Mar 13, 2010

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Dress Up Time:

I knew early on that I wanted strapless and a sweetheart neckline.  I didn't know what materil I wanted, but my favorite designers were Ramona Keveza . Unfortunately she wasn't in my budget.  So I went on the journey that every bride to be faces - Until at last I found the one.  I wasn't one of those girls that took pics during my try-ons so I apologize .  Here she is:

Dresses Bridal Party photo 1I am an ALLURE Bride!  I ordered the sweetheart neckline from another dress to be used as the shape of my top - (Unfortunately it was ordered wrong and too short which resulted in the seamstress doing most of the work.  I wasn't really happy with how it turned out in comparison to my vision, but I still felt like a beautiful bride, so I won't focus on that!

My Bridesmaids:

Dresses Bridal Party photo 2Paula Varsalona I adore you!  This dress is soo beautiful on and I couldn't be happier.  So happy that I bought one for myself.  They are wearing black - it's Chiffon and I just adore it and how they all look!

 I want each girl to choose their own accessories and shoes to make the dress their own.  I Love my BM's -they are the best friends and family a girl can have:

My MOH's are my childhood BF Elena and My cousin turned BF Amy! 

Dresses Bridal Party photo 3Dresses Bridal Party photo 4


 This is Elena,  and Me                                                         Amy (she is getting married on5/31/10!!)


My Lovely Bridesmaids: Allison, Sandy, (me)-Dresses Bridal Party photo 5

Sean's sister is my other BM and her two gorgeous daughters are my flower girls!

Dresses Bridal Party photo 6

The flower girls will be wearing this!  Soo pretty - I am in LOVE

Dresses Bridal Party photo 7

The BOYS:  Sean has chosen his Dad as BM and GM will be his Brother in Law Arthur and my cousin Danny!  I am beyone excited to have him in the wedding!

Dresses Bridal Party photo 8


Our ring boys - and my two little cousins! Luke and Keith!


Dresses Bridal Party photo 9

The boys will all be wearing this kind of look which I don't think can be beat! Classic James Bond Baby!

Dresses Bridal Party photo 10

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Photography 101 - Fall in LOVE


The most important detail for me was the photographer.  I found exactly what I was looking for in Dibezi Photography.  Diana and Jeff (who are partners for 13+ years) are the most amazing, cool, talented, fun couple and I just knew they were perfect. Check out their blog – you won’t be disappointed! or




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Sean and I both love St. Patricks Day and always had thought about a March Wedding.  My lucky # is 13 and so our Wedding Day was decided  March 13th, 2010!

We will be getting married at The Addison Park in Aberdeen, NJ.

Here are pics from The Addison Park Page on Facebook:

VENUE photo 1VENUE photo 2VENUE photo 3VENUE photo 4VENUE photo 5VENUE photo 6


Here is a picture taken by our photographer:

VENUE photo 7

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E PIC S All By DiBezi Photography photo 1E PIC S All By DiBezi Photography photo 2E PIC S All By DiBezi Photography photo 3E PIC S All By DiBezi Photography photo 4E PIC S All By DiBezi Photography photo 5E PIC S All By DiBezi Photography photo 6

 Wedding Pictures!!

medium versionmedium version

medium versionmedium version

medium versionmedium version






medium version

medium version

originalmedium version

medium version

medium versionmedium versionmedium versionoriginaloriginalmedium versionoriginaloriginalmedium version