Jul 03, 2010

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My niece will be 8 months old at my wedding and is going to be my "flower girl".  She is going to look adorable in this tiny little dress.


Flower Girl photo 1  Flower Girl photo 2


Flower Girl Gifts

I am buying her a cute little picture frame and this piggy bank (which will have her name on it):

Flower Girl photo 3      


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Save the Dates:

I found this really cute Christmas poem that talked about Saving the Date for a 4th of July weekend wedding and I had to use it (thank you if it was a PW bride, I cannot remember where I found it)!  I modified the poem to fit us and printed and adhered it to left side of our Christmas cards.  I also made DIY magnets for the right side of the Christmas card.  My FSIL is a whiz at Photoshop so she made these ordinary pics of us look like we were in a photo booth holding save the date signs (inspiration from a bride on Offbeat Bride blog).  Sounds like a lot going on, but people LOVED them!  I got so many compliments.

DIY Madness photo 1  

DIY Madness photo 2  


Here's what the poem said:

DIY Madness photo 4



I bought the digital invitation from Designs Made Easy on Etsy & the pistachio vertico pocketfolds from Cards & Pockets.  I made all of the inserts & the wrap around labels using word (tons of trial & error!) and printed everything on my home printer.  They were soooo much work but I love how they turned out!!

                     DIY Madness photo 9

DIY Madness photo 10   DIY Madness photo 11 

DIY Madness photo 12   DIY Madness photo 13


            Invitation Inserts:

          DIY Madness photo 14                   DIY Madness photo 15


RSVP Card (Mad Libs and Traditional Version):

DIY Madness photo 16   DIY Madness photo 17       

DIY Madness photo 18   DIY Madness photo 19


All Wrapped Up!

DIY Madness photo 20    


Ready for the Post Office:

DIY Madness photo 22


Invitation to the Obamas & Minnie & Mickey Mouse:

DIY Madness photo 23   DIY Madness photo 24


Response from the Obamas:                                         Response from Mickey & Minnie:

DIY Madness photo 25               DIY Madness photo 26



DIY Madness photo 27            DIY Madness photo 28

DIY Madness photo 29   DIY Madness photo 30  

DIY Madness photo 31   DIY Madness photo 32



DIY Madness photo 33   DIY Madness photo 34


Flip flop basket:

DIY Madness photo 36   DIY Madness photo 37

                                      DIY Madness photo 35


Table #'s (one of each frame style):

DIY Madness photo 38   DIY Madness photo 39

DIY Madness photo 40   DIY Madness photo 41

 DIY Madness photo 42                 DIY Madness photo 43




DIY Madness photo 44


Waterbottle Labels:

  DIY Madness photo 45   DIY Madness photo 46

DIY Madness photo 47   DIY Madness photo 48


Crossword Puzzle Layered Menu Cards:

         DIY Madness photo 49         DIY Madness photo 50

DIY Madness photo 51   DIY Madness photo 52

                                    DIY Madness photo 53  

DIY Madness photo 54   DIY Madness photo 55


Reserved Signs for the Ceremony:

DIY Madness photo 56


I DO letters for the cake table:

DIY Madness photo 57


Bathroom Baskets:

DIY Madness photo 58

Women's Basket: wet wipes, deodorant, Q-Tips, cotton balls, nail files, nail clipper, clear nail polish, brush, lint roller, gum, mints, aspirin, band-aids, bobby pins, lotion, hand sanitizer, dental floss, contact lens cleaner, eye drops, tampons, pads, mouthwash, antacid, hair spray, Shout wipes, Tide pen, Wisp mini mouth brushes.

Men's Basket: all the same as women's except no clear nail polish, tampons, pads or bobby pins, and a comb is substituted for the brush.


Signs for bathroom baskets:

DIY Madness photo 59   DIY Madness photo 60


Signature Drink Sign:

DIY Madness photo 61

DIY Madness photo 62   DIY Madness photo 63


Cake Stand Mock-Up:

Overhead Lights On:

DIY Madness photo 64   DIY Madness photo 65

Overhead Lights Off:

DIY Madness photo 66   DIY Madness photo 67


 Sign for Cake Table:

 DIY Madness photo 68

DIY Madness photo 69

DIY Madness photo 70


Photo Collage:

DIY Madness photo 71   DIY Madness photo 72                

         DIY Madness photo 73



Our favor boxes will have chocolate covered pretzels rods & a little pouch of whoppers!

DIY Madness photo 75  

                 DIY Madness photo 74  


Escort Card Display:

Our "escort cards" are going to be envelopes and they are going to be displayed in mailboxes by last name.


