Oct 22, 2011

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                                                          Photographer... booked!

                                           Photography photo 1


      After looking at photogs with exorbitant prices, and others who were booked and wanted me to move my date (not going to happen)... I finally found "the one".  Unfortunately, she isn't from my area, but she has awesome prices, tons of personality, and is willing to travel. I found Jana through a friend's wedding.  My friends and I kept commenting about the photographer. She was everywhere, yet never in the way.  After seeing her awesome pictures and a rave review from my friend, I filled out her online contact form.  Literally three minutes (!) later, SHE called ME and we set up a meeting.  The rest is history. 

                                                             Examples of her work:

   Photography photo 2Photography photo 3  Photography photo 4

    Photography photo 5Photography photo 6

    Photography photo 7Photography photo 8

     Our photographer is AWESOME. Simply amazing. Our engagement session was So. Much. Fun. Jana is very professional, tons of fun, super personable, and has an AMAZING eye. If you are getting married in Central/South Central PA and want an amazing photographer for an even better price, PM me and I will pass along her info. I cannot sing her praises enough, and we haven't even gotten to the wedding yet!

      A friend of ours, Mandy, known in the PW world as as4968 took some awesome e-pics of FI and I. We has SUCH a GOOD time shooting with her. It was bitterly cold, but I think the teasers turned out to be WONDERFUL! She has such a great eye for an aspiring photographer and is loads of fun to work with! Check out her work, it is really great! I feel so fortunate to have worked with two AWESOME photographers for our e-pics. I cannot say enough great things about Mandy!

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                                         Reception Decorations photo 1

                  Reception Decorations photo 2  Reception Decorations photo 3

                                     Reception Decorations photo 4Reception Decorations photo 5

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         My absolute favorite flower is anemones, so I was thinking of having them make up the majority of my bouquet.

                                                             Something like this...                                                   or like this...

                       Flowers photo 1  Flowers photo 2

      I also really like full, poofy flowers like peonies, but I don't want to bust my budget on flowers. Since peonies are out of season in October, I'm open to looking at other full, Fall flowers.  Some inspiration:

           Flowers photo 3   Flowers photo 4


      For my BMs, I want to incorporate some color, like pink anemones.  I also like baby's breath and something full to help add some dimension and shape to the bouquets.

               Flowers photo 5   Flowers photo 6

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Reception photo 1



      This is one of the sites we are considering for our reception. We are in LOVE with this place; it's simply amazing. The architecture is simply beautiful. The ceiling is old pressed tin tile and there is thick crown molding, as well. We like the exposed vents and the window is just stunning. Both FI and I were shocked when we walked in.  We would not need to rent much and the event coordinator is very helpful and we're very glad to work with her. I can't wait to sign the contract (soon!!!) to make it ours, offically!

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One of my favorite aspects of the wedding is our transportation... a 1954 Bentley. This car is beyond gorgeous! I think it perfectly matches our theme and the overall feel for our big day! I can't wait to see what pictures we get with it, as well!!!

                                                             Transportation photo 1

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     I am not a big sweet person, but I'm very excited to begin the cake tastings, and Travis is, too!  I think that a cream cheese icing with a devil's food cake would be very yummy! But I'm open to trying some other options.


                                                                           I love the look of this cake. Simple, yet beautiful!

                                                                           The Cake photo 1


                                                                              I also love this cake! But without the flowers.

                                                                       The Cake photo 2


                                                                                                 I loooooooove this one, too!

                                                                The Cake photo 3



     Waaaaaaay back when we first started planning for our wedding, I ordered a cake topper that I had found on ebay. I think it's cute and playful, and it is just for Trav and his love of football.  However, as I began looking at cake styles that we (I) like, I beginning to see that the cakes and the topper do. not. match. at all.  So, after talking with Trav's aunt, we think we can make our own grooms' cake and use the cake topper on that. So, now all is well. I can have my pretty cake, and Travis can have his football cake, and everything will look great!

                                                                       The Cake photo 4