Jul 03, 2010

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                       The Groom                     The Groomsmen & Ring Bearer                  The Dads 
  Groom His Posse photo 1Groom His Posse photo 2Groom His Posse photo 3


The Groom's Jeep Cufflinks (he LOVES his Jeep!!)

Groom His Posse photo 4

I bought these on Ebay and cannot wait to suprise my FI with them on the wedding day!!


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wedding countdown






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TTD Pics courtesy of Wave Hello Photography:















TTD Sneak Peek:

Trash The Dress photo 1



My TTD Dress
(Davids Bridal INT3211):

Trash The Dress photo 2




Rain boots from DSW:                             Necklace from Charlotte Russe:

Trash The Dress photo 3   Trash The Dress photo 4



  My TTD Inspirations:

  Trash The Dress photo 5Trash The Dress photo 6

Trash The Dress photo 7   Trash The Dress photo 8

Trash The Dress photo 9   Trash The Dress photo 10


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Chocolate Fountains:

We will be having 2 chocolate fountains.  One will be semi sweet chocolate and the other will be white chocolate that is dyed fuchsia!!  We chose (I should say I FI isn't really into sweets!) pretzels, strawberries,
pineapple, assorted cookies, rice krispy treats, marshmallows, cream puffs and graham crackers to be dipped.  Yum...looking forward to this more than wedding cake!   Here are some pictures from our vendor Sir Chocolate LLC:

Gimme Some Sugar photo 1   Gimme Some Sugar photo 2



One of my bridesmaids is making our cake!  Her mom owns a well known cake company here in CO and she has worked for her mom for many years.  I want something pretty simple because FI and I are not all that into cake.  I am thinking 3 round tiers with fuchsia ribbon and maybe light green dots all around it!  I will have a Swarovski crystal "D" cake topper in peridot, fuchsia and clear and will have a matching Swarovski crystal, engraved serving set.


Here are some cake inspirations:                                   

Gimme Some Sugar photo 3        Gimme Some Sugar photo 4

Gimme Some Sugar photo 5     Gimme Some Sugar photo 6
Sources: cake 1 (alikat07), cake 2 (Graceful Cake Creations), cake 3 (The Cake Girls), cake 4 (Kelli's Creations)



I will be hand making about 500 chocolate pretzel rods!  I got the idea/recipe from Abby Larson on Style Me Pretty.  Here are her pictures (my favor tags will be different):

 Gimme Some Sugar photo 7   Gimme Some Sugar photo 8


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After a ton of consideration I decided on Fuchsia, Light Key Lime, White & Champagne for my color palette


Wedding Colors photo 1Wedding Colors photo 3

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Update: On 10/12/10 we found Stud under our bed, preparing to die. He has had major bladder blockage problems for awhile.  We rushed him to the ER vet & basically the only solution was a very pricey surgery, that we just cannot afford right now.  We shed A LOT of tears & made the decision to put him down.  When the vet assistant came back with the paperwork, she had a very strange question for us.  She asked if we would be willing to sign over ownership of sweet Study to them & he would be there clinic pet.  They would perform the surgery & get him back in perfect health again & even get him to a more healthy weight!  It's a 24-7 hospital so he will always have a doctor, nurse, or assistant to play with.  He will have his own room (not a cage) & will have free roam in the evening hours.  They said he will be spoiled :)  It's very, very sad to let him go, but we feel so much better knowing he will be alive, healthy & happy now...even if it's not with us :'(  He will also help save lives because every 4 months or so he will donate a little blood & be their kitty blood donor.  I am so heartbroken...


We have 2 cats that couldn't be more opposite: 

Studmuffin is white, fat, he has ice blue eyes that cross a little (poor guy), and he is a licker!  Oh, and he loves to sleep on his back when he's really comfortable:

Our Family photo 1

Below is my all time favorite picture of him.  One day he comes waddling down the stairs and Derek says "what the hell is Stud wearing?".  I die laughing because some how he got into my thong from my laundry basket!  I like how his fat roll hangs over...that's a muffin top if I've ever seen one (which is fitting for a cat called Studmuffin!)  Good thing it was clean laundry though...

Our Family photo 2


Then there is Mulan.  She is black (with a lil white spot), skinny, has yellowish golden eyes, is fast as hell, very mischievous and so, so funny!  She is not even scared of Stud & he is more than double her size!  She is such a little predator & will hunt Stud & tackle him or jump off the table right on top of him.  We got her about a year ago from the Humane Society...nobody really wanted her because of the superstition with black cats, but we couldn't be happier! 


                       2 months old:                                Here she is in the basket I will be using for programs:

Our Family photo 3   Our Family photo 4

                        Growing Up!