May 07, 2011

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Say it with me now.... wooooooosah.

I went to the spa the Thursday before my wedding, and I ran into another bride there who was also getting married that Saturday.  She looked so stressed out, and told me that she still had this and this and this and this to finish!  She then asked me, what else do you still have to do?  I felt so bad, but said, "um.... nothing, I'm done."

I'm really organized, which definitely helped me stay calm and relaxed.  I got all of my vendors booked early on so I wouldn't have to worry about finding anyone last minute.  From there, I had a checklist of everything that had to be done.  I made sure a couple of things were checked off every week so I wouldn't have a gazillion things to do the week of or worse, the night before. 

The most important thing that helped me stay zen as knowing and accepting that some things will go wrong, and some things won't be how I envisioned.  I reminded myself that there are certain things that need to be done (seating chart), and certain things that no one will know didn't make it due to time (tears of joy packets).  I reminded myself that only I wil know what was suppose to be, so if certain things didn't make it, it's ok.

Looking back, there were definitely some disasters (hello bug that decided to crawl between the layers of my dress! so when I sat down, it left a GIANT stain right on my butt making it look like I had an accident!).  I could have freaked out, but I didn't.  My bridesmaids and I immediately went into emergency mode to get the stain out (thank goodness I brought a tide pen!) and Maria, my makeup artist, also came to the rescue with Shout wipes and a blow dryer to dry the spot.  And guess what?  No one knew!  Not even the Mr., until I told him later that night :)

I think if you have the attitude that things will go wrong, and it's ok, you will definitely stay calm and relaxed.  And besides, these "disasters" are what makes for great stories later!

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Having a workout partner definitely helps, I have one in real life, but thought I could use some more motivation.  So I've also decided to make this Bio Page my "workout" partner so I can keep myself on track and motivated.  I'll be writing in what I do each time I work out.

JMBFBM = Jillian Michael's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism
JM30DS = Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred
JMNTZ = Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zone
Insanity = IS
P90X = P90X

8/1/2010 - 4 Mile run
8/4/2010 - JM BFBM
8/6/2010 - JM BFBM
8/7/2010 - 2 Mile run
8/8/2010 - 1.5 Mile run
8/10/2010 - JM BFBM
8/11/2010 - 1.5 Mile run
8/13/2010 - JM30DS L3
8/14/2010 - went to a wedding and boogied.  i think that counts :P
8/16/2010 - JM BFBM
8/18/2010 - JM BFBM
8/20/2010 - 2 Mile run
8/22/2010 - hike in Tahoe
8/23/2010 - left for Hawaii (I know it's not exercise but who cares!)
8/24/2010 - scuba dive
8/25/2010 - scuba dive
8/26/2010 - 2 mile run
8/27/2010 - hike Diamond Head in Hawaii
8/28/2010 - 2 mile run
8/29/2010 - scuba dive
8/30/2010 - 5 mile Aiea Loop Trail hike
8/31/2010 - sat at HNL airport for 6 hours b/c our flight was delayed for 4 hours :(

9/26/2010 - Susan G Komen Race for the Cure - 5k
10/17/2010 - Nike Women's Marathon - 1/2

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Since she is the reason for my SN and my profile picture, I thought I'd introduce my furbaby.  Her name is Momo and she is currently 2.5 yrs old.  I call her my scruffy monster, or Momo Monster.  She came to us after having gone through many many homes, and if we hadn't taken her in, she would have gone to the shelter.

She's a ball of energy, although lately she's calmed down more.  She loves to go with us on hikes and runs, but she's deathly afraid of water.  She won't even go outside to pee when it's raining!  It's ridiculous!

Here are some pictures of my ridiculous loveable dog:
I Love My Dog I really Do photo 1I Love My Dog I really Do photo 2
(L) She's got a ridiculously long tongue. hehe.  (R) I love this photo of her and her friend Lucy.  It looks like they're chatting!

I Love My Dog I really Do photo 3I Love My Dog I really Do photo 4
(L) she does NOT look amused with her bath mohawk!  (R) helping FI and I paint our new house!

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Due to some curious eyes, I have decided to make some of my pages friends only.  So please add me as a friend if you would like to see everything on my page!

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Thanks to PW, I came to really like the idea of a "will you be my bridesmaid" card.  I decided that I would make the cards since I have a lot of cardstock from my scrapbooking stuff.  I did end up going to Michaels though to buy some stickers to add that something extra. 

Since my colors are yellow, gray, green and ivory, I decided to use those colors for my cards. I hand drew the two dresses then used my first cutout as a stencil for the other cards.  For the BM dresses, I added extra yellow cardstock underneath to give the dresses more dimension.  Pop on the flowers and done!

I then added personal notes inside for each girl to make it even more personal and unique.

Will you be my bridesmaid photo 1

5 out of 6 of my cards.

Cost breakdown:
Green cardstock - free, already had
Gray cardstock - free, already had
Yellow Cardstock - free, already had
Ivory Cardstock (dress) - free, already had
Flower stickers  - $6
Silver envelopes - $5 for a pack of 20, so 25 cents each. 
Total:  $7.50
Two of my bridesmaids cried when they read my notes = Priceless

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