DIY Madness photo 76            DIY Madness photo 77

DIY Madness photo 78   DIY Madness photo 79


 Escort Cards:                                                       Close up of "return address":



Inside the envelope is this photo thank you card!


Cab Sign:

DIY Madness photo 83


Blinged Out Mirror:



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I have 6 bridesmaids and they will all be wearing a David's Bridal dress of their choice in Watermelon.  Here are the dresses they picked:

Bride s Entourage photo 1         Bride s Entourage photo 2         Bride s Entourage photo 3

Bride s Entourage photo 4       Bride s Entourage photo 5       Bride s Entourage photo 6



They will be wearing champagne colored shoes to match my dress and this light green illusion necklace and earrings set:

Bride s Entourage photo 7


Proposing to the Bridesmaids:

To ask my bridesmaids to be in the wedding I sent them a letter that said:

If I promise not to make you wear this...

(insert pic of their head on an ugly bridesmaid dress)

Will you please be my bridesmaid?

Love, Melissa



Here are the pics I sent them:

Bride s Entourage photo 8   Bride s Entourage photo 9  Bride s Entourage photo 10
Bride s Entourage photo 12Bride s Entourage photo 13


Gifts for the Girls:

Contributed $50 towards their dresses

Jewelry Set (above)

Picture tote bag:

Bride s Entourage photo 14   Bride s Entourage photo 15

                                             Bride s Entourage photo 16


DIY BM Survival Kit with TONS of stuff:

Tissues, Q-tips, hairspray, tweezers, clear nail polish, mini brush with mirror, peanuts, gum, mini chocolates, 5 hour energy shot, tampon, Tide pen, sewing kit, hand sanitizer, Advil, mints, hair ties, Bandaids, safety pins, bobby pins, lollipops, deodarant & Chapstick

Bride s Entourage photo 17   Bride s Entourage photo 18


Monogram bling picture frame, monogram tissues, & heart shaped measuring spoons:

Bride s Entourage photo 19   Bride s Entourage photo 20   Bride s Entourage photo 21


DIY Tank Tops:

Bride s Entourage photo 22   Bride s Entourage photo 23


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My gown is an Oleg Cassini CT203 in champagne:



Me in the dress:                                    After hair trial:

Bridal Attire photo 3   Bridal Attire photo 4   Bridal Attire photo 5


Cathedral Veil:

Bridal Attire photo 7


Hair Flower:

Bridal Attire photo 8  Bridal Attire photo 9


My shoes:

These were such a splurge but they are in my wedding colors and are Michael Kors!

Bridal Attire photo 10   Bridal Attire photo 11


My jewelry:

Tiffany's pearl necklace & earrings that FI gave me a few years ago & a brooch bracelet:

Bridal Attire photo 12   Bridal Attire photo 13 source



Bridal Attire photo 14  Bridal Attire photo 15


Dress Label:

Bridal Attire photo 16


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We got engaged on April 13, 2009!

Derek and I went to Cozumel, Mexico for a much needed vacation. The first night we were there we took a walk along the beach after dinner. We walked out onto this rock formation and we were standing there holding each other,
listening to the ocean and enjoying the moonlight. Derek's heart started beating very fast and then he said "I hope this is a pretty enough place for you Mel". Then he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. Since it was dark out and we were on these rocks, I was too nervous to take the ring out of the box for fear I would drop it in the ocean. We walked to these hammocks close by where I put the ring on and we talked for hours. Then we went back to our resort's bar to celebrate with a Mexican Flag shot (the most disgusting shot I think I've ever had!).


My ring:


We had never gone ring shopping before so I think he did such a great job all by himself. It is a 3-stone round diamond ring in platinum. It is super sparkly!


Both my diamonds:  A bottle of Tequila shaped as a diamond & the diamond ring I got the night before!



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Derek and I met in high school, about 13 years ago!  We were friends throughout high school and college.  During our junior year at the University of Colorado we had Calculus 2 together and started spending more time together.  In 2004 I went to a 4th of July party at Derek's house and by the end of the night I had told Derek that I thought I liked him more than a friend!  We have been together ever since.  We really wanted to get married on the 4th of July but since it's a Sunday this year, we chose the 3rd of July instead.  Our wedding will be the day before our 6 year anniversary!

The Happy Couple photo 1   The Happy Couple photo 2

The Happy Couple photo 3   The Happy Couple photo 4

The Happy Couple photo 5   The Happy Couple photo 6