our news. Who knew we'd had an entire audience. lol.
   We popped the champagne and snuggled up to melt together under the sunset. It was only then that I clearly saw how beautiful the ring was that he'd slipped onto my finger. I couldn't have loved it more. I've never seen one of it's equal before and haven't since.
   We cruised back to the car and continued on to Larrupin Restaraunt to celebrate our engagement.  It felt like we had the place to ourselves and that this night existed exclusively for us.
   Our night was topped off by a romantic ride home and, well, the rest is private ya'll. 
   The evening was truly one of the most romantic I'd ever experienced. Jason put so much thought into every detail and successfully wow-ed me with every moment of the evening.
  And so, the impossible became possible, 2 of the world's individuals who claimed they "do not believe in marriage" had met their match and can't imagine NOT  being together as a united family. can pigs fly now too?:)

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It was 7 years ago in March that we met on the dance-floor during dancehall reggae night at the Red Lion in Eureka,CA. 

 I went there on a date, but was quickly distracted by the dapper, smooth gentleman in the flat cap & stylee wool coat leaning back on the bar enjoying the music. I was  getting down on the dance-floor, when he tapped me on the arm and remarked that he's never seen anyone bellydance to reggae before. Caught a little off guard and not sure how to react (a little embarrassed and ...was that a diss? a compliment? what do I say to that? lol ), I just smiled and kept dancing.  Why was I bellydancing to reggae music anyhow? Having been in a bellydance troupe the last 5 years -did I already forget how to dance any way other than "bellydance"? really? geesh! He later claims that he followed the 1st statement with the fact that he liked how I danced, but somehow i didn't hear that part; I think my full-body blush from the awareness he'd been watching me clogged my ears. lol  Unfortunately, he thought I dissed him when I didn't respond. damn!
  Later that night, I was outside getting some fresh air when a group of guys came out and started chatting with me. Boy, did the pick-up lines flow! One guy in particular started laying it on thick with some pretty...uh......colorful & plain dirty declarations of why I should give him my time.  He was so outrageous, bold, & humorous that I was in tears laughing;  I think that was his ultimate goal, really - to put me in stitches. I quickly realized that the handsome stranger that tapped me on the dance-floor was leisurely kicking back behind the group of guys, but the expression on his face had gone from confident and chill to that of absolute horror. I quickly realized that the guy laying it on thick was a good, old friend of his.  Jason appeared to be experiencing a mix of disbelief, discomfort, & amusement at the things coming out of his buddy's mouth, directed at the lady he had complimented, like a gentleman, just an hour or so earlier. lol.  Jason never "hit on me" that night, he just seemed really genuine and self-assured.  Although we had barely exchanged words beyond an introduction, there was just somethig special about Jason that had made a huge impression on me.  

...suddenly I started to see Jason everywhere! I have never felt so flushed when running into someone in my life! When I'd see him, I'd get butterflies. I never exchanged more than a (hopefully well-masked) nervous smile with him and I would briskly walk away. Why was this guy making me blush every  time I saw him? no guy ever made me lose my swagger, but here he was. lol I practically ran into walls every time I saw him (and I continue to blame him for my klutziness).    
    It wasn't until May, about 2 months after we'd met that our fates collided in more ways than one.

