Apr 17, 2010

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THE BIG DAY photo 1THE BIG DAY photo 2

THE BIG DAY photo 3THE BIG DAY photo 4


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Here are some of my inspirations for our wedding...


I love the submerged look for centerpieces, but most likely I will do the first look...




My bouquet looks something along these lines...




I Love these shoes...



This is my dress... I will post pics of me in it when I get them



Here is how I want to wear my hair... (or similar)



I plan on using pomanders for the ceremony decor and lanterns that will hang from the gazebo for an added romantic effect.

My color scheme is palm beach coral and Hawaiian theme.


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Our wedding is set for April 17th 2010! I am sooo excited I can't stand it. Here are pics of my venue in Austin, TX...

WEDDING photo 1WEDDING photo 2

It's going to be an outside ceremony/indoor reception.

I am primarily doing ALOT of DIY for this wedding including all of the flowers, centerpieces and decor for the gazebo. I have gotten so much help from this website and I thank everyone for their great ideas and info! Please add me so we can be friends! I love talking to other brides!!!


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Living in Maui was quite an adventure... it was the smallest place I had ever lived, and the first time I didnt need a car to get around town. Bicycling was perfectly acceptable, as was taking the bus to work (which, really was not that far)..

Osh took up surfing lessons and hanging on the beach, while we both worked a restaurant job and tried to make ends meet. It was more beautiful than any place I had ever seen (with the exception of Kauai, the sister island) and we were very happy there.

We planned and set a date for our wedding for July 10, 2009. We booked a beautiful botanical gardens for our venue and set the plans in motion.





Did that really just happen???? Yes... it did =) Oh and try this on for size... Our baby's due date was July 10, 2009!!!! LOL- if that isn't some kind of sign!

Which now leads us to Austin, Tx where we gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Ava Leilani







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Osh and I LOVE the beach and we can't be away from it too long... It is where we met, and so we decided after living in Louisiana for awhile- "Hey, why not move to Hawaii?" Makes sense, right???

We saved our money for a year, both working 2-3 waiting/bartending jobs to save the $$$ to get our asses over to the beautiful island of Maui. There is something about this man that makes me do wild and crazy things, like want to move across an ocean and jump out of planes- wait, that is a different story!...getting back on track here...

Ahhh yes... the beaches of Maui.. After finally saving enough money, we took a farewell trip to his beloved FWB, where we had first met 2 years before. We had a goodbye party with friends and family and went back to "our spot" on the beach that evening to be alone and soak in the realization that we would not be seeing Fort Walton Beach for awhile...

It was there in that moment, that he reassured me that it was ok to take big chances like this because we love each other... That no matter what, it was us against the world- and he would be with me every step of the way...

***Insert groom to be on one knee***

Well... you can guess what happened after that!

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OH BOY- this is quite a story... I hope you have a glass of wine and are comfortable....

So, yes... I was previously engaged before I actually met the man of my dreams to a boyfriend of 5 years. I had done all the planning, stressing, and legwork of this wedding already when one day my FI, now (ex) decided he didn't want to go through with it after all... huh...

***Insert now, a broken-hearted, confused and on the verge of a meltdown girl in your thoughts..***

While trying to get over being dumped and financially scarred (this must have been about 4 months later)...

I decided on a whim to take a trip to Florida after work one night... I packed a swimsuit, toothbrush and my guitar and made the 4 hour trip to Fort Walton Beach with 2 of my girlfriends. NOTE: I was NOT looking for a guy- on the contrary, I was getting over one and had absolutely no interest in picking up any guys...

By chance, my girlfriends and I met up with some mutual friends at their condo where they let us crash (after we slept on the beach the first night anyway =) I was awoken off the couch by a knock on the front door (to which I answered in a T-shirt, swimsuit bottom and messy hair ;P

I can't say that I didn't notice him at first. In fact, BOTH of my girlfriends were also eyeing him up and down (one in particular). He was really good looking with a gorgeous tan and amazing blue eyes. (Remember I am not looking for any guys...nope... not looking)

We all decided it would be a great idea to make some margaritas and go to the beach. I brought my guitar and played to the sounds of the ocean and the people who cared to sit and listen. I had written a little song called "Sittin' on the Beach" that day- I was inspired for some odd reason to write it- and needless to say, even though it was a silly song, THAT is what Osh tells me, was the moment he fell for me...

                              HOW WE MET photo 1

HOW WE MET photo 2HOW WE MET photo 3HOW WE MET photo 4HOW WE MET photo 5

He bought me a drink at a nearby outside beach bar, we talked for EVER and I played the guitar for him. We talked as if we had known each other for 10 years- he was so easy to talk to.

When I was getting in my car to go back home, I gave him a long glance and a wave (Remember STILL not looking for any guys here... just in case you weren't paying attention...) As I was pulling away, I saw him start to run after my car (yes- like in the movies!) When he got up to my car window, he politely asked for my phone number and immediately, we were inseparable... (Well, by phone anyway)

We went to Hawaii on my would have been honeymoon- (tacky? Maybe, but who the hell cares!) He moved to Louisiana to be with me,and now four years later- we are officially about to be hubby and wife!

Here are a few pics from our trip to Kauai

HOW WE MET photo 6HOW WE MET photo 7HOW WE MET photo 8HOW WE MET photo 9


Oh yeah, did I mention that we moved to Maui 2 years after this? That is another story...