Aug 14, 2010

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My hair isnt the longest so im probably going to have to add extensions in order to achieve how I want my hair to look. Im thinking along the lines of a bun or chignon...

Hair hmmmmm photo 1 (I love this but I dont particularly care for the way the bang connects with the back)

 Hair hmmmmm photo 2 (Im in love with the front of this ENTIRELY!)Hair hmmmmm photo 3 Possibly for the back orHair hmmmmm photo 4

Hair hmmmmm photo 5


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INSPIRATION Ceremony Decor photo 1

These are my inspirations on how I want to decorate the aisle because it curves an aisle runner would not be an option.  I also dont want those pillars, i rather use shepherd hooks instead..

INSPIRATION Ceremony Decor photo 2INSPIRATION Ceremony Decor photo 3INSPIRATION Ceremony Decor photo 4INSPIRATION Ceremony Decor photo 5 <--------- Im leaning towards this look with the pomander or INSPIRATION Ceremony Decor photo 6 thanks to clee50841 (her DIY project) but with a silver pail instead like this INSPIRATION Ceremony Decor photo 7

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My first fitting, the dress was really tight (as you can see) ... I ordered one size up and it fits perfectly!

These are pics of the smaller dress.

My dress photo 1My dress photo 2

My dress photo 3

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Invitations photo 1Invitations photo 2Invitations photo 3 Excuse the way they are you get the idea... a DIY project... purchased the BRIDES invite kit from Michael's Craft Store. One of my bridemaids' sister printed them and put them together for us. However, we are changing the ribbon that they came with

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Their TUX photo 1

These are the tux that all of the men except for the ushers will wear.... they are so well tailored. I absolutely love them... With Ivory shirts ... My FI will wear an Ivory dress shirt,vest and tie....the best men and groomsmen will wear ivory shirts, canary ties with gray vest. (it may change but the tux is a definite)

Their TUX photo 2

Their hubby and I both LOVE sneakers... but we didnt want to do Chuck Taylors.. we tried a slightly different approach and found these at Aldos... All the guys will be wearing them


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Im debating on whether I should post a pic of my dress on the site. During my busy life I tend to leave my laptop on and I really dont want my FI to stumble on the website and see it. That would be HMMMMMMMM decisions, decisions...