Jul 24, 2010

Beauty and the Beach
( 4.8 / 5.0 )
I booked a trial with Heather at their shop in San Clemente. Heather and I clicked instantly......she is so friendly and easy to get along with. She was able to duplicate the hair style from the picture I brought in. I think it looked even better than the picture! I have thin hair, so I had her add some extensions. It looked perfect! She even helped me choose hair accessories and earrings for my wedding day! Now that is customer service. She always responded quickly through email and sent me reminder emails and updates. She is VERY professional. On the wedding day, Heather and her team were very punctual. They set up their stations and got to work on my 6 bridesmaids and me. Everyone looked so beautiful. I would not hesitate to book with Beauty and the Beach. Thank you Heather for helping me reach my bridal beauty potential ;)
Services used: Beauty & Health

City of Commerce Flowers
( 4.6 / 5.0 )
I found City of Commerce flowers on Project Wedding. There seemed to be a lot of good reviews and gorgeous pics. From the beginning Duke was friendly, but I just felt like he wasn't getting my ideas. During the second appointment I asked him to present a mock-up. I brought my fiance with me and we were both surprised to see that the mock-up was nothing like what we wanted. We spent 2 hours trying to "fix" the arrangement, but we had no idea what we were doing. Needless to say, I went home upset and worried that our wedding flowers would not be right. That night I looked at more reviews about City of Commerce flowers and saw that a few brides were having the same problems with Duke. Everyone raved about his partner, Eddie. The next day I asked to have an appointment with Eddie. Wow, what a difference. Eddie listened, totally got my ideas, and presented the mock-up arrangement of my dreams!!!! I was a happy bride again. We spent 2 hours going over every last detail. Now this is customer service!
The flowers at our wedding were vibrant, gorgeous and exactly what we wanted. Eddie loaned me a few urns and vases for no charge. My bouquet was amazing! My bridesmaids gushed at their beautiful bouquets too. The best part was the way the gazebo was decorated. The flowers were truly amazing. Thank you Eddie for making my dreams come true!
Services used: Flowers

Ferndales Bridal
( 0.2 / 5.0 )
Do not go to Ferndales to Mary Me Bridal or Mariposa. This place is a dump, the sales associates are unfriendly, and alterations are a total rip off. Let me tell you my experiences.

1. When altering my dress, they got the dress dirty.....they must have pricked their finger when altering, because there was a blood stain and dirt around the top. To top it off, they acted like I was crazy when I wanted them to clean it up. Here I was with my $1600 dress and it had a blood stain and dirt on it.
2. They charged me $450 in alterations for a hem, bustle, rounding out the top, and taking it in. I wanted it to be perfect and they made me feel bad when I told them the top still wasn't right. This is not good customer service. Also their floor is dirty, so everytime you try on the dress, you feel like your dress is getting dirty and they drag it all over the floor when you are trying it on.
3. They told me the dress would be ready and it wasn't so I had to drive back there twice with no dress.
4. I don't know why I was crazy enough to let them clean it after the wedding. The owner said her cleaners could get out red wine and dirt with no problems. When I picked up the dress it was as dirty as when I brought it in and still had the wine stain. She still wanted to charge me $150 and said there was no way to get the stains out. She asked me if I rolled around in dirt on my wedding day. The nerve!! She wouldn't budge on the $150 when I told her it wasn't fair and to meet me half way, so I left the dress there. The next day I spoke with the owners daughter, she had the dress cleaned again and charged me half, but the dress still wasn't clean. I was so upset. Finally, I took the dress somewhere else to get cleaned. Guess what???? They got all the the stains out. The owner at Ferndale's lied to me!!!!!! She said the stains were impossible to get out. Ridiculous! So now I'm out $75 for the poor cleaning at Ferndales and another $100 for the new cleaners.

Please take my advice and do not go to Ferndales. They will not make you feel like a special bride, they treat your dress like trash, and you will not get good customer service. I can't believe they are still in business with the way they treat their customers.
Services used: Dress & Attire

Jeseca Creations
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I am so glad I found Jeseca on this website! I went to 4 other cake tastings and was disappointed with the quality and the prices. Finally I made an appointment with Jeseca. She came to my house and brought 5 cake flavors. They were all delicious, so it was hard to choose. Finally I decided to have her make a red velvet Lakers cake for the grooms cake and strawberry shortcake and carrot cake for the wedding cake. The cake at our wedding was spectacular! It was exactly what we wanted. And the grooms cake was perfect and amazing! Not to mention, her prices are very reasonable. Thank you Jeseca for making the cake of our dreams!
Services used: Wedding Cake

The Tijuana Dogs
( 3.6 / 5.0 )
First of all, I love the Tijuana Dogs. I love them so much that I had to have them play at my wedding.

They are amazing and can play almost any cover song.
One of the band members is a professional cellist, so he can play for the ceremony.
Everyone raved about the music.
You provide the electricity and a stage, they provide everything else.

They are expensive.
At times, they are difficult to get in touch with.
I was very upset when I got charged extra for the cellist to play during the ceremony. There was nothing in the contract that mentioned an extra fee.
They like to take a lot of breaks.
I had to do a lot of prep work including typing up the songs I wanted and did not want and providing an I-pod with songs to be played during the breaks.

Overall, I would hire them again. I had the best time at my wedding because the Tijuana Dogs have a great presence and know how to work a crowd.
Services used: Band