Apr 30, 2016

We are saving every month until our wedding to host a fabulous Hill Country wedding down on the Guadalupe river and then head out on a spectacular honeymoon somewhere tropical. I've been looking for a man like him for a long time, and let me tell you, worth the wait!
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So we are not engaged yet, but when he's ready to do it, he already has the link to the exact ring I want! He's an engineer, so he likes facts and figures- being subtle doesn't work!

Here it is!

It's a Moissanite ring in recycled gold. I really like it because it's affordable, ethical, and just as sparkly as diamonds. I am a very active person, so I need a ring that sits flatter on my finger, and like unique shapes like pear cuts. I can't wait to get it one day.


Here are a couple more that I love as well!



As you can see, halo settings are definitely what I like the best!

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All About Me

I've lived in Texas most of my life, but during college, I made the most of breaks by doing all kinds of things and working in new places, so I've also lived in Wyoming,  Austria, Mississippi, North Texas, and then of course the greatest city in the greatest state, Austin, TX!

I work in recreation running outdoor education activities for a parks department, so I am most certainly an outdoorsy, get-my-hands muddy kind of girl. I also am a triathlete and am saving money to enter my very first full 140.6 mile distance race! If you're in to racing, my other place I post is Cowboys Against ALS.


Finishing my first Half - The Austin 70.3!                                              My first full 26.2 with my friends- Austin in February 2014 (it was a tough one!)


My favorite racing picture ever, taken at a race in a state park in Texas


All About Him

SO is not a an racing athlete like me, but he sure supports me as my biggest fan!

This photo is more his speed for my "foot races" as he calls them.

However, he is a fan of racing in other ways. He went to school in North Carolina for their auto engineering and racing program and worked for several businesses that developed products for NASCAR teams, and drove cars for his company's team on smaller oval tracks as well. However, he (thankfully!) missed Texas and his family, so after 10 years he moved back and a few months later met me!

Love of My Life photo 1          Love of My Life photo 2

Old picture of him I stole from FB                                        Our first outing together as a couple to the races!!

Love of My Life photo 3   Love of My Life photo 4

Rangers game!                                                                                               At the beach in Florida!

   Love of My Life photo 6

Memorial Day Weekend at a concert                                                   Racing his race car- the man loves to go fast.

One of my favorite photos of us- at the Round Rock game near our house!


All About Us

We met at a dance hall (or a bar, as his aunt insisted on correcting me) on April 16, 2011. (the day I was supposed to be making the biggest mistake ever by marrying my ex- sign from above? I think so!!)

Anyhow, I had spent the day with my girlfriends at an all day music festival, and we had finally made our way downtown in Austin to a place called Rebels. I had been there maybe a total of 5mins when he walked up and asked me to dance. We hit it off right away and when we were done with our second dance he said "I hope your friends don't get mad at me, becuase I want to dance with you all night!" (awwwwww!!)

We went on our first date that next week to a concert and then out dancing again. I had been praying for a guy who would be just like him- want to dance with me, talk to me about anything, have fun and joke with me- and I got him! From then on we've been inseparable!  I really believe us meeting was fate; I've never felt I was supposed to be with someone so much in my life. It's a nice feeling. :)


Texas State Fair with Big Tex before he burned down!                Family photo done a few years ago by my long time friend and future photog, Caryn.


All About Our Family!

We don't have any human kids, but we have two dogs and two horses and they're definitely making our lives joyful and full of fun for now!

Us with my horse River                                                                                          River waiting for fooooood


River wearing my hat                                                           Bryce's horse, Rocky                                       Rocky man in the pasture



Christmas- he was not pleased. (SO FUNNY)     My sweet puppy dog and me fishing on the bay                 Little brat stealing my spot

My favorite picture of me and my sugar!

Both of our dogs were adopted from shelters, and they're amazing! If you are a fan of companion animals, please go to my site at Cowboys Against ALS  and see how you can help Austin remain a no-kill city by helping Austin Pets Alive. 

That's a pretty beautiful summary of me and my little family!
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The worst part about having a date but no ring is having to pretty much keep myself under wraps from planning because 1. 2 years is plennnnnnnty of time and I don't even need to be thinking about a lot of things yet. and 2. I don't want to be "that girl," with no "official" engagement who already has everything done down to the invitations before she even has a ring. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being that girl, except I just don't have any patience to deal with the judgement-disguised-as-jokes I'd get from friends and family, so I just don't get carried away until we're at least ready to announce being officially engaged. 


That doesn't stop people from asking all the time, "So, when are y'all getting married?" Yes, we are the last ones getting married. Yes, we've been together for a long time. However, unlike many of our friends, we are paying for our wedding both entirely on our own and absolutely without taking out a loan. We also have day-to-day lives to live, so we're saving what we can every month and doing it right. No debt, no pressure or penny-pinching at the last minute, and no (unfortuantely but totally understandably) family gifts.


