Oct 10, 2010

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Hi PW'ers!

I have some some bridal accessories I didn't use and no longer need for sale below. I'm offering Free Shipping and I prefer Paypal payments only.  Please send me a message if you're interested. I'll be responding to PW messages only. Thanks!

Happy Shopping! =)



For Sale photo 1For Sale photo 2

Drawstring Bridal Bag: $8.00 (or better offer)  Sold to taylorr26


For Sale photo 3For Sale photo 4

Ring Bearer Pillow with handle: $8.00


For Sale photo 5For Sale photo 6

50-set Invitation Kit - The picture on the right illustrates what is included in the kit.  I think one of the boxes has 49 because I test printed one. Asking $4.00 per box or $6.00 for both (I got it at a discount for $3.94 each).


For Sale photo 7

Wedding Planner - Bought, but never used: Retail: $19.99 / Asking $15 Or Better Offer

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Hello Brides and Grooms!

We're Married!  Woohoo! I apologize for the delay in posts.  I haven't been on PW since my last post.

Here's a quick update and some friendly bridal advice:

  1. Again, we're Married!  Yay! We went to the Philippines for our honeymoon for one month and it was so much fun island hopping and visiting family!  Married life is great and as a military wife, it's a huge adjustment. 
  2. We wanted a spiritual ceremony and a fun reception and our wedding was just that! I am a non-denominational Christian and my hubby is Catholic so we incorporated both traditions into our ceremony (a spiritual blessing/message by our minister and the Catholic cord and veil rituals and sponsors and readings) 
  3. Time went by so fast! I didn't get all my desired craft projects into the wedding, but it still turned out fantastic!
    • For all you DIY Brides out there, I cannot stress enough how much time you need to create your own wedding essentials. Start early (especially the wedding invitations)! =) Oh, and definitely learn to delegate your projects to your family and friends. They're life savers when it comes to completed projects.
  4. If you're planning on having a wedding day coordinator, be specific on what you need and make sure you get EVERYTHING you discussed and want in writing and on contract. It can later take some of the stress off the planning. There is no such thing as a verbal agreement, especially with coordinators planning multiple weddings in the same weekend.  Just saying... =)
  5. Lastly, enjoy your day...and BREATHE!  All your planning willl lead up to one huge celebration.  Whether you are planning to have 25 guests to 400+, they are all there to see you and your future hubby start a new chapter in your lives. It's all about you two. The stress over details is not worth taking a toll on your health and beauty on your wedding day.

I hope this helped any brides out there in the planning stages.  It's your day, make it happen!

And now for some of my favorite pics! Enjoy!


Our wedding invitations:

Here are our printer-embossed wedding invitations.  Sorry, it is a little blurry.  It's so much prettier in person because of the textured embossing. This was the most tedious project we had faced.  I had my friends at Pixel Me Pink design the invitation layout and insert pages. Once printed, I poured the embossing powder over the drying ink.  Next, my mom and my sisters would heat emboss it. Then my dad and my then FI would cut everything to size.  Lastly, we would all assemble it.  Overall it took us about 3 weeks to create and finish about 185 invitations  (because I waited till the last minute to make these). Whew!

Our Wedding Day 10 10 10 photo 1  Our Wedding Day 10 10 10 photo 2

Our Wedding Day 10 10 10 photo 3  Our Wedding Day 10 10 10 photo 4


Our Wedding Day (Pro and Non-Pro pics):

Our Wedding Day 10 10 10 photo 5   Our Wedding Day 10 10 10 photo 6

Our Wedding Day 10 10 10 photo 7    Our Wedding Day 10 10 10 photo 8

Our Wedding Day 10 10 10 photo 9  Our Wedding Day 10 10 10 photo 10  Our Wedding Day 10 10 10 photo 11

Our Wedding Day 10 10 10 photo 12  Our Wedding Day 10 10 10 photo 13


Our Wedding Day 10 10 10 photo 14





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I created our table numbers inspired by Wedding Bee's Cindy0519's table numbers.  You can find her tutorial here. For our table numbers, I was also inspired by the judge's score paddles on Dancing with the stars (you can see it on my profile pic).  So, I added an extra layer of colored paper and I embossed the words and numbers printed from my inkjet printer. The colored circles in the background are Pearlescent Metallics in Crimson Red cardstock and Copper text paper from Paper and More.

