Dec 31, 2009

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Congrats on a job VERY WELL DONE!! Megan and I loved our wedding video. We finally got a chance to watch it on Saturday night, and we enjoyed every second of it! The photo montage was really nice, and Megan absolutely loves that Rascal Flats song. The ceremony footage was great, especially considering Father Tillman stood in front of us the whole time. The montage of cocktail hour was really cool, and it was a great transition from the ceremony to the reception. And I don't think you missed a thing in the reception. All the fun and excitement was captured, you definitely got some great footage, and we're both really glad you put a lot of dancing on there, because we never got a chance to see all those people dancing and now we have "dirt" on everyone, haha! And finally, the "All in a Day" recap segment at the end was absolutely perfect. That Colbie Callait song is one of Megan's all-time favorites, and you did such an amazing job capturing the true emotion of the day in that piece. The "prep" video was outstanding, and I'm really glad I got see what Megan experienced all morning and how happy she was! Recapping everything all over again was exactly what we wanted. Thank you so much once again, we can't wait to show all our family and friends the video this fall and winter!! Vince & Megan June 20, 2009
Services used: Videography