Feb 13, 2010

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My FI and I had been together for about 10 months when he decided to propose. He tells me he decided when he was gone for 2 weeks for an Army School to propose to me.

My FI was getting deployed in August 2008 and I had asked him to do professional pictures with me before he got deployed for a year so I would actually have pictures of us together up in our house to look at while he was gone. He agreed and asked me to pick out the outfits for the pictures. He wanted them to be formal pictures. So I picked 2 outfits out. One was a little more causal and one was pretty formal and looked awesome. So he came home from the school and set up the appointment for the pictures. So the day for the pictures came around and my FI was actiing kinda strange, he was extremely quiet on the way to the pictures, I just thought that he was thinking about the deployment and didnt think much about it. We got to JcPenney where we were taking pictures and started taking pictures in the causal outfit. Then it was time to change into the other outfit. I had to change my jewelery, my dress, my shoes and fix my hair, and I still beat my FI who just had to change his shirt. Strange I thought but didnt think much more about it. Then we started taking pictures again and my FI started shaking, and then the photographer said to do a PROM POSE where I am facing the front and my FI is behind me with his arms around me. She got on a ladder and said, "thats not the look I am looking for" my FI let go of me and the photographer said "go ahead and try the pose of facing each other" I turned around to see my FI on his knee. The only thing he was able to get out was I love you, will you marry me? I think I said yes, not sure though. I kissed him, and he stood up and we kissed again. Mean while the photographer was taking pictures. Best pre deployment pictures EVER.

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So I have spent many, many hours on here getting great ideas and suggestions from all of you and now I'm FINALLY getting around to creating my own bio. I'll be adding a little bit at a time but I'll get it done eventually. You girls are amazing with all of your wedding planning and have helped me get motivated again. THANK YOU. I have a month and 14 days left until I become part of the MRS. club and I am so ready and excited. I am hoping to get inspired to DIY some thing for my own wedding but am running out of time. AHHHH!!!

I've changed a few of my pages to private just in case my FI finds this page. Just send me a request and I'll add you so you can see everything!