May 29, 2010

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The great Love of my life is Jesus. Two summers ago He exploded into my heart and I was completely romanced by Him. My life radically changed after that. He is not number one in my life...He IS my life. He has blessed me with a love so deep and beautiful, a love that I didn't know that I could ever experience. He brought me Stephen. A man that is more than what I have ever prayed for in a husband. When I look at Stephen....I see Jesus. I can not imagine my life without him, and I know that we will be together forever. God has given me a passion for art. The idea of taking something from the vastness of the human mind and transporting that idea through hands unto medium is fascinating. I get my inspiration for my artwork from worship and communicating with Him...the ultimate Creator. My main audience is an audience of one, and that is Jesus. My other targeted audience is my generation. A generation of people who are worn out from the boring, dead church life, and are praying for an awakening of the hearts of people all across this world. That is why I create art, and that is to wake people up to the reality.



I graduated from UGA with a B.S. in chemistry in 2005. My birthday this year happened to fall on the first day of class of my second year of pharmacy school at UGA, I thought about complaining but I realized that it is a blessing to be in this awesome school. I try not to stress over school, but it happens so I relieve some of it by working out, studying, talking to or spending time with family and friends, dancing, playing flag football, reading the Bible, watching football (especially the Bulldogs), listening to music, etc. With all the stress, Life is still GOOD!