May 22, 2010

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We believe we have the most beautiful flower girls ever, one of them is our daughter.

                                                       Flower Girl photo 1

 Flower Girl photo 2Flower Girl photo 3Flower Girl photo 4


Sweet Beginnings style number L503 in light ivory also ordered from Pearl's Place (please see my review before ordering with them).

                      Flower Girl photo 5Flower Girl photo 6

Because our second flower girl was added in, it was too late to order the same dress, but I found a great deal from ebay seller baxter28 on this light ivory Sweet BeginningsL301 for free after my best offer, ebay rewards cert, and paypal discount code. 

                                                       Flower Girl photo 7

They both will be wearing these from Payless, love those BOGO sales.  I wanted to get them both something that wasn't too dressy, that way maybe they could wear them again. 

                                            Flower Girl photo 8


They will carry vintage Leonard silver ice buckets.  I know that seems like a strange choice and a little heavy but when I found it, I fell in love with the shape and the $3 price tag. 

                            Flower Girl photo 9Flower Girl photo 10

Ooops! After months of searching I thought I had found a matching bucket for my second flower girl on ebay and purchased immediately.  Lesson learned, always read the description!  But seriously who would have thought this bucket comes in different sizes.  To correct the problem one flower girl will carry petals in the small bucket and the other will carry the I Do cards. 

                                         Flower Girl photo 11

I want to DIY some amazing sashes for both girls, like the Vera Wang Audrey sash.

Flower Girl photo 12

                Flower Girl photo 13Flower Girl photo 14

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Our inspiration.                     

                Cake photo 1Cake photo 2

After going through our cake guy's book this is the one we picked.  Minus the dots, flowers and with the addition of a green ribbon. 

                                                   Cake photo 3 

Inspiration for our cake stand came from Kristeen

                                                     Cake photo 4 

Our cake server, a Pottery Barn but with an R monogram, a Christmas gift from my aunt.

                                            Cake photo 5


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My MOH/amazing daughter.

                                              MOH photo 1

MOH photo 2MOH photo 3MOH photo 4

Watters and Watters style 137 in mojito found on ebay from seller auctionbrokerage new with tags for $20.                        

                      MOH photo 5     

Watters and Watters 124 in Mojito from ebay seller auctionbrokerage for $20, to cut up and make fabric flowers. 

                      MOH photo 6                                                                             

After seeing this photo in luna621's bio of her beautiful gown I am going to DIY something on the side similiar.  I bought this rhinestone applique from ebay seller gloryshouse7 that I will cut up, hand sew on some green beads and add a fabric flower in the middle.

    MOH photo 7MOH photo 8                            


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Bouquet Inspiration

These photos by Aaron Delesie on Style Me Pretty made me change everything.  The bouquet is perfect,  but the braidesmaid bouquet needs to be a little fuller, maybe add a few garden roses. 

                     Flowers photo 1Flowers photo 2

                                      Flowers photo 3Flowers photo 4 

Maybe some large branches with hanging votives.

                                                 Flowers photo 5

Centerpiece inspiration by Ashley Kohler Events, photo by April Smith

                                                 Flowers photo 6

Maybe half of the centerpieces to look like these.

                                                 Flowers photo 7

I collected a bunch of baskets from work that were going to be tossed out after all the corporate Christmas food gifts.  I am thinking about dry brushing them white and making something like this at the front of our ceremony with the programs.

                                                 Flowers photo 8 

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The venue was hard for us to find.  We wanted something local, that didn't break the bank, and it had to be handicap accessible for my dad.  Dorey Park was the only thing we could find to fit all three.  Our ceremony will be held outside on the lake gazebo and the reception will in the barn.  I urge brides looking for something budget friendly to check with their local parks and recs.  That is where we found our venue and it only cost $250 for 4 hours if you are county resident and it comes with all the tables and chairs.  The lake gazebo is only $25 for half a day. 

  Venue photo 1Venue photo 2  

                          Venue photo 3Venue photo 4 

     Venue photo 5Venue photo 6

     Venue photo 7Venue photo 8

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Marisa 737, extra length in ivory with buttons added down the back zipper.  Ordered from Pearl's Place, please see my review before ordering with them.  After buying 8 dresses and trading up each time to include a store credit total out of pocket costs $200. 

*Update she's here and she doesn't fit, I have no one to blame but myself.  The extreme stress I have been over has causes to to fine comfort in food. But all is not lost, since I need to pay to have Pearl's Place's zipper error corrected anyway I am having a corset back put in.  I also did not get the extra length that I  paid from from Pearl's Place.  I have filed a complaint with the BBB. 

   THE Dress photo 1THE Dress photo 2THE Dress photo 3THE Dress photo 4THE Dress photo 5THE Dress photo 6

I purchased a mermaid crinoline off ebay to give a fuller look.

                                             THE Dress photo 7 

I hope to have the same bustle as gatorbride

       THE Dress photo 8THE Dress photo 9THE Dress photo 10

Some of my favorite Marisa 737 brides