Jul 03, 2010

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We had our rehearsal dinner at Fossil Trace Golf Course in Golden, Colorado.  It is a very nice facility, which we actually considered for the wedding itself.  Here are some pics of the venue/course:

  Rehearsal photo 1   Rehearsal photo 3

  Rehearsal photo 2   Rehearsal photo 4

Rehearsal photo 5   Rehearsal photo 6   Rehearsal photo 7


RD Centerpieces:

         Rehearsal photo 8   Rehearsal photo 9

         Rehearsal photo 10   Rehearsal photo 11


Rehearsal Kicks:

Rehearsal photo 12   Rehearsal photo 13


  DIY RD Invites:

  Rehearsal photo 15                     

  Rehearsal photo 16  


Practice Makes Perfect!

  Rehearsal photo 18   Rehearsal photo 19

  Rehearsal photo 24   Rehearsal photo 23

  Rehearsal photo 22   Rehearsal photo 25

  Rehearsal photo 26   Rehearsal photo 27


   Dinner Time

   Rehearsal photo 28   Rehearsal photo 29

   Rehearsal photo 30   Rehearsal photo 31

Rehearsal photo 32   Rehearsal photo 40   Rehearsal photo 33

  Rehearsal photo 34   Rehearsal photo 35

  Rehearsal photo 36   Rehearsal photo 37  

  Rehearsal photo 42   Rehearsal photo 43

  Rehearsal photo 47   Rehearsal photo 44

Rehearsal Menu:

Oregano Roasted Pork Loin with lemon cream sauce
Ricotta Stuffed Chicken with pomegranate herbed demi-glaze

Mixed Green Salad
Orzo Pasta Salad
Steamed Buttered Green Beans
Candied Tomatoes
Roasted New Potatoes
Artisan Breads with sweet cream butter

Cheesecake Lollipops


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We took our E-Pics on 5/21/10 at the gorgeous Garden of the Gods in Manitou Springs, CO.  Traci from Real Photography was really fun to work with!  Here are some of my favorites:



  Engagement Pictures photo 1   Engagement Pictures photo 7

 Engagement Pictures photo 8   Engagement Pictures photo 4   Engagement Pictures photo 10

  Engagement Pictures photo 11   Engagement Pictures photo 12

Engagement Pictures photo 13   Engagement Pictures photo 14   Engagement Pictures photo 15

  Engagement Pictures photo 16   Engagement Pictures photo 17

Engagement Pictures photo 5      Engagement Pictures photo 19


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  My bridal shower was held on Saturday, May 8th at the Bella Rosa Golf Course in Frederick, Colorado.
  20 of my closest lady friends came & we had a wonderful time!

 Bridal Shower photo 1   Bridal Shower photo 6  

 Bridal Shower photo 3   Bridal Shower photo 4

 Bridal Shower photo 30   Bridal Shower photo 7

 Bridal Shower photo 9   Bridal Shower photo 10 

   Bridal Shower photo 11   Bridal Shower photo 12


                                                                 Game Time   

 Bridal Shower photo 13   Bridal Shower photo 14

Bridal Shower photo 15   Bridal Shower photo 16   Bridal Shower photo 17


This game was a blast...the ladies had to make a wedding dress out of bubble gum, nerd candies & toothpicks.  I had to pick the best one!  It was a mess but everyone had a great time!!  Here's a sample of the dresses:

Bridal Shower photo 18   Bridal Shower photo 19   Bridal Shower photo 20

Bridal Shower photo 21   Bridal Shower photo 22


Bridal Shower photo 23 And the winner is!!  It is hard to tell what it really looked like but the
 winning dress was 3D with nerd button detailing down the back and
 she was holding a pink & green bouquet (my colors) and even had a

              Bridal Shower photo 24


                                                              Gift Opening

                                    Bridal Shower photo 28

Bridal Shower photo 25   Bridal Shower photo 26   Bridal Shower photo 27 


(massage oil, bath fizzies, candy & chapstick)

Bridal Shower photo 31


Hostess Gifts:
My shower was thrown by my twin sister/MOH Michelle & my BM Jamalea who works there.  Here are the hostess gifts I made them.

Bridal Shower photo 32  Bridal Shower photo 33

                                     Bridal Shower photo 34 

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Some of our guests will join us after the reception for a night of gambling & celebration at the Isle Of Capri Hotel & Casino in Blackhawk, Colorado.  Hopefully we will win big for our honeymoon!! 

Update: Unfortunately we did not win big, but we had a fun night anyway!!


                                     After Party photo 1


          BMs that couldn't quite hang LOL!


      After Party photo 2       After Party photo 4

After Party photo 5   After Party photo 6


Our room has a hot tub & 2 flat screen tvs...but possibly tacky island decor LOL!

After Party photo 7   After Party photo 8                             


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DIY Uplighting:

I bought 12 Par38 lights with 90W Spot Bulbs @  I will be using the dark pink gels to add a beautiful glow to our reception!  My dad built bases for the lights so that they would be extremely stable & there won't be a fire risk!  Here are some pictures of one of them in action:

                 Just Give Me The Light photo 1   Just Give Me The Light photo 5

                  The Base...thanks dad!!

Just Give Me The Light photo 3   Just Give Me The Light photo 4


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FI agreed that 2 wedding bands looked best with my E-ring.  Woo hoo!!

Wedding Bands photo 1   Wedding Bands photo 2


He is very indecisive and picky!!  He finally picked out this titanium & silver Tiffany's ring.
Hey...I didn't even get a Tiffany's ring!!

Wedding Bands photo 3