Aug 13, 2011

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oh my goodness, it's been a long while since i last logged on to pw! my fiance and i have traveled a lot since and have done quite a few things! yay!

oregon in august -- we went to elizabeth dye's boutique (the english department) in portland and i loved it. i loved her dresses... but in the end, i fell in love (again) with another designer. i still love her work, though. if you have a chance to visit portland, do not miss stopping by her lovely boutique!

new york in october/november -- i found the dress in soho! it is by saja, but i won't say which one it is. i can't imagine an easier way of finding my dress. i met the woman who designed it (yoo and her assistant, were amazing!) and it was available in my size! no need for alterations. it's all done. i can breathe. :) and... we are very lucky to be friends with such amazing photographers! one of my fiance's best friends from high school is a photographer currently based in new york and he did such an amazing job! my fiance and i are very camera shy.. we don't know what our best angles are, and we did the shoot with no stylist.. and no make up either! maybe next time. :D


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we're getting married here! :)


ceremony area at radonich ranch

radonich ranch photo 1



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our venue is set! we are getting married on august 2011 at the radonich ranch in los gatos, california. it was the first place we visited, when we were barely engaged for a month! we absolutely loved this place the first time we saw it, and to be honest, i didn't even want to look at other places anymore... but we did, and we still ended up with our first choice! we can't wait to be married and do so here! :) 

other places we looked at were:

los altos history museum - cute, with picnic tables, trees and a huge patio and a craftsman style building

elizabeth gamble garden - pretty, full of flowers (a garden, after all) but not quite 'us.'

headlands center for the arts - i love this venue as well. it is both rustic like the ranch and the ceremony area is just gorgeous with its columns, high ceilings, wooden floors, huge windows and the cherry yellow benches. unfortunately, it posed quite a few logistical problems like: 1) the ceremony and dancing areas were on the second floor while the dining happens downstairs at the mess hall. 2) since it was a former army barracks, the restrooms are unisex and the stalls only have 2 walls on the sides... you have to put up a temporary divider to fix this issue... could be a non-issue if you have a planner to coordinate this but if you're on your own, it's quite a task. nevertheless, still a very pretty place. (would be a great place for an engagement shoot as well)







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hi there!

i recently got engaged to my wonderful boyfriend of 4 years! we are looking to get married in 2011 (hopefully in late spring or summer). We are working with a budget of less than $10k with a guest count of about 60-70 since we are paying for our wedding!

please tell me it is possible to pull this off in the bay area! :D

wedding ideas:

1. outdoor ceremony and reception

2. local, organic and great food


looking forward to meeting other brides on a budget! :)