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Fortune cookies make fun wedding favors, and can even be used as a creative "will you be my bridesmaid" cookie.

To get started, gather up the following ingredients and supplies (fortune cookie recipe adapted from Paula Deen's Paula Does Takeout):

font color 2D3559 DIY Fortune Cookies photo 1


  • 2 egg whites
  • 1/2 c. all purpose flour
  • 1/2 c. superfine sugar
  • 1 tsp. almond extract (you can play around with flavors - I've also used lemon, hazelnut, and vanilla extract)
  • 2 tbsp. water
  • Pinch of salt


  • Silpat silicon baking mat
  • Offset spatula
  • 1/2" x 4" strips of paper with fortunes printed on them
  • Electric hand mixer

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees (I found this temp to be a bit high, so for my oven, I adjusted the temp to 375 degrees; adjust your oven temp accordingly).

Beat egg whites, sugar, extract, and water until frothy, but not stiff. Sift in flour and add salt; mix until smooth.

On baking sheet covered by the silpat mat, pour 1 tbsp of the cookie batter. Using the back of the spoon, spread the batter in a circular motion, starting from the center and working your way out until the cookie is a thin 4 inch circle.

font color 2D3559 DIY Fortune Cookies photo 2

I would recommend doing no more than 2 cookies for the first round, as you need to work quickly once they come out of the oven. As I got more comfortable, I was able to do max 4 cookies without having any issues with cookies hardening before I had a chance to fold them - and it still was cutting it close.

In general, three cookies per sheet is recommended, unless you have some buddies helping you out.


Bake the cookies on middle rack of the oven until golden brown around edges, for about 8 minutes.

Now get ready to hustle! Take the cookies out of the oven. Place one of the fortune strips onto a cookie.

font color 2D3559 DIY Fortune Cookies photo 3

Using the offset spatula, gently lift the cookie from the mat and fold the cookie in half, over the fortune.

font color 2D3559 DIY Fortune Cookies photo 4

Fold the two ends back, in the opposite direction of the previous fold, to make the fortune cookie shape.

font color 2D3559 DIY Fortune Cookies photo 5

To help the cookie keep its shape while it hardens (and so I can move onto other cookies), I use measuring cups and circular cookie cutters.

font color 2D3559 DIY Fortune Cookies photo 6

And that's it! A fortune cookie is made.

Now if you want to have some extra fun, I'd suggest dipping your fortune cookie in chocolate, and maybe even some chopped nuts:

font color 2D3559 DIY Fortune Cookies photo 7

Pack your favors in an airtight container until they're ready to be packed into pretty packages and presented to your guests/bridesmaid/sweetheart.

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Counting back from the most recent...

Third dahlia design:

font color 2D3559 Old Invite Designs photo 1

Second dahlia design:

font color 2D3559 Old Invite Designs photo 2

First dahlia design
font color 2D3559 Old Invite Designs photo 3

Second daffodil design
font color 2D3559 Old Invite Designs photo 4font color 2D3559 Old Invite Designs photo 5font color 2D3559 Old Invite Designs photo 6font color 2D3559 Old Invite Designs photo 7

First daffodil invite design:
font color 2D3559 Old Invite Designs photo 8

I can't say that everything was a total surprise - after all I chose my ring - but I can say that the exact moment was unexpected, and I am beyond happy to be engaged to my best friend.

I started expecting a ring sometime after our 2-year anniversary (Sept '09), so I pretty was pretty much torturing myself with all things wedding, and praying each weekend, each holiday that "today would be the day." I even made sure to get manicures anytime we were going to go do something near romantic or if it was a holiday. Wasted money...

I had a feeling my then BF had purchased the ring sometime before Christmas, and probably sent it to his dad, as he suddenly got really secretive about an email his dad had sent him when I asked what it was about. As I had been punishing myself for months now, I decided to try my hardest not to pry or do any snooping so as not to ruin his surprise.

Well, Christmas...it came, and it went, and my ring finger was still naked.

We went to stay with my BFs grandma to help her with their family holiday dinner. The next night, his family arrives, and while we're sitting in the kitchen, his uncle starts grilling him on when he's going to finally seal the deal. My FI just kept with his same ole "someday soon" response, and we went about our evening. So again...I feel let down. He showed no sign of popping the question any time soon.

That night, we ended up staying up until about 2 am hanging out with his older sister, until I finally made some "I'm tired, can we please go to bed" noises, and we all decided to call it a night. I do my night routine, crawl under the blankets, and my FI turns to me and asks me to get him a glass of water for his allergy meds. Now, I'm already in bed and cozy, and I get cranky at night, so I throw a little tantrum (kicking feet and all) but I finally agree. After all, it's pretty much my fault he has to take them, since I make him sleep in a room with a super shedding dog.

I come back with the water and snuggle back into bed. Now, by this point, we have talked about someday getting married, and I love to have pillow talk before falling asleep, so I suspected nothing when he turns to me and starts talking about our future.

He asked, "So you know how we've been talking about getting married?"

Me ," Yeessss" (duh, it's all I can ever think about)

Him, "Well, when did you want me to ask you to marry me?"

Me, "Uh, sometime before I go back to work so I can be like 'whaddup b*tches, I'm engaged!'"

He then sort of nods, and rolls over like he's going to sleep - which is about right. I usually only get a few sentences of pillow talk before he decides he's met his quota. So I start getting snuggly, and he turns back around with a ring box in his hand.

I have noooo idea what he said after that, I was too busy squealing, and apparently crying (though I don't remember that either). I do know I said yes (I had to ask him later). I very quickly took the ring and placed it on my finger, squealed, and hugged and kissed my new FI.

I do know that I pretty much immediately asked if I could update my Facebook relationships status (I had a bit of a crying jag a few weeks before bc so many people were getting engaged, and my FI knew about it). He said yes, but we needed a camera to take a picture.

So off I went to wake up his sisters and ask for a camera! At 2:30 in the morning!

We were all super excited, and I think stayed up at least another hour before I could finally calm down enough to go to bed :)

My e-ring:

font color 2D3559 Will You photo 1 font color 2D3559 Will You photo 2

I'm so excited about this project, it's ridiculous!

Since probably a week into planning my wedding, I have been looking forward to purchasing a glass cutter to make DIY vases out of wine bottles. Last week, I finally took the plunge and purchased a glass cutter for a whopping $35.50 including shipping! I waited till the sucker was on sale ;)

So my Friday night consisted of making three glass vases...until the power went out, and I decided to go to bed with a book and a flashlight instead of continuing in the darkness (probably a good safety call).

So here's what I did:

First step: opening up my package! It comes with Ephrem's Bottle and Jar Cutter, two guides (a long version and a quick version), candle, polishing paper and polishing powder. Everything you need minus the bottles!

font color 2D3559 DIY Wine Bottle Vases photo 1

Second step: removing the labels

I decided I didn't want labels. I imagined if I were doing something else with them, the labels might be a nice touch, just not what I'm going for.

font color 2D3559 DIY Wine Bottle Vases photo 2 Here's my practice bottles in their bathtub.

Unfortunately, I decided to start with the clear bottle. I say unfortunately because this is the only bottle I actually wanted to use as a vase, and I should have waited until I had the process down. Ah well, live and learn!

Step three: place the bottle on the bottle cutter and get ready to spin!

font color 2D3559 DIY Wine Bottle Vases photo 3 This part is somewhat easy. You just adjust the back stop to get the length of vase you want, then spin the bottle towards you, applying light backwards pressure while you rotate.

Step four: heat it up

To start the breaking process, you have to get your scored glass nice and hot - but not too hot! I learned the hard way what overheating can do. It leads to cracks, and unfortunately I was so worn out from my day that it took me until my third bottle until I finally reread the directions to find this out. Whoops!

font color 2D3559 DIY Wine Bottle Vases photo 4

Step five: cool it down

I didn't take pics of the cooling phase, but you basically take a cube of ice and immediately start rubbing it on the hot scored line.

Step six: repeat!

To crack the bottle, you repeat the heating and cooling steps several times, until it cracks all the way around. Then you just gently tug up on the neck of the bottle, and it should come right off. You don't want to force it, it'll happen when it's good and ready.

Then you'll end up with something like this (hopefully without the crack from getting a spot too hot!):

font color 2D3559 DIY Wine Bottle Vases photo 5

Step seven: polish that baby up!

The kit comes with some polishing paper, and this gritty compound to smooth out the top of your glass. I got around to this part right as the power went out in my neighborhood, so I decided to call it a night (I would have wanted to re-cut the above anyway).

Here's my vase, all dolled up with some river rocks, a (fake) flower, and a floating candle:

font color 2D3559 DIY Wine Bottle Vases photo 6  Inspiration: font color 2D3559 DIY Wine Bottle Vases photo 7

You may have noticed I still haven't gotten around to sanding. I will, I promise! I even went to the hardware store and bought more polishing paper for the many vases that shall be made.

And there will be many! My FI's friend works at a local winery and will be saving all of their Rose bottles for us, and giving us a batch on Sunday. Can't wait!

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I wanted to do something a little fun and creative for my BM's - two already knew they "got the job" and were expecting a card, or a cookie, but ooooooh no, they got these babies:

Will You Be My Bridesmaid First Aid Kits!

font color 2D3559 Will You Be My BM photo 1 font color 2D3559 Will You Be My BM photo 2

Each kit comes with a card with a poem asking them to be my MOH/BM, and inside there is a piece of paper explaining the contents:

font color 2D3559 Will You Be My BM photo 3

  • Notepad – to jot down all of your ideas, which I promise to at least listen to
  • Marbles – an extra set; in case I lose my marbles along the way, you can lend me a few
  • Cookie – a quick pick-me-up when your blood sugar levels are bottoming out
  • Stress Ball – you can squeeze this instead of wringing my neck when I start to drive you crazy
  • Tylenol – for that headache you’re bound to get the hundredth time I change my mind on our wedding theme and want to tell you all about it
  • Vodka RedBull – in case the Tylenol isn’t enough (<------my MOH got the Vodka RedBull, another BM got Jager RedBull, and the other got Patron. Basically, they got their drink of choice.)
  • Picture of the Happy Couple – a reminder of why you signed up for this in the first place. We’re so happy to have you as part of our special day!

While I did modify things a bit to suit my BMs and myself, I can't take full credit for this fab idea. I got the inspiration one (very late) night while browsing past PW forum posts. I could never find that post again after the first view, so I have no idea who posted the idea...but THANKS! If you know, please pass along the info, and I'll be happy to give credit where credit is due.

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I'm pleased to announce that we will be getting married at the San Luis Obispo Golf and Country Club!

After deciding to move our wedding from the Bay Area down to SLO where we live, this was one of the first places I contacted for information. I was so impressed when their Events Coordinator got back to me within a couple hours of me filling out the contact form on their website. And I was even more impressed when I saw their pricing! The cherry on top for me is that, included with everything, we get unlimited consultations with their onsite events coordinator, who will be there to make sure everything goes smoothly on our wedding day.

Today, one month and twelve days later, we have officially signed our contract!

I took some pictures of the venue while we were there so that I can visualize how I want the setup done for our wedding and how we're going to decorate.

Ceremony site:

We will be having a similar setup, except we will be using cherry wood chairs (pictured right), instead of the white, and a different arch (possibly a small arbor instead). Apparently we're the very first couple not to use white chairs for a ceremony here. What can I say...I like to be different.

San Luis Obispo Country Club ceremony site font color 2D3559 Our Venue is Booked photo 1

Cocktail Hour:

After the ceremony, guests will make a very short walk over to the patio in back of the club house for drinks and hors d'ouevres. I'm excited to decorate this space - I'm thinking of wrapping the columns with twinkling lights, or possibly hanging lanterns from the arbor. Not sure yet if we're allowed to hang things from the arbor, but the lights can definitely be done if we can't.

SLO Country Club patio SLO Country Club patio


Guests will move right through the patio doors pictured above into the main dining room for our reception. We'll probably place the dance floor smack dab in the middle so that all guests can easily view the evenings activities (first dance, cake cutting, etc). The wall to wall windows have a great view of the course, and the surrounding hills.

font color 2D3559 Our Venue is Booked photo 2 SLO Country Club dining room window

There's also a fireplace, so I'll probably want to do something with it, and an option to have the baby grand out (picture from the San Luis Obispo Country Club website) though I think we'll leave that one out...I just like the hills in the picture so I thought I'd include it :)

SLO Country Club dining room fireplace SLO Country Club dining room