Jul 03, 2010

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We are having our Reception at the Harbor Club, which is located on the north shore of Long Island, NY....I don't have too many pictures but here are some...

The Venue photo 1The Venue photo 2

The Venue photo 3The Venue photo 4

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The bridesmaid dress is a Jordan dress but in Black

Dresses photo 1Dresses photo 2

The Flowergirls dress is also a Jordan but the skirt is ivory....

Dresses photo 3Dresses photo 4

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The GM, which happen to be 11 of them are all getting cologne.  All 11 BM's are getting custom cluthches with a saying inside...


Gifts photo 1Gifts photo 2


Joe and I got each other watches; I got him an Omega watch and he got me a Tag..very excited. 

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I wanted to wear long earrings and a big bracelet and this is what I found....

The earrings from Lulusplendor (Etsy) She is making them with a white pearl though...

DOJ Bling Bling photo 1DOJ Bling Bling photo 2


Bracelet from Ebay

DOJ Bling Bling photo 3

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I searched the internet for months and it took me one day to find it.  Every style I thought I would like, made me look not exactly the way I wanted.  I tried this Maggie (Rosabel) on and loved it...that was it.  My MIL bought be a cathedral veil to go with it! 

 My Dress photo 1My Dress photo 2My Dress photo 3

So these are from my first fitting....

My Dress photo 4My Dress photo 5My Dress photo 6

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Joe asked me to marry him a typical "Joe" way...with a fake ring in front of all my friends.  Of course they all knew and were in on it.  I was a very good actress about the "fake" ring when inside I was thinking "what the hell was he thinking?"  He gave me the real one very shortly after that and I love it!!  It is 2.6 carats of joy! Engagement photo 1Engagement photo 2

Engagement photo 3So I had my e-ring band re-set to be a little larger and thicker and then had my wedding band made to fit perfectly.  Love it!!