Apr 17, 2010

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Below is all the stuff I am selling now that my wedding is finally over.  Prices don't include shipping.  Email me if you are interested in anything... I accept Paypal :)

For Sale photo 1For Sale photo 2
Bathroom Baskets $10 for both

For Sale photo 3For Sale photo 4
Bag of 7lbs of green gems $10                         Brown small gems $2

For Sale photo 5
2 bags of ivory flower petals (approx. 1000) $5

For Sale photo 6  For Sale photo 7
B & G letters painted turqouise with glitter $5     LOVE letters ivory with turquoise dots and glitter $7

For Sale photo 8For Sale photo 9
6-White photo frames holds 4-3x3 pictures $10 for all

For Sale photo 10For Sale photo 11
6-Silver frames holds 4x6 photo One on the bottom is slightly different $10

For Sale photo 12For Sale photo 13
Program basket $3                                     Turquoise tulle with glitter 4yards cut horizontially $15

             For Sale photo 14
                                   My fabric pomanders
For Sale photo 15For Sale photo 16
3 large- $10 each or $25 for all 3         8-medium/small $8each or $60 for all

For Sale photo 17For Sale photo 18

12-blue moroccan lanterns 4 1/2" x 3 3/4" x 10 1/4"high includes battery operated tealight candles $7 each

For Sale photo 19For Sale photo 20  
9-Glass cylinder bowls 5"wide x 2.5"tall painted ivory with glitter I used as pedestals on my tables so the lanterns could sit higher.  $4 each or $30 for all 9

For Sale photo 21

35-votive holders with green ribbon on them. They unfortunately have melted candles and coffee in them but I am in the process of trying to get the stuff out of them.  $45 for all 35

For Sale photo 22

Card Box has an L on it but it's just hot glued on so can be easily removed $25


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So since last year I have been out of a job...I was a first year teacher in California and as anyone else in Cali knows....our education is rotting out! I was laid off and the likelyhood of me getting my job back soon is well slim to none.  So to save a lot of money I decided to DIY as many projects as I could.  I love projects like this anyway so it was fun!

My Table numbers and Ring bearer pillow

My DIY projects photo 1My DIY projects photo 2

My fabric pomanders
My DIY projects photo 3My DIY projects photo 4

My votives for centerpieces
My DIY projects photo 5My DIY projects photo 6

My centerpieces
My DIY projects photo 7

The kisses - favor boxes filled with kisses with matchbooks on top My DIY projects photo 8My DIY projects photo 9

Close up of favor boxes the sticker on the front says "Thanks for sharing our special day. Enjoy these kisses from the new Mr. and Mrs."
My DIY projects photo 10

My Box for RSVP cards and my Cardbox for the wedding

My DIY projects photo 11My DIY projects photo 12

My programs...not finished I have to put the printed paper on them...but I haven't finished them yet
My DIY projects photo 13

My reserved seat cards
My DIY projects photo 14My DIY projects photo 15

My thank you parasol                           and                            the groomsmen's gifts
My DIY projects photo 16My DIY projects photo 17

The vases I made for all my girls for the head table to put their flowers in!
My DIY projects photo 18


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Daniel and I met online almost 4 years ago.  We actually started chatting on his 22nd birthday! A few weeks later we met in person and since then its been love nonstop.  He said "I love you" first, which totally freaked me out...but I knew I loved him when 3 months after we started dating he got in a horrible motorcycle accident and I couldn't picture my life without him!

Us photo 1

Daniel proposed to me at midnight on New Year's 2009, after almost three years of dating! It was a total surprise...but in reality I knew it was coming sooner or later.  We had been living together for the past year and a half, like a married couple.
Us photo 2

And now a year and 4 months into our engagement we are getting married.  YaY!! Our wedding is actually almost 4 years exactly from the day we started dating!! Wedding April 17, 2010-first date April 20, 2006

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My engagement pictures! Love them!!

Stuff photo 1Stuff photo 2Stuff photo 3Stuff photo 4Stuff photo 5Stuff photo 6Stuff photo 7Stuff photo 8Stuff photo 9Stuff photo 10Stuff photo 11Stuff photo 12

That last one if a pic of one of our Hockey Team's mascots! Go Bakersfield Condors!!


So Im not sure how to make an inspiration board.  I know theres a lot of tutorials out there but I thought I'd just put up some pics of stuff I like and plan to use similar items for my wedding.

The biggest one-My Dress
Stuff photo 13Stuff photo 14

My Shoes- I totally love them!!
Stuff photo 15

My reception shoes :) Love these too!!

Stuff photo 16
My Bridesmaid Dresses - I am adding a Mermaid(turquoise) colored sash around the band and my girls are getting turquoise shoes to go with.  My MOH is really funky so she's even putting a couple streaks of turquoise in her hair!
Stuff photo 17

Cake-only with turquoise and brown ribbon and Green Cy. Orchids
Stuff photo 18

How I want my hair for the Big Day
Stuff photo 19

I want to walk down the aisle to "On the Lake" from The Notebook

Or the main song-