Jul 23, 2011

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 After many many weeks of searching for the right veil to go with my dress, I kept coming back to this one on eBay. I couldn't get a good, quality picture of the veil, so I included a personal pic I took and 1 from the auction. Below is the description from the auction site:

 This is a 2 tiered fingertip length wedding veil. The veil is made of one piece of tulle folded in half to create the look 2 layers. It is different than the regular 2-layer veils that are made of two pieces of tulles. Beautiful scallop metallic silver embroidered edge accented with pearls and rhinestones outline each tier for a fabulous finish.  Veil is centered gathered and attached to a clear comb for secure placement on your hair. Layers are 30" and 36" long.

My Veil photo 1 

Link to sellers store here

My Veil photo 2

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So here they shoes. Jason is a NASCAR fan, so I am surprising him by wearing these black and white checkered shoes along with a checkered garter (I haven't decided which garter yet. When I do, I'll post it) I am thinking of adding a little racing charm of some sort to the shoe i.e. a little car, the checkered flag or 88 for Dale Earnhardt Jr. That will be the extent of the NASCAR theme! lol Well, his cake will probably be NASCAR.My Shoes photo 1

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 Although my FI and I have been engaged since AUG/SEPT, I didn't have a ring...until Christmas Eve 2009. Jason and I went to his familys huge get together and he couldn't wait to give it to me. I opened the box and was totally surprised. There was a princess cut 1/4 carat diamond ring! It even fit! I love it and wuldn't trade it for anything in the world!
 I am going to experiment later and post a few different pics of the ring.

My Engagement Ring photo 1My Engagement Ring photo 2
My Engagement Ring photo 3My Engagement Ring photo 4

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               Inspirations photo 1


 I really want bits and pieces of these cakes incorporated into one. I'd like the cake to be black and white with hints of red and green. If not, I'll be happy with just black and white or B/W with red or green. I guess the decision will matter when I cross that cake bridge. I'm not sure what shape yet, but I'm kind of leaning towards a topsy turvy...unless I have round and square lol

 I do know I am definately doing this for my cake topper!
Inspirations photo 2

Inspirations photo 3

 I'm also a fan of silhouette cakes and would like to possibly have one similar to these or just a chandelier.Inspirations photo 4

Inspirations photo 5

                Inspirations photo 6


 I'd like my flowers to be dark red(s) and black calla lilies with a few white roses and babys breath scattered throughout and topped off with a green stem wrap.
Inspirations photo 7
 Replace the orchids with white roses.
Inspirations photo 8

 Schwartzwalder calla lilies...
Inspirations photo 9

 Inspirations photo 10

Below...Black Baccara roses and Schwartzwalder mini callas with freesia and loops of lily grass

  Dark burgundy calla lilies and Ecuadoran Black Magic and Black Baccara roses...

Inspirations photo 11

                 Inspirations photo 12


Living in New Orleans, I am seriously leaning toward a French theme. I'd like to somehow incorporate fleur de lis and Eiffel Tower type designs into anything whether it be the cake, centerpieces or invitations. I like these invitations, but haven't decided which style, or similar style, to use yet.

Inspirations photo 13

Inspirations photo 14Inspirations photo 15

              Inspirations photo 16

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I had originally wanted a dress with some red color. I went to one bridal shop and tried on every dress they had with red accent(s) on it. I liked a couple, but nothing jumped out at me. Well, one dress did, but it was a halter and I didn't like the way it looked on me since I have a small chest.So, back to the drawing board. I had been going to the Davids Bridal website and looked at a few of their color accent dresses. There was one I fell in love with so I decided to go to the boutique and try the dress on. Well, I get there and tried on 5 different ones with the one I had originally seen first. It was pretty, but didn't really speak to me. The very last dress I tried on wasn't one with any color, but it was beautiful. I told the girl to grab it and "sure, why not? I'll try it on". Well, after seeing all of the dresses with color, this one looked plain. Beautiful, but plain. I liked it though, remembered the style and was stuck between the two dresses. I got home and looked the white dress up online. It was on sle at the website and said 'available online only'.After about 3 weeks, I brought my mom in with me. I gave the girl the style number and said I wanted to try on the white dress again. She was surprised because she said it was an online dress only. I told her that I knew I wasn't crazy and that I had tried it on previously. She walked to the racks and went straight to it...even in my size lol. I tried on the red embroidered gown and the all white one. Again, a tough decision, but ended up getting the all white, sequined embroidered dress. Holding something colored up against it made the dress and myself pop...besides, the dress was also on sale which meant I got a prettier dress for the price of the red acctented dress! Below are pictures from the website and some I took on the hanger since I do not have any pictures of me in the dress. The pictures do not do this dress justice as seen in person.
 Here are the details: Strapless satin A-line gown with silver beading on bodice, skirt, and train. The dress features a pleated, split back that bustles the cathedral lenght train nicely while still showing off the beading detail.

My Dress photo 1My Dress photo 2 My Dress photo 3My Dress photo 4 My Dress photo 5 My Dress photo 6


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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Black, white and red with possible colors of green (his fav color) to be incorporated into the scheme somehow.

Wedding Colors photo 1 Wedding Colors photo 2 Wedding Colors photo 3 Wedding Colors photo 4