Oct 20, 2012

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Megan and Mike met through a mutual friend in April 2006, a few months after Megan returned from Philadelphia. Shortly after meeting, Megan texted Mike after a big Pirate win, because the two had talked about their mutual love of baseball. However, Mike was confused by the “We WON!” text because he was on his way back from a RMU baseball game, where they had won as well. They texted back and forth for a while, then, even though Mike had to get up early for a baseball game the next morning, he invited Megan to come hang out in G5. When she got there, they watched the South Park movie on Comedy Central, and then she went home. On her way home, she received a text from Mike telling her how great she was and what a nice night he had, so, of course, she came over again the next night! That night, the Phi Delts were throwing a party in G5, so Megan and Mike went on the first of many late night adventures to Wal-Mart. The next day, Megan helped Mike and his friend move into their new apartment, and then just never left…

Currently, Megan and Mike live together in the West Hills area of Pittsburgh, PA. A current student at Robert Morris University, Mike is the Head Baseball Coach at a local high school as well as a private inspector. An alumni of Robert Morris, Megan is a Marketing Administrator at an engineering and manufacturing company. They have one child, a big, goofy Black Lab/Shepard Mix named Pete!

Their October 2012 wedding will (hopefully!) be held at PNC Park in the Lexus Club. The couple has set a date of October 20, 2012 because this is not only Mike's birthday, but also Megan's parents and grandparents anniversary as well! They are planning to incorporate a theme of “Baseball” into the wedding in a lot of ways because it is very important to the couple. However, the wedding will be traditional and elegant, so they are trying to find a balance between the two. Their biggest splurge will be a Photo Booth and photo strips will double as favors for their guests. Their Bridal Party, or, “Team Jamison,” consists of several relatives, best friends and sorority sisters and fraternity brothers.