Mar 01, 2011

All American Limousine
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
All American Limousine tried to charge my credit card without my authorization! They took down my card information (for the reservation) - But they never showed up at my home (I was almost late for my flight at 6AM!). Nonetheless, the guy who probably drank too much the night before & therefore didn't pick me up, and STILL charged my card. Look, when I go out to a restaurant with my friends, we make a reservation & need to provide a credit card to hold the table. I understand why this is done, but here is the kicker: A restaurant doesn't charge the card if circumstances don't allow us to make it there on time, and they are polite about it - Even when losing a potential $500-1000 bill. But a cab company whose potential loss is $60, still tries to charge your card! In the end, VISA sided with me and I got a full refund even after all american limo refused to pay VISA! I received a letter about 8 months later just letting me know that they had 'won' the case. Stay far, far away from this place.
Services used: Transportation