Oct 17, 2009

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Since the wedding is spanish victorian themed, I thought I would do my hair something that looked victorian like this:

Hair Makeup photo 1


And I thought I would do my eye makeup like this with shades of silver and copper/brown and long (false) eyelashes, and I think a light rosybrown lip and light rosybrown cheeks.

Hair Makeup photo 2

Hair Makeup photo 3

Hair Makeup photo 4

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Our cake is being made by Simply Cakes in Riverside County. It is going to be a variation of this cake that I found searching the web and just fell in love with.  It will have the square boxes and the different roses and will have the ribbon and all will be in shades of white and ivory. But it wont have the birds or butterflies, instead our cake topper is going to have love birds in ivory (it is the cake topper from my parent's wedding).The Cake photo 1

And it will sit atop an antique silver cake stand like the cake in this pic and the roses will be more like these roses and be more in this white shade with ivory:

The Cake photo 2

I'm looking forward to our wedding cake!

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Here are pics from my awesome, butterfly themed bridal shower.  Pics were taken by Ryan Bethke Photography!  I love how they came out!

Bridal Shower photo 1

Me with two of my bridesmaids and my maid of honor.


Bridal Shower photo 2


Bridal Shower photo 3

Beautiful, yummy cake by Lana from Yummy Treats!

Bridal Shower photo 4


Bridal Shower photo 5

Bridal Shower photo 6

Bridal Shower photo 7

Me with my mom (the mother of the bride) :-)

Bridal Shower photo 8

Bridal shower games; toilet paper wedding gowns!

Bridal Shower photo 9

Opening presents, yay!

Bridal Shower photo 10

Bridal Shower photo 11

Bridal Shower photo 12

Bridal Shower photo 13

Bridal Shower photo 14

Gorgeous, antique, victorian sapphire and diamond ring that my bridesmaids got me to wear as my something blue on my wedding day!!! :-)

Bridal Shower photo 15


Bridal Shower photo 16

Me and my puppy, honorary bridal party dog, Leeloo!

Bridal Shower photo 17

Here are some bridal shower portraits:

Bridal Shower photo 18

Bridal Shower photo 19

Bridal Shower photo 20

Bridal Shower photo 21


Bridal Shower photo 22


Bridal Shower photo 23


Bridal Shower photo 24


Bridal Shower photo 25

My antique, sapphire, something blue ring and my cute, rehearsal bouquet made out of ribbons from my bridal shower presents :-)

It was an awesome shower!

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Here are some victorian looking accessories that I had specially made for the wedding by an amazing designer I found on Etsy called BONZIE...check her stuff out when you get a chance, its all really beautiful!!! 

www.designsbybonzie.blogspot.com is the blog and www.bonzie.etsy.com is the shop :-)

Accessories photo 1


Accessories photo 2

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I can't post the actual dress because I want Ryan, and everyone (but especially Ryan), to be surprised...but the look of the dress and of the wedding is Old-World, Spanish Victorian...so here are some pics that were inspirational to me :-)

The Dress photo 1

The Dress photo 2

The Dress photo 3


The Dress photo 4

The Dress photo 5

The Dress photo 6

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Here is our ceremony site...it looks like an old spanish mission too!!!  Works so perfectly with our reception site and both work so well with our theme!!!  More importantly, this is the church that I was baptised, got my first holy communion and was confirmed in...I grew up in this church and my faith grew too!!!  It is very special to me!!! :-)  I can't wait to get married to Ryan there!!!!!!!!

Ceremony Site St Denis Catholic Church photo 1