Sep 25, 2010

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My aunt will be making my wedding cake and I couldn't be more excited! She used to be a professional cake decorator then switched careers many years ago. She still LOVES to bake and gives wedding cakes as gifts for family and friend's weddings:)

Flavors: still deciding

Lemon with raspberry filling

some sort of chocolate

something with cheese cake filling

INSPIRATION: but with big bloom magenta/fuschia flower

Love is SWEET photo 1Love is SWEET photo 2

We are also having a cookie/dessert bar!!! YUMMY! (My aunt is also making all the goodies for that too!)

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So after a couple of different quotes...we have decided to do the centerpieces ourselves (with the help of our wonderful families). The table linens will be silver, black chair covers and napkins, black charger plates. We are planning on pulling in our teal color with the menu cards and ribbon wrapped around the napkins. Our sweetheart table will be decorated with my bouquet as well as my 3 BM bouquets, so that will be easy:) We decided that we wanted to have 3 different centerpieces:

#1: there will be only one vase per table with a square carnation arrangement on top. The vase I bought for this is really tall and has an hourglass shape....Ill post pics of it soon:)

Centerpieces photo 1

#2: I found this on a diy challenge for designers on utterlyengaged.com! It is a lampshade made out of tissue or parchment paper, it sits on top of a vase filled with wire. So far we just have 1 out of 6 centerpieces done....its a lot of work but they are coming out great! Very modern and simplistic....just our style:)

Centerpieces photo 2

#3: submerged flowers.....its between using magenta orchids or wiring together some spider mums....decisions,decisions haha. There will be 3 vases (different heights) per table.

Centerpieces photo 3   Centerpieces photo 4

We will also have two kids tables.....havent decided on what to do for them. I wan tit to be fun, maybe have the centerpiece made out of lolipops to resemble a bouquet. It should be fun making these:)



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Ok, so I finally decided not to wear a veil. Our ceremony is going to be outside and on the water so I dont want to have to deal with a veil blowing all over the place. Im wanting my hair to look romantic and loose, something like this but a little more full in the back.... (love her makeup too!)

Hair photo 1

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Here are some of our e-pics that we just received from our wonderful photographer Madlyn Segari!! More to come!

E Pics photo 1E Pics photo 2

E Pics photo 3E Pics photo 4


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After going through a couple of different color schemes, we have finally decided on our colors!! We are going with different shades of bold MAGENTA, deep TEAL, GRAY and accents in BLACK........

Pop of Color photo 1Pop of Color photo 2Pop of Color photo 3Pop of Color photo 4

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Greg and I met about 5 years ago through a mutual friend but we were both involved in relationships at the time. Then 2 1/2 years ago we saw each other out at a well known country bar in town (Big Texas Dance Hall) and hit it off right away! That night was amazing!!! We acted like we had been together for years.....we danced all night long!  Come to find out, his mother had passed away just 2 weeks prior. (His father had passed away 4 years before......). He says that Im his angel and that his mom sent me to him.....that she hand picked me:)

Our schedules are really hectic, especially while trying to plan our wedding! I am a neonatal ICU nurse at a children's hospital here in Houston and I work nights (7am-7pm). Greg does instrumentation for a safety corporation and he works the "normal" 8-5. So there will be about 3 or 4 days a week that we dont see each other but luckily I create my own schedule.

L O V E photo 1L O V E photo 2

L O V E photo 3L O V E photo 4

We LOVE camping and 4-wheeling.......lets get MUDDY!!!

L O V E photo 5L O V E photo 6