Jun 25, 2011

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we visited my parents house last week and explored their old barn. there was a nook in the ceiling so we climbed up into it. i was of course 
hoping there was some amazing old cool stuff up there but what i saw was something i could never have expected. 50+ of these:
mother load of jugs photo 1
brown and clear gallon glass jugs. they say something like "antimicrobial for food processing" and the barn used to be a slaughterhouse, so that makes sense. so hello to a few new rustic wedding decorations. also, here is a big bundle of wedding decorations, as a teaser to the wonder that is to come. only three more weeks!
 mother load of jugs photo 2
 mother load of jugs photo 3
 mother load of jugs photo 4
mother load of jugs photo 5
 mother load of jugs photo 6
the cake stand was made by my dad. it weighs a ton. but it's beautiful. :)
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i told my MOH that i wanted a magical tea party in the forest shower. going with my time theme, she created this! here are some pictures from the gorgeous set up!

Bridal Shower Tea Time photo 1Bridal Shower Tea Time photo 2Bridal Shower Tea Time photo 3Bridal Shower Tea Time photo 4Bridal Shower Tea Time photo 5Bridal Shower Tea Time photo 6

the teapot cake was made by my BM Jessica who is also making my wedding cake. they did such a wonderful job!

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it is the one from above, but in champagne. needs a little taking in, but i love the overall effect it has on my body! even if it doesnt really fit yet! lol. hate the coverup, very 1970s in person, hate the belt, to bling in person. nothing a little altering can't fix, super happy!

  got my dress photo 1got my dress photo 2

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i found my shoes! at belk, for $50. normally, i can't bring myself to spend over 6 dollars on shoes. but hey, it's for my wedding. they have champagne satin ribbons on the ride, with flowers made from....burlap? don't know, love the texture. and the center of the flower is suede strings. so perfect for my dress, venue, style and theme. nelson got a belt that matches too, by accident. it is made from the same "grass" as the bottom of my shoes with leather attachments that match his shoes. it was a good day of shopping, so happy that everything came together so nice.

cute and perect shoes photo 1

side note, the girls at david's bridal are total bitches. i went there to buy a...corset? the bra thing that you wear under your dress. SO unhelpful. since i was only spending $60 instead of $600, they just gave me a handful to try on, didn't help me put them on, and when i asked their opinion she was too "busy" (even though i was the only customer) to give a real opinion. because i bought the one she "suggested, and when i tried it on with my dress, it was huuuuuge. so i had to exchange, same girl, same treatment. she seemed to be upset that i was back, i heard her telling her manager, "well she tried it on before she bought it, she should have known!". even though it was her advice that i buy the one i did. so i ended up with one that is 2 cup sizes below normal, but is the closest fit i could get. they didnt seem to want to bother with ordering anything. i just hate how i'm treated so badly for not knowing anything about weddings, it's not like i've done this before! rant.

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Handmade Wedding DIY Belt photo 1so i finally got my wedding dress from online (that post is below, out of order:/). love the dress, hate the cover up and belt. the cover up looked nice online, but in champagne it looks extra 1970s and hideous. the belt is too blingy and destroys everything it touches because the prongs holding in the gems are too loose. 

Handmade Wedding DIY Belt photo 2

Handmade Wedding DIY Belt photo 3



so i made my own belt! using the materials from above, this belt ultimately cost only $30, way better than the $80 etsy belt i liked. and i love this one more. the colors of the ribbons and flowers are custom picked to fit my champagne dress, and the ribbons look deliciously vintage.



it is made from tulle, lace ribbon, satin flowers, and synthetic feathers. i found a belt making kit in my sewing tote (that thing has to be from the 1930s, i have materials in there that cost 2 cents. note to self, my keyboard has no 'cents' symbol.).

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i didnt want a veil, not for me. instead i decided on a nature themed head band, but was not willing to pay crazy lo bohem or etsy prices. so i made my own! and here it is! the frame was 3 for $1 at dollar tree, ribbon was $2 at michaels, flowers and feathers were, uh, free, because i plucked them off of michaels flowers because i only needed 3 and didnt want to pay $5 for a fake flower bouquet. lol. and it is held together with hot glue.

total price of headband: $3!

DIY Hairpiece photo 1DIY Hairpiece photo 2