Aug 14, 2010

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Im setting some of my pages as private incase some wandering eyes find it. Friend request if you would like <3

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We are getting married at Pala Casino. I could'nt be more excited! We are having an outside ceremony in the middle of August... I hope we survive :0)

Ceremony reception site photo 1Ceremony reception site photo 2



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My ring photo 1I always thought I wanted princess cut diamonds then I tried this on and fell in love :0)

My ring photo 2My ring photo 3

Kind of blury but I thought it looked kinda of cool.


For the band I like this. I tried it on and thought it looked really nice.

My ring photo 4

Or this. I have yet to try this on.... I think it is nice. But FI might think it is a little too much. Silly boy :0)

My ring photo 5

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I met Paul through my friend from work who was dating his younger brother. I started talking to Paul on myspace before I met him. He was living in Japan at the time. He is in the Navy and was stationed there for 2 and half years. I met him the day he came home from Japan. We didn't really talk. I was kind of talking to another boy at the time to. This was all taking place in Feb. So after meeting him for the first time we didn't hang out again until feb 21 (2007). We went for coffee and then ended up going to play pool. It was a wonderful night. The next day was his birthday and we all went out with friends. Ever since then we have be inseparable... except of course when the military takes him away. EHHH.

True Life Paul and Ashley photo 1True Life Paul and Ashley photo 2