Oct 03, 2009

Aimee Makeup Artistry - Bay Area, CA
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful. She's a miracle worker because she found a way to make me so beautiful while making my makeup look natural. Think about it. Make makeup look like you're not wearing makeup and yet look like a model. That takes skill and magic that comes out of Aimee's gentle hands. And, when she puts makeup on you, it feels like wind is kissing your face. haha. During my makeup trial, she did my hair and makeup and then we took pictures. The picture-taking is a big bonus because you want to see how the camera picks up on the makeup and such. One could be skeptical and say "oh, well someone could easily enhance and alter a digital photo." True, but on my wedding day, my friends were taking photos of me and the bridal party all day long. In every friends' photo, I was simply AMAZED that our makeup and hair never showed signs of wear, even when I changed through FOUR DRESSES during the 14 hours that I had the makeup on and hair intact. My bridesmaids and I were done with makeup and hair (me only on hair) and about 12pm. Yes, even at 2am, my bridesmaids and I have flawless makeup. Tip: Before you come to your makeup/hair trial appointment, be specific with the style of makeup/hair so Aimee can show her skills. If I was like "whatever you want", its like a needle in a stack to get the style that a client wants. I wanted natural-looking makeup and hair that is controlled (out of the way and out of my face) yet romantic and gentle for photos. and she did it. so, help out your makeup/hair vendor and do research before you visit them. And, she is easily accessible through email. Personally, I don't like calling vendors. With their job, it seems like they're constantly busy every waking moment with their job and regular life. Any question I had about the weight of my veil to the hairstyle that matches all four dresses throughout my wedding day, this woman responded back with answers and options quickly. I know I'm a really picky person with most things in my life, so I was comforted to know that Aimee's skill and experience would allow me to be stress-free on my wedding day. As a bride, you are probably wondering, "where should i cut costs in?" My answer: Cut your costs in everything but makeup/hair, photography. The vendors in these two categories vary so much within the same price range that you really don't know where to begin. Good luck!
Services used: Beauty & Health