Nov 07, 2010

Chiali Meng Temple City
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I am very glad to have Chiali as my hair & make up artist at my wedding. Under her magic hands, she enhanced my good features and hide the weak ones. Everyone loves my 2 different styles (one for ceremony and one for the banquet) and I received a lot of compliments that day.

Several months before my wedding, I had 3 make up trials with different artists including Chiali. As soon as she put the foundation on me, I knew immediately that she is the one working at my wedding. I later showed my friends with all 3 trial pictures. Without telling who I have picked, they all selected the Chiali's.

Chiali is also very flexible with accomodating changes. I had to add more people for make up as well as to change location a day before the wedding. She managed to come on time with the manpower needed to get the job done.

Chiali made me a beautiful bride on my wedding day. I have no reservation to recommend Chiali to other brides-to-be.
Services used: Beauty & Health

( 2.2 / 5.0 )
I have to agree with the comment posted by "cloudileaf". I recently get married at the Pacific Palms. Though they did not do a bad job in coordinating the ceremony, I didn't not have the most pleasant experience either.

1. First, among all of the vendors I dealt with throughout the planning, I felt the most frustrated when dealing with the coordinator from the Pacific Palms. That's due to their poor responsiveness. I sent multiple e-mails to the coordinator there and she rarely reply until I cc'd to another manager, then I would receive a response.

2. Second, she is not very detailed oriented. My husband gave special instructions about the guest rooms check-in 2 days before the wedding, she promised to take care of it. But on the day of the wedding, none of the requested were satisfied. We had to spend time at the reception to fix the problems rather than taking our wedding pictures.

3. Third, told by my own coordinator at the wedding, the Pacific Palms coordinator was not attentive at all. She was MIA majority of the time during the banquet. My coordinator was also frustrated in looking for her when issues raised.

4. The dishes were served so slow that our guests left without even had the last 2 courses.

5. The hotel has a no take out policy for which they do not allow any food to be taken away from the hotel. As soon as I aware of the policy, I asked them to control the serving portion so that we wouldn't waste so much food. Turned out they serve an even bigger portion than most restaurants. I felt so bad about being an eco-unfriendly bride and created so much wasted food. We had so much left over from the banquet and we could not take them home.

Overall, the resort has what you need for a wedding. However, as far as the service, you cannot have high expectations.
Services used: Wedding Venue

Jenny Lok Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Embrace the moment! Through the lens of Jenny Lok, she really captured the most precious moments of me and my fianc. We did not need to twist our neck or hold our breath, we just be ourselves as usual. Her photography style is so refreshing. We really like the emotion, smile and expression that captured in our photos. During the whole photo shooting experience, Jenny communicated her ideas very clearly but yet not pushy. She is also very patience with giving out guidance while my fianc really didnt know what to do. We can also see how passionate Jenny and her associate (David) are in photography. They went extra mile to take good pictures for us. We really enjoy our photos and the experience working with Jenny Lok. My fianc and I have no reservation to recommend Jenny Lok Photography!
Services used: Photography