   It was Grad night for HSU students and the plaza was packed! I met up with my friends, Sarah & Jordan, to celebrate their graduation at Toby & Jack's. Shortly after they headed home to chill with their families, my friends Tiffany & Jamie arrived. Somehow amidst the wall-to-wall crowd, I saw Jason coolly leaning against a post. I approached him and said "hi" and re-introduced myself. After chatting for a short while, the room suddenly swelled with an  influx of people. A line of drunk and very...um, classy (ahem) girls shoved their way through the bar, effectively & quite purposefully  knocking myself & Jamie into Jason & his friend, James.  We were seriously pretty much laying on them.
    Yes, I'm a fiery girl, I won't lie, but all I did, really, was perhaps forcefully re-assert my stance. I just wanted to be vertical again; is that asking too much? lol. I'm a peaceful person. really. I swear. That said, I also have absolutely, positively no problem standing up for myself. yea, I effectively "pushed back", simply by lifting myself off of Jason- afterall only 1 person could be in that airspace at one time and it was gonna be me, not the lovely lady who aggressively shoved me.  It's not like it was an accidental, light push, I was straight-up shoved.  So, there it was, I was back to where I was moments before, continued my conversation with Jason, and almost forgot about the rude incident.  until......
   About 20 minutes passed when a burly girl walked up, accusing me of pushing her friend. I was so caught off guard. Is she serious? She asked me to "step outside". I simply contradicted her statement of reality and pretty much dismissed her. She was hammered and just being ridiculous. I had no interest in entertaining her irrational rant.  She walked away. Cool, done, back to conversation with cute boy....until...
    Another 5 or 10 minutes passed and then an even burlier girl got in my face accusing me of "pushing her friend". First of all, where is this friend and why isn't she standing up for herself anyhow? Second, again, are you serious?! I almost had a hard time not laughing at her. I surprisingly didn't feel threatened; I did feel completely annoyed that she was interrupting my time with Cute Boy.  I enlightened her on the real situation which was backed- up without solicitation by several people around me who witnessed her rant and the pushy entrance . I told her I wouldn't apologize and that she was wasting my time. Every time I thought she would just go away, I would turn back to Jason to continue talking, and then she'd make a threat. After asking me to "step outside" for a 3rd time, this is when things got crazy.
    Can time move in slow-motion AND fast-forward at the same time?-cuz that's what happened.  I guess she didn't like my AT-IT-TUDE when I waved my "you may leave" hand at her, scoffed, and told her I had better ways to spend my time...cuz, next thing ya know, there's a fist coming at my face.
   (STOP the CLOCKS) You know how in the movies (perhaps comedies), the surrounding scene stops,people and all, but the protagonist continues to move and sits there, analyzing their situation, asking "how did I get into this mess?". yea, that was me. It seemed like that fist came at my face in slow-mo while my brain was thinking (noooooooooooooo!). As soon as her fist hit my face, however, my body reacted instantly. I think rumbles with my sibs as kids must've helped me prep for this cuz' I have never, ever been in a brawl before( better yet, a bar brawl? now that's classy), but I completely held my own. I moved her backwards through the crowd quickly, staving off her many lame attempts at hitting me, scratching my face (scratching? really?) and failed efforts to rip my eyebrow and nose rings from my face. man, that's plain rude!(side note: facial piercings=bad news for fights. I have no interest in getting in future brawls, but I decided a few months later that I wanted to remove the easily grabb-able, rip outta-yo' face piercing from my eyebrow). 
   I don't remember feeling particularly angry while we were fighting. I, of course, was shocked that this girl was attacking me, being so disrespectful and absurd. ...not to mention messing with my flirt-with-Cute-Boy time! -that was the worst offense of all! she had to go down!  lol.  My assessment: I totally, completely won.  I had a strong advantage before she was grabbed by security and tossed out (ouch, double fail). They knew she started it. 
    I remember feeling a bit dazed, like, did that really just happen? My friend, Tiffany, rushed up to me, crying, concerned for my wellbeing. She's so sweet & loving! She fervently asked if I was ok and "why would she do that to you?!" I assured her I was alright, brushed myself off, turned back to Jason, disheveled and perhaps a little bloody, and said "So where were we?"
    He later told me that he believes any other woman would have been so wound-up & upset by the situation that she'd want to leave immediately. Not this gal. Besides, I didn't even have his number yet!
   I really wasn't stoked that one of his first impressions of me was in a bar brawl, but...what can I do? lol. You just have to brush such things off.  I invited him to a friend's party down the road.  After hanging out there for awhile, he invited me to a party of a friend of his. As we walked towards his car (I swear I never accept rides from virtual strangers, but I got a great feeling from this guy. (thanks for not being a serial killer, Jason. lol) On the way to the car, I guess I might've been testing his ability to be silly & spontaneous as I yelled, "Race Ya!!!" and started sprinting down to the plaza. He accepted my challenge without hesitiation!  "Yup, this guy is pretty awesome", I thought to myself.  I can't remember who won the race;, all I know is that I certainly felt like a winner next to him. We went back to Toby & Jack's for a moment in a failed attempt to recover something that lovely young lady ripped from my hair earlier.  I thought it was so sweet that he offered to help look for it, so it was unfortunate that I apparently dissed him (again?!) shortly thereafter when I remarked that his car (which he had just purchased) wasn't what I'd expected he'd drive. I really don't know why I said that cuz' I seriously don't care what kind of car someone drives.  For some reason, I just pictured him driving a classic car -beat up or spiffy, I didn't care. Perhaps because I looooovve vintage cars, I just envisioned him driving one cuz I liked him so much too? who knows. Either way, he says I dissed him, playfully-dissed perhaps, but dissed nonetheless. oops.
   We went to the 2nd party, had a great time dancing until the party wound down, and then....
   He asked me if I wanted to hang out at his house. hmmmm. sounds innocent enough, right? hmmmm. Thing is, it really was innocent! I swear. We sat up until dawn talking and laughing. I learned about his childhood, gorwing up around the world travelling via boat fro port to port, his many years as a drummer in a variety of local bands (sigh, drummers were always my favorite. lol). He told me about his junior high school mullet and I liked him even more(too hilarious! and he actually admitted it!); he laughed so hard, that he rolled around and practically couldn't breathe and I liked him even more. This guy is charmng, hilarious, charismatic, sweet,....I think I'm gonna be in trouble soon.
   What a night!
   Even though I had a hard rule of only taking a number and NOT giving my own, I broke that rule for Jason. We exchanged numbers. I'm not shy; after a couple days passed, I called him. 
    Can't fight kismet!