Here's my final product:


DIY Table Numbers photo 1


I also created a tutorial for this project here.

This project was fun and the embossed table numbers are much more beautiful in person than the picture above.



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So, it's 6:55 am here in Las Vegas and I'd like to start off today (and everyday from now on) with an inspirational quote or prayer.

Grant that I may be given appropriate difficulties and sufferings on this journey so that my heart might be truly awakened and my practice of universal liberation and compassion may be truly fulfilled. -Tibetan Prayer

Sometimes when I get stressed with wedding planning and just life happening, I look back at this quote or any other quote of the day to remind myself to take it one step at a time.  This wedding is for my fiance and I and I know the end result will be a perfect representation of us uniting as one.  I let go of all the expectations and I surrender it all to the universe because I know it will flow with divine order.

I had the urge to complete my Save the Date (STD, for all of you in the know) postcards this morning on Photoshop and ordered them on VistaPrint.  First off, I credit Magnet Street Weddings for the inspiration (Sheer Romance), but they didn't have the colors I wanted so I decided to try it on Photoshop. It ended up turning out great! My fiance loved it too!  I recently got a deal for 100 Free postcards and 25 Free magnets on VistaPrint so I decided to try ordering our STDs from there. Total cost: $11.86 total!  Yay! I hope they turn out good. Here's a sample:

Save the Dates photo 1


***Update: I received my postcards and magnets. They look good.  The pictures were a little fuzzy, but it looked like it was dreamy theme to it so I thought nothing of it. The magnets were business card size and were a little small, but that's what I wanted anyway.  I may make more STDs in another design.  I'll post those pics when I do. =)


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So far, we have our venue.  I know, 9 months away and we haven't started looking for vendors yet?  Actually, our venue provides everything except stationary and favors (which I will DIY anyway).  Griffin Events Inc ( is an all inclusive wedding venue here in Las Vegas.  They include their own bridal salon, catering, floral, photography, DJ, rentals, and more.  We created our budget and they plan everything else. I got a free wedding gown for booking with them!  Yay! They didn't provide a videographer, but they recommended Memory Lane Video who we booked with because they're so great when we first met.  They are very nice to work with (I'll do a review on them later once we get things going).  Here are a few pics of our venue:


Our Venue photo 1  Our Venue photo 2

You can check out more pictures on their website at the link above.  This mansion, Vitruvian, is just one of the two mansions they offer (the other is called Polaris).  I'm so excited to wed here.  It looks so grand it doesn't even seem like a venue Vegas has to offer.  It's like a hidden jewel. =)

Anyway, that's all I have for now.  This planning blog is fun.  I'll post more later as plans progress...unless I can't wait and post another one tonight. haha!  Enjoy the pics!




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Hi everyone!  This is my first time blogging about planning this huge event called our wedding.  Actually, this will be my first blog about anything EVER! (wait, does Xanga count? lol!) I have so many ideas and not enough time for I am a full-time student at UNLV. Excuse my spelled out wedding jargon.  I have yet to familiarize myself with the abbreviated lingo (i.e. FI = Fiance).  Brides:  Please fill me in!   =D

Quick bio about us: I was born and raised in San Diego.  My fiance was born and raised in Guam until he joined the Marines when he turned 18.   We met in San Diego where he used to be stationed at and where I used to live.  He now lives in Barstow after I moved to Las Vegas to finish college.  We started out as friends and before long, we became a couple and now we are planning a new chapter in our lives called marriage.  Our wedding is on October 10, 2010 in Las Vegas (where are my 10.10.10 brides at?!?). 


                                     Intro photo 1


I created this site because I love Project Wedding and all the awesome info it offers.  I also wanted to document our planning, vent my thoughts that require feedback and share wedding ideas, however, some planning will be kept private until our wedding for surprise purposes. =)

So, here's to a great journey on our trip down the aisle! =)