Hopefully, the next two years scoot on quickly, because I'm so excited! SO has th exact CAD design for the moissanite ring I want (he's an engineer, subtle hints do not work) so it's just a matter of extra saving and surprising me- he's not off the hook there!

Here's my pretty I'm waiting on! :)

It's Moissanite stone in white gold being custom made in San Fransico by an Etsy store. She already has SO's email so I've done all I can to set my wheels in motion, lol.

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This is a great list of venues I put together after a bridal show. We are much, much more likely to just rent a bunch of houses on the river (Like these!) but I wanted to keep the post up in case other Austin area brides were looking!



Pecan Springs ( is close to Austin, which makes it a good choice because that allows guests to stay in the city, as a cab ride would not be too outrageous. It features Bride’s house for her and her family, Groom’s house for his party, and pretty folding chairs, as well as a pavilion and nice outdoorsy wooded ceremony area. They have a nice website, and allow all sorts of vendors, which could work out to be cheaper in the long run since I know caterers, pastry chefs, and DJs. Also, Caryn has shot here before, so she’ll have good ideas!



Twisted Ranch ( is in Bertram, which is close to our house and has a great Hill Country feel. They have lots of neat little buildings, including a super awesome old barn as their reception site (my favorite barn!) They allow decorating the day before, which would be fantastic, and also, the $6000 package includes cabins for people to stay in the night of. The little church is adorable, and very pretty inside, although I would rather an outdoor ceremony.


Old Glory Ranch ( has a really pretty outdoor pavilion, and the ceremony site is right on the Blanco River, which would fit us nicely since we enjoy floating the river. However, it is far away from Austin, so we would need to take a closer look before considering it.


The Red Corral Ranch ( has the perfect big red barn, and is another bed and breakfast that provides places for the bridal party to stay. Probably too pricy for that, since it doesn’t include a lot of other things, but if the Big Red Barn can be set up for both ceremony and reception, I’d keep it on the list- they have fire pits!



Pecan Grove at The Salt Lick ( is gorgeous, and the caterers will make anything. I love the rustic pavilion, and the ceremony site is gorgeous as well. They are flexible with other vendors, and the lawn can be set up with games and lights. I’m very interested!



Memory Lane Event Center ( is in Dripping Springs, which is not too far away from town. Their packages include space for the bridal party to stay the night, tables and chairs for up to 175, getting ready suites, choice of centerpieces that I would at least look at, and a very pretty ceremony and reception site. About $4200 for a one night stay for everyone, including a Honeymoon suite, a large covered stage, and the other things listed already.



Texas Old Town’s Redbud Hall ( is about $2,950 for the facility, getting-ready rooms, ceremony sites, a DOC, tables and chairs, but no accommodations or other inclusions, and it’s down in Kyle, which is kind of far away, although both families would probably be interested in Cabellas, and there are plenty of affordable hotels around there.



The Flying T Ranch event center ( is in Bertram, which is close to home, and includes an entire weekend (Friday-Sunday) with a house that sleeps 12, a covered wooden deck for receptions, getting-ready rooms, ceremony sites, parking with an attendant, clean-up and break-down, a DOC, tables, chairs, horsehoes, washers, and volleyball, with the option of quail hunting and target shooting, low season is only $3,500, high season is $3,900, which is reasonable for everything included. Ceremony and Reception sites are pretty, but not very “rustic” looking.



Sutton Springs ( is inside of the Austin city limits, which is nice, and the amphitheatre seating for the ceremony is great because everyone can see. I love the reception pavilion, but I’m not certain it’s big enough for everyone- this may be intended to be a ceremony-only site.



The Heart of Texas Ranch ( is out in Marble Falls. It includes two pretty houses and an event center- finishing October 2013- is $3,995 for a two-night stay, which includes white chairs, and probably more tables and chairs once the hall is done.


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When it comes to planning a wedding, photography is the MOST IMPORTANT THING to me. Seriously, above all else. Well, aside from who I'm marrying, of course!! :)

I have a friend from HS that I grew up with who has turned in to an amazing photographer. Her website is and I am just in awe with her work. I really hope she does me the honor of shooting my wedding and engagement (and maybe some more bpics!) pictures one day!

Here are some examples. ALL courtesy of Caryn at Love Caryn Photoraphy- CREDIT HER!!

www.lovecaryn.comwww.lovecaryn.comwww.lovecaryn.comPhotography photo 1Photography photo 2

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These ladies won't change, no matter who I marry!

The Bridal Party

MOH: Bridget- saved my life by taking a chance. Turns out we're pretty much the same person- right down to the size of our fingers and feet!!

Sandra! She's from Germany and here we are in Hannover.

The Ladies and Gentlemen photo 1

Renae, Alyssa, Veronica. All known from High School, and all amazing women!

The Ladies and Gentlemen photo 2The Ladies and Gentlemen photo 3The Ladies and Gentlemen photo 4