Aug 07, 2010

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SHARI, AKA Gypsy Willow Dusk, AKA Frog, says "I wuz berrn at a verrrry yuuung age..." in San Antonio, Tejas, to Ken and Barbie, and was actually known then as Sharon Rae, like the character in the song. Shari grew up in Texas, mainly, in San Antonio, with extended periods of living in the cold and dark land of Ohio. After several harrowing misadventures in the land of Lake Erie, she returned, mainly to Bandera and thereabouts. After various hookups, 3 kids, a few cars that ended up in the car farm and not a few broken hearts, she ended up in Elroy in 2009. Shari has worked as a retail manager, a bull rider, motorcycle speed consultant, consumption coronation correllator, crash event crash coordinator, rocknroll cheerleader in chief, high priestess of Dodge engine overhauls, most awesome Mom of the mostest, long-distance beer-slinger, and the best damn bar manager west and east of the mighty mississippi river. She is currently pursuing studies in general goddess-ry and herbal medicine, while keeping several balls, porcelain plates, cats, dogs, trucks, schoolbuses and convertibles all in the air simultaneously... 

SAM (just Sam, thanks) says that, in between stints as an internationally acclaimed purveyor of Sam Elliot voice-over translations, he's generally been a good guy. He currently works as a computer network engineer. He was born in Gainesville, Florida in 1987 to Sam and Katherine, and raised in Florida, Georgia, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine, with stints in South Carolina, DC, Denver and Massachusetts before lodging in Austin, Texas in 1999, where he has so far pretty much stayed. He's done time in the restaurant and service industries between computer gigs, and carries around with him an old piece of paper that says on the one side he's an ordained minister on certain Native American reservations and on the other that he's attained the rank of bachelor in various arts. 

They met one day on line, when Sam was surfing and stumbled across Shari, and his first electronic words to her were, "So, you're a red-headed, belly-dancing witch, huh?" To which she replied, "Yup. Wanna ride on my broom?" Their first date was actually started at a restaurant that had already been closed by the health inspector, and Sam somehow managed to salvage the evening by inviting Shari to one restaurant after another until he found one that was open. After which they went for a ride down Congress in a ragtop Mustang with a bad exhaust, Carmen. They have been together pretty much ever since, still riding across Tejas to the light of the Moon. In Carmen, Sunny, L'il Black Truck, and the Witchy Wagon. 

Sam and Shari now reside in South Austin, in actually the WORSE house in South Austin, with their four-footed children Huka, Manuel and Minerva. Their home is perpetually being remodeled. They have a small garden and sometimes dance naked in moonlight. They enjoy many games of skill like darts, billiards and Quelf. Between them they have 4 daughters, Ayla Michelle, Mercedes Leign, Harley Dawn Marie, and Hallelujah Elizabeth, and one grandson, Tyler Nathaniel. They can often be found skirting Border Patrol checkpoints in South Texas, and at various lakes, parks, beaches, fishing streams, grow houses and any watering hole with a good jukebox, a level pool table, a well-lit dart board, plenty of Lone Star and good good company. Otherwise they spend a lot of time just driving across Texas. 

Fasten your seatbelts its gunna be a bumpy night...