Jun 05, 2010

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Yesterday I had test of my wedding hairstyle :)


I have taken idea form the pictures below:

Hairstyle photo 1Hairstyle photo 2


and this is the result:) I like it, really:). if anybody can say few words about my hairstyle, it is welcome!

Hairstyle photo 3Hairstyle photo 4Hairstyle photo 5




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Me with Mom make flower balls. After we found great examples in the book, I bought 300 small pink paper roses. We should hae 6-10 balls. We put paper flowers on the styrofoam balls :). Leaves are made from the green corners of tissue-paper. Balls will hang on the satin ribbons - probably pink.

Church s setting ideas photo 1Church s setting ideas photo 2

Church s setting ideas photo 3

Church s setting ideas photo 4Church s setting ideas photo 5

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Me&Fi made our own unique project in photoshop, after that bought some materials and printed the invitations by ourselves. Because we can not deceide about colour - half of invitations we made green, some of theme dark pink :). See below how they looks:


Making of invitations photo 1Making of invitations photo 2

Making of invitations photo 3Making of invitations photo 4

Making of invitations photo 5Making of invitations photo 6


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There are several and incredibly many ways how we can thank to our parents during the reception.

One of theme below. I think that making by myself these baskets is quite easy.

Thanks to Parents photo 1Thanks to Parents photo 2Thanks to Parents photo 3

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I found today guest book which I really like:) with the Pronovias embroidery

Guest Book and Invitations photo 1


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I have pink color in my mind, when I'm thinking about wedding. Maybe something as here below:

First make up proposal and suggestions photo 1First make up proposal and suggestions photo 2

anyway I have bright green eyes... pink fits perfect!