Oct 23, 2010

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Please PM me if you're interested. :)


Brand new with tags Monique Lhuillier Snow White size 12, asking $1350

For sale photo 1  For sale photo 2


Brand new with tags, ivory faux fur wrap from David's Bridal, retails for $75 asking $40

For sale photo 3


TTD!  Anjolique ivory organza gown, size 12 asking $70

For sale photo 4

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Matt and I vascillated back and forth between having a small cake with a Costco sheet cake, or going for it and having a local bakery do the sheet cake for us.  Obviously the Costco route is the least expensive, but do we really want Costco cake at our wedding?

Actually, we taste tested the strawberry cheesecake filling with the cheesecake buttercream frosting from Costco and it was scrumptuous (FI and my brother had fun with the design):

Cake photo 1

But after taste testing with Catherine Bragg at Flour Chylde Bakery in Novato, we decided to go the latter route.

Matt's parents found the bakery at a local wedding expo and were drawn to their beautiful hydrangea cake arrangement since they knew we wanted hydrangeas as our primary flower.  The taste test sealed the deal!

Here is their amazing hydrangea cake:


Cake photo 2


Matt wasn't too keen on the exposed cake areas, so we are covering those areas up with buttercream frosting.  Here are the flavors we selected:

10" tier - Vanilla Bean wheat/gluten-free torte with strawberries and bananas

A light cake laced with almond meal and highlighted with seasonal fruit.

8" tier - Rustic Lemon wheat/gluten-free Torte

The entire lemon is used along with whole almonds for a cake that's a cross between a lemon bar and cornbread, dense, moist and chewy.

6" tier - Vanilla Bean wheat/gluten-free Torte with strawberries and bananas

Each tier covered in rustic looking vanilla buttercream coating.  Flowers to be dispersed through
out tiers - Purplish hydrangeas + creamy roses.

The cake isn't large enough to treat 100 guests, so we're also having Flour Chylde cook a few sheet cakes for us:

1/2 sheet in Vanilla Bean wheat/gluten-free Torte with strawberries and bananas and covered in vanilla buttercream.
1/4 sheet in Rapture wheat/gluten-free Torte also covered in vanilla buttercream (for the chocolate lovers!)

The great texture of the Vanilla Bean Torte and combined it with a Pure Chocolate Torte.
CAKE DISPLAY - Greyish round marble cake plate

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My wonderful sister, 2 1/2 years younger, will be my Maid-of-Honor.  The weekend of March 13-15, 2010 we had a wedding prep extravaganza weekend where we went dress shopping, cake shopping, and caterer shopping.  We tried on about 50 dresses and started out thinking she'd end up with a full-length gown, but ended up loving this tea-length dress below (after trying on a $1600 dress she loved at Saks in downtown SF).  I think it's super cute and has high post-wedding wearability factor! :)

Bridesmaid dress by B2, style B2094 (sorry for the poor quality photos, my mom's camera phone sucks and I was making faces):

Bridesmaid dresses photo 1


Bridesmaid dresses photo 2

On the model:

Bridesmaid dresses photo 3

My cousin is also a bridesmaid and has a modelesque figure and will fit into anything and look good, so she didn't have much say in the bridesmaid gown selection (hehe). 

Next up, shoes!

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On February 6, 2010, Matt and I headed to Pike Place Market downtown to meet up with Weston Henderson of 50Grit studios for our engagement photos.

The whole experience was a little odd for me, to be followed by someone (sometimes secretly) with a camera, but the results were great and we were very happy with the photographs!

Engagement photos photo 1

Engagement photos photo 2

Engagement photos photo 3

Engagement photos photo 4

Engagement photos photo 5

Engagement photos photo 6

Engagement photos photo 7

Engagement photos photo 8

Engagement photos photo 9

Engagement photos photo 10

Engagement photos photo 11

And my personal favorite:

Engagement photos photo 12

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I'm soooo not a high heel wearer!  But the one thing I want to be on my wedding dress is tall!  I'm 5'2" but I'll tell you a secret..  I'm actually 5'1".  I think 5'2" rolls off the tongue a bit better, it makes me feel good about myself, and no one can tell, so who cares if I'm fibbing a little?

But anyhoo, I wanted height, but I also wanted to preserve my ankle bones and not fall and crunch my ankles on the big day.  Therein lies the dilemma, but God invented platform shoes just to help those of us out who are not accustomed to the higher elevations on a regular basis.  With that in mind, here are the two pairs of shoes I've ordered for the big day.  I'll have to spend some quality time in them before deciding if they're keepers.

For the ceremony:

The shoes photo 1

I'm a little concerned about the heel height, but the color and rhinestones were exactly what I was looking for!

For dancing:

The shoes photo 2

Not 100% sure about these.  There are flip flops from Victoria's Secret that will give you more height, so we'll have to see how these pan out.

Stay tuned, intrepid readers!

Update 3/2/2010:

Both shoes are super cute and fit great.  The flipflops are taller than expected (yay!) and although the platforms are darker than on the website, they are still beautiful and surprisingly comfortable.

The shoes photo 3

The shoes photo 4

The shoes photo 5