May 01, 2010

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May 1st, 2010 Chris and I are getting married. We purchased a house a year ago so we decided to make sure that we stay in budget for the wedding.  Our budget is $5000. Like your typical bride I want it all... the pretty dress, the magical wedding spot, live music, good food and a great time!

From the beginning I decided that my theme for the wedding was going to be vintage. OMG ideas just start rolling, but how was I going to manage to fit it all into my SMALL budget. Well if there is a will then there is a way.  

We live in AZ so everyone gets married at the golf course, but that does not scream vintage to me.  However we hired a photographer to do a mini session for our holiday photos this year.  She took us to this beautiful church. Well we didn't go inside, to the side of the church is an orchard of olive trees. Once we walked in I knew that was the spot that Chris and I would get married. I contacted the church and after a month of waiting, they told me that they would love for us to have our wedding in there groves. 

Ceremony Site $ 0

Ok so the ceremony site is covered but now here comes the big dollars. The reception!  Suggestion, think about any possible spot that can be easily transformed into the perfect place. A friend of mine has a barn in her community that is normally used for HOA meetings.  May 1st the barn will be our location for the reception.

So you are thinking you are getting married in the tree's and dancing in a barn.  Yes you are correct!

Total $0

Renting tables and chairs, we are moving the chairs from the first location to the second.  Look on craigslist if it is available in your area.  They are tons of postings for party rentals. Make sure they can deliver. It is worth it. One less thing to worry about.

I believe for the tables and chairs I am at about $200.00  (my caterer is providing mine) 

Colors Black and White, classic and beautiful! 

I have hired a party planner to do all of my linens including chair ties, and center pieces.  They are sooo cute. I can't wait to post pictures.  Plus she is going to run the show, make sure everything is set up and pulled down and do all of the decorating. Everything she is doing is well worth the price I am paying.

Party planner $1000.00 

Food - my party planner knew of a inexpensive caterer that opened up a deli.  I called her up and did a tasting, booked, all food ( 2 pastas, salad and bread) pizza apps, dinnerware 1200.00

Caterer $1200.00 set up and delivery

Flowers $150.00 ordering through Costco flowerist I am going to create my own bouquets.

Car rental $0  A friend of mine has a very old awesome convertable car that we will use.

Favors - Truffles in a cute black and white poka dot box. 


Live band ,  Gig Masters ~ you put the bid in at whatever price you want.  Mine is a DJ and 6 piece band. $950.00  Trust me, it is not bad you want to make sure you have someone good for entertainment it is what brings your wedding together. 

Photographer~  of course I had to hire the person that inspired my crazy vision of a wedding in the tree's.  However I can not afford the normal wedding package price of 2000.00.  We worked out a deal. She is going to photograph the ceremony and anyother photo that I would like.  I am paying her 300.00 an hour.  I am using her for 2 hours to capture the event and she included a second photographer for an additional $50.00.  For the reception Chris has a friend that dables in photography that said that he would love to take pictures for us. 

Total for photos 650.00 (cd of all photos professionally edited)

Folks I am on budget and so excited for my wedding, it has not been stressful at all!  Creativity and determination!   

I will post photos after May 1st!

Congrats brides,