Nov 06, 2010

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November 6th was amazing. I knew it would be a happy day but I truly did not expect to be so rediculously, extatically, can't stop smiling happy! Even the photographer kept telling us not to smile so much!

Oh and it RAINED! We had planned an outdoor ceremony but ended up having to use the smallest chapel in the universe (2 people can't walk down the aisle side by side it's that small!). So it totally wasn't the wedding we wanted but it turned out perfectly for us. In fact now I am HAPPY that it rained because it made it so much more intimate and I think some of our pics are going to come out so good with the rain. I totally trashed my dress too because of the weather but I just don't care :)

I will do a proper recap but for now here are a few pics from friends of what is now officially the happiest day of my life.....

We are MARRIED photo 1

We are MARRIED photo 2

We are MARRIED photo 3

We are MARRIED photo 4

We are MARRIED photo 5

We are MARRIED photo 6

We are MARRIED photo 7

We are MARRIED photo 8

We are MARRIED photo 9

We are MARRIED photo 10

We are MARRIED photo 11

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I'd like to introduce you to our only child...

Our feather baby photo 1

He is the naughtiest, most 'drive you crazy', loudest, annoying at times pet but we love him to death. His name is Charlie :)

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I was bridesmaid for my oldest friend in may this year. It was so special to stand by her on her special day. Unfortunately she can't come all the way for my wedding but she did give me this to think of her on my wedding day...

Some Sparkle photo 1

What a BEAUTIFUL clutch! Every single inch is covered in sparle, i think my wedding day is the only day I could get away with something like this!

here's the rest of my bling for the day...

Some Sparkle photo 2

The necklace has special meaning too, my parents gave it to me as an 18th birthday present. I love the fact that I have a piece of them to wear too.

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When my grandmother passed away 3 years ago she left this in an envelope for me;

Something Old photo 1

It is my great grandmonther's engagement ring. I am so honoured that she chose me to give it to. My wedding day will probably be the only occasion I will see fit to actually wear it out of the house!

Something New...

Something Old photo 2   Something Old photo 3

Something Borrowed...

One of my best friends that is travelling all the way from the uk is bringing this with her for me to borrow...

Something Old photo 4

It is a bracelet that one of my other closest friends bought for her on her graduation. I love that because now I have a little piece of both of them to wear on my special day.

Something Blue...

Something Old photo 5

Blue panties & blue toe nails. Thanks to the lovely PW ladies for both these ideas. I knew i didn't want to be the typical 'blue garter bride' so these two optios fit me perfectly.

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These were truly a labour or love. My fantastic future sister in law is a designer, so she did the graphic design & layout. Together we greated these beauties.....

Closed front...                                                  Whole invite open...

D I Y Invitations photo 1  D I Y Invitations photo 2

Close up...                                                        Map card & monogram on pocket...

D I Y Invitations photo 3  D I Y Invitations photo 4

The back...

D I Y Invitations photo 5

All the white parts are on special shimmery paper which gives them a little something extra. I am sooooo pleased with how they came out. We also designed a matching envelope label that we printed on sheets of sticky paper, cut them out and stuck them onto each envelope.

To everyone who is thinking of doing DIY invitations;

  • It is alot of hard work, make sure you give your self plenty of time to work on them. I made 70 and at times it did seem like it was going to go on forever!!
  • Don't under estimate the amout of glue you will need - I still can't get over how much glue I ended up having to buy!
  • Go for it!! I wasn't sure they'd work out but they did and it is SUCH a fantastic feeling of accomplishment once they're all done.





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Here they are.....

Rings photo 1Rings photo 2

Rings photo 3

I CAN'T WAIT to wear mine!