Oct 23, 2010

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It was a little tricky as i wanted to put unique items but yet items that the Girls would use on a regular basis.  Items that were not pricey but yet have much thought put into them. 

Garden Ridge had some cute (and afforfable - $1) bags so i bought three for my BM's I loved what it said, thought it was fitting for the occasion!!!

Bridesmaids Gifts photo 1

Each bag contains:

  • On the Front of each bag is a rhinestone pin that says BRIDESMAID or MAID OF HONOR
  • A cute picture frame from Target
  • Individual size lotion & scented spray from Bath & Body Works
  • Vanilla scented Sugar scrub i made canned and decorated cute!!! -Thanks to: chest173 here's the link if you want to make your own: DIY Sugar Scrub
  • Cereal-to-go container- I thought these were soooo cool!!! I know my girls will definitley love them!
  • A travel (foldable) organizer
  • Personalized Hanger



 Bridesmaids Gifts photo 2 Bridesmaids Gifts photo 3Bridesmaids Gifts photo 4

Bridesmaids Gifts photo 5 Bridesmaids Gifts photo 6  Bridesmaids Gifts photo 7

 Bridesmaids Gifts photo 8  Bridesmaids Gifts photo 9

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 I knew that I wanted low heeled shoes for the big day so i decided to so with these, i had them dyed. 

The color what not what i expected but i added some bling to JAZZ them up!  Shoes photo 1

 Shoes photo 2

Shoes photo 3

FYI: These are Clip on earrings HA HA ;)

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Inspiration Up Do s and my Hair Trial photo 1  Inspiration Up Do s and my Hair Trial photo 2


My mom and i had hair appt's  @ Ogle Hair. I confess i was a bit nervous since even though it was a hair trial i was anxious i would walk out  with a crazy updo, but i think it came out great!  Let me know what you think?Inspiration Up Do s and my Hair Trial photo 3  Inspiration Up Do s and my Hair Trial photo 4


I kept the do all day later towards the end of the day the curls were falling down so I let all the curls down that were still pinned and moved the flower so i think i love it better this way....

Inspiration Up Do s and my Hair Trial photo 5 Inspiration Up Do s and my Hair Trial photo 6

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I got the inspiration from another PW Bride,  I will create our book using some or our E-pics and order it from

haleighb is an amazing graphic designer and created this cover page for our guestbook!! She is truly talented check out her bio and some of her other stuff she has done...


Guest Book photo 1



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DIY Hanger s photo 1

DIY Hanger s photo 2  DIY Hanger s photo 3

DIY Hanger s photo 4  DIY Hanger s photo 5

The hangers were from Wal-Mart(set of 5) for like $4-$5, the stickers were from Michaels and Hobby Lobby but i am sure you can get from any craft store that carries scrapbook supplies. All are self adhesive and i cut the strips of pearls and played with them and arranged how i liked it...

Here are some if the stickers i used....

DIY Hanger s photo 6DIY Hanger s photo 7DIY Hanger s photo 8DIY Hanger s photo 9  

My inspiration is something like this on the big day!!!

DIY Hanger s photo 10


For some more inspiration check these other DIY hanger's by:




For a DIY guide check out:

by cassandrajl aka cassie <3 you  sweetie!


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Pearls Galore photo 1   Pearls Galore photo 2


Pearls Galore photo 3   Pearls Galore photo 4


Pearls Galore photo 5   Pearls Galore photo 6


Pearls Galore photo 7   Pearls Galore photo 8


Pearls Galore photo 9  Pearls Galore photo 10