Jun 19, 2010

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Ring Ceremony


Louise & Jeff I will ask you now to seal the vows that you have just made, by the giving and receiving of rings. May these rings forever symbolise the unbroken circle of your love.


 A circle is the emblem of eternity and it is our wish today that your love and happiness will be as eternal as the rings which you exchange and remind you always of the union that you now share and the vows you have taken today. Love freely given has no beginning and no end. Love freely given, has no giver and no receiver, for each is the giver and each is the receiver.


May I have the rings please


Please place these rings on the third finger, of each other’s left hand


Jeff’s ring vows to Louise


Louise, please take this ring . . . .

As a sign of my love and fidelity

And as a symbol of all that we share



Louise’s ring vows to Jeff


Jeff, please take this ring . . . .

As a sign of my love and fidelity

And as a symbol of all that we share


 Reading - to be read by Dave Pearce (Groom's brother)


Everyday upon waking

Be open to your love for each other

The love that is always within you

Is your gift to each other


Take time with each other

Hold each other often

Speak with honesty and care

Listen with respect and trust


Both give and receive your love and

Friendship with an open heart

From this space you can grow with the

Joys and challenges


Embrace this love and embrace this marriage

Rest in the sanctuary and strength of your

love for each other



Declaration of Marriage


In the years to come, your vows and promises which you made today and also the rings which you have exchanged, will remind you with joy of this celebration. Marriage calls for two people to share their vision of life, with tolerance, patience and understanding. It calls for two people to remain as individuals whilst enjoying a life of togetherness.


May you keep the love and hope of this day ever present in your minds and may your love, trust and respect for each other continue to grow with each passing day.


Remember that on this journey called marriage, there will be moments of perfection and times of harmony. There will also be imperfections and weaknesses. Be able to forgive, do not hold grudges, and live each day that you may share it together - as from this day forward you shall be each other's home, comfort and refuge, your marriage strengthened by your love and respect for each other. Trust each other, particularly in times of difficulty, knowing that together you can weather any storm.


Family & dearest friends, we have been privileged witnesses here today as Louise & Jeff have declared their love and committed their lives to each other. We have seen and heard them exchange both the symbolic wedding band and their personal vows.


It is with much pleasure that I now, with the powers afforded me by the laws of Australia, pronounce you... husband and wife.


Jeff, you may kiss your beautiful Bride!


Signing of the register (Easier to be- Lifehouse & Burn your name- Powderfinger)


Ladies and Gentlemen . . . .  I now ask you all to please stay where you are, whilst the official documents are signed and witnessed. I can then formally introduce our newly married couple to you.  


Our Wish for you both....


On behalf of your family and friends I would like to congratulate you both. May your marriage be blessed with love and peace, patience and understanding. Every day, keep sight of the pleasure and friendship that you share in each other’s company and to do the simple and beautiful things that will make this marriage a treasure.


May you always remember how happy you both are today.


Family and friends, I am honoured to present to you . . .


                             Mr & Mrs Pearce 

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