Mar 24, 2011

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I had this list almost completely done.  And I forgot to save.  Here we go again!

~Bride Getting Ready

  1. sandals on bed
  2. dress hanging in patio/balcony door frame
  3. bride DIY make-up
  4. bride and BMs getting hair done
  5. bride smelling bouquet
  6. bride hugging daughter
  7. bride hugging mother
  8. bride hugging MOH
  9. bride putting on dress
  10. MOH zipping up dress
  11. bride putting on jewelry
  12. bride (ready) standing in patio/balcony door frame
  13. bride laughing with everyone in suite
  14. bride having a drink (non or alcoholic)
  15. bride reading letter from groom

 ~Groom Getting Ready

  1. groom putting on shirt/jacket
  2. groom putting on bead necklace
  3. groom sitting with RB
  4. groom shaking hands with father
  5. groom having a drink with GMs
  6. groom shaving/doing hair?
  7. groom sandals on floor next to bed
  8. groom kissing mother
  9. groom reading letter from bride


  1. Parents/grandmother walking down aisle
  2. BP walking down aisle
  3. Groom's first look at bride (VERY important!!)
  4. bride walking down aisle
  5. officiant
  6. reciting of vows
  7. placing of rings
  8. readings 1 and 2
  9. first kiss
  10. bride and groom walking back down aisle

~Posed shots

  1. Bride and Groom
  2. bride and groom with entire group
  3. bride and groom with daughter
  4. bride with daughter
  5. groom with daughter
  6. bride and groom with b's mother
  7. bride and groom with g's parents
  8. bride and groom with g's grandmother
  9. bride and groom with b's aunt and uncle and cousin
  10. bride and groom with b's aunt
  11. bride and groom with g's aunt and uncle
  12. bride and groom with g's sister and family
  13. bride and groom with b's brother
  14. bride and groom with b's cousin
  15. bride and groom with co-worker and husband

~Bridal Party shots

  1. full party standing in a line with sunglasses on
  2. bride and BMs holding bouquet/fans
  3. bride and BMs with the wind blowing their skirts
  4. bride and BMs with feet stuck out to show foot jewelry
  5. bride standing with BMs in beach chairs on either side
  6. bride standing while BMs jump
  7. groom in line (regressive) with GMs
  8. groom standing on dock/pier with GMs (maybe on the railing?)
  9. groom with GMs surrounding a palm tree
  10. groom with GMs at the bar
  11. BP randomly placed on beach
  12. BP walking toward's water, back facing camera
  13. bride and groom standing in front of BP
  14. bride with GMs
  15. groom with BMs

~Bride & Groom shots

  1. walking at water's edge
  2. on top of boulder or big rock or rock wall
  3. bride on rock solo dress spread out
  4. groom dipping/bending bride for a kiss
  5. standing on the sand in a big heart (drawn on sand)
  6. underneath or leaning on a palm tree kissing
  7. groom bending and kissing bride's hand
  8. groom standing behind bride with arms around waist
  9. walking along bridge or pier
  10. bride walking alone with bouquet
  11. groom walking alone hands in pockets
  12. groom holding bride's face ready for a kiss
  13. standing with veil blowing behind or over heads
  14. looking into camera together while hugging closely
  15. looking into each other's eyes

 ~The Details (photojournalistic)

  1. rings stacked on dresser
  2. rings placed in bride's bouquet
  3. make-up on dresser/table
  4. bride's hair (maybe in spa, as well as room suite)
  5. BMs' hair
  6. ceremony set up
  7. ocean background
  8. wedding programs and fans on chairs
  9. ceremony seating cards
  10. BM fans
  11. ring bearer's badge
  12. rings on ring pillow
  13. vow sheets
  14. iPod set to wedding DJ app
  15. reception table layout
  16. reception escort cards (umbrellas)
  17. speeches
  18. first dance
  19. mother/daughter dance
  20. son/mother dance
  21. bride/daughter dance
  22. groom/daughter dance
  23. bride and groom leaning close and talking
  24. bride and groom kissing during dinner/dancing
  25. bride and groom laughing/crying
  26. guests' emotions




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These are for our at-home reception on April 16. We measured, scored, cut and folded the pockets ourselves, designed the invitation and inserts, handmade the belly bands and monograms.  These were harder/took longer than the Passport invitiations!

DIY Invitations Round 2 photo 1

This is not the actual "R" we used, it was a trial.

DIY Invitations Round 2 photo 2

This just says we are getting married March 24th, and please join us to celebrate on April 16th. PM me if you want the full text. :)

DIY Invitations Round 2 photo 3

The inserts

                                                                                                                                                                       DIY Invitations Round 2 photo 4   

The inserts, individually

DIY Invitations Round 2 photo 5

The final few that need to be mailed, we've already sent out around 40.

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Here's pics of my DIY projects that I've completed (and have pics of!) Please let me know if you'd like to know how to create any of them. :)

DIY Hair Flower (instructions available here)

DIY Central photo 1DIY Central photo 2

DIY Beaded Mens' Necklaces

DIY Central photo 3

DIY Bridal Jewelry Suite (incl. earrings, bracelet, foot thong)

DIY Central photo 4

DIY Bridesmaid and Flower Girl fans

    DIY Central photo 5                                DIY Central photo 6                                            DIY Central photo 7

DIY Passport Invitations

DIY Central photo 8

DIY Central photo 9

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In under 20 minutes!  My hair trial is tomorrow (09/11), and while I don't have my veil yet (another DIY) I really wanted to have my hair flower so I'd at least have a bit of a feeling of what my hair will look like.  But, unfortunately, the mall didn't yield quite the selection of accessories that I'd hoped for.  Etsy pieces are beautiful, but a little out of my budget. So, a quick trip to Michael's, and for under $20.00, and less than 20 minutes, I have a hair piece that I'm excited to wear!

*note:  I have never, EVER attempted anything like this.  The final product is very simple, but very much what I was hoping for.

DIY Hair Flower photo 1

A little blurry, but there are fake-y stem type thingys in here. I cut them off, right down to the centre.

DIY Hair Flower photo 2

You'll need a clip of some sort (all depending on what kind of hold you want/flower you're using, etc).  I used a 60mm snap clip ($3.99 for 8 at Michael's).  I cut a length of slim ivory ribbon (already in the house) and used my glue gun to attach it to the end of the clip.  Then I tightly wrapped the ribbon down the length of the clip- only one side, though! You don't want to wrap it up so it can't open. ;)

DIY Hair Flower photo 3

Then I glued the end of the ribbon to the end of the clip.  Once the glue was set, I cut off any excess ribbon.  For fun, I added a large-ish crystal to the pinch end of the clip (sorry, blurry again).

DIY Hair Flower photo 4

Being pretty generous with the glue gun, run a bead of glue across the ribbon side of the clip.  Work quickly, while it's still warm and attach it as close to the centre of the flower as possible. Hold for 20-30 seconds, until the glue is set.

DIY Hair Flower photo 5

Ta da! To finish it off, I added 4 crystals to the centre of the flower (using the glue gun), adding a bit of bling and covering up the ugly hole left from the removal of the stem thingys.

DIY Hair Flower photo 6

My messy hair!


  1. Fake flowers can often just be pulled off their stems. Try that before attacking with a pair of scissors.
  2. Uploading these pics took longer than the whole project (even counting when I had to re-do the crystals).  Don't let DIY scare you because you think it's so time consuming.
  3. Expensive doesn't necessarily mean good. The flower was $6.99, the clip was only $0.49! Everything else I had at home.  An the crystals are plastic, but still look great.
  4. More does not equal better. Simple is often the best way o go for dramatic effect.  You don't want to look like a walking trend.
  5. Try new things! You might be very good at them. :)
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Soooooo, we haven't ordered our bands yetI know, I know, we're getting a little behind, but we still have a few months. Actually, FI just ordered his! (09/14). Yippee!!! At least FI's made a decision on his!

John's band:

Tungsten band with yellow gold inlay~With These Rings photo 1


My band:

Half eternity channel 14k white gold band (total wt .50)


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I spent WAY more than I should have on these, but they're SO perfect!!

And these, too!

My DIY hair flower:

The designs that FMIL made me to choose from for my veil (veil coming soon):

My DIY bracelet and earrings (pic coming soon, FI has the camera!) Here they are, including my DIY foot thong/bottomless sandal:

And unfortunately I can't take a clear pic of my nose stud and tongue ring with mt P&S camera. :(



My DRESS!!!! Mori Lee 'Blu' collection #4523:

UPDATE: Dec 28/10~ I've got my dress!!!

She's a little big in the bust area, a little too long,  and I think the boning will need a some reinforcement, but she's so perfect!  I can only wish that I looked like the model in the stock photo, but I've gotta say, I really love it.

Please excuse my bland face and lame hair, I was running late this morning!

Not exactly a flattering pic, I'll admit.  I actually look pretty slim IRL- my daughter took this pic and told me to "stop sucking your belly in!" but I wasn't!

Here's one where you can see that it's too large in the bust/boob area; it should be WAY more fitted than it is.

This is a 9ft chapel length veil, which is what I thought I wanted (well, really a 6ft, but you get the idea). My MOH and I thought this might be a little overkill, especially if it's windy.

But, the fingertip veil is perfect. :) Just